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ABoxTik delivers beauty and the best to your hands sincerely.

Remember the throbbing feeling of receiving a beautifully packaged gift box for the first time? Is it a Christmas morning with a belief in Santa Claus, or the most sincere wishes from a friend?

From the excitement of receiving the gift, the anticipation of opening the package, to the excitement of seeing the gift, every process is a joy.

The original intention of our brand was to choose gifts for our friends. Each boutique has been specially selected and checked by carrying our blessings. We hope everyone can keep the original happiness when receiving the gifts.

“ABoxTik of Taiwan” – There are many high-quality products in Taiwan, but they are not well-known internationally. ABoxTik is committed to creating an e-commerce platform for Taiwan’s high-quality products. Through brand packaging, alliance cooperation, value communication, with multilingual and other marketing supports to promote the products of Taiwanese, culture, and value to the world!

*Initially, it mainly focuses on Taiwanese Tea-related products. In the future, there will be other categories such as ceramics, wood carvings, glass products, artworks and other Taiwanese local products, so stay tuned!

2. Our Service

Boutique Articles

Confused about much info on the content farms?

The articles on ABoxTik are co-written by professional tea masters and boutique-related senior editors. Simplifying the difficult knowledge, guides you to enjoy the value of various high-quality products.

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ABoxTik Boutiques

How to give a fantastic gift appropriately and dignified?

ABoxTik selects the highest-quality materials and matches them with appropriate design packaging to achieve a perfect gift, so that the recipients of the gift will feel full of sincerity and dignity.

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Influencer Marketing

Want numerous impressions through influencers for your brand?

EHO Marketing is a partner with ABoxTik with rich experiences in KOL matching and marketing. It has served many well-known brands and official governments to increase brand exposure and direct sales!

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About ABoxTik

Starting from Taiwan, embracing the world.

3. Our Boutiques

我們的精神 一盒精品

4. Brand Design

Logo and Icon

ABoxTik is the abbreviation of A Box of Boutiques. The logo inspiration is to use the initials A B of A Box to create the appearance of a gift box, which also means that each box of boutiques is “unique”. This image is also our brand Icon. (mark #1)

Logo font composition

The fonts in the Logo are simple and fresh, and the English fonts are serifs. (mark #2)
The Chinese font echoes the English design of serif to make it more delicate. (mark #3)


「ABoxTik – A box of boutiques for special you.」
「一盒精品 – 一盒心意,嚴選精品」
Both English and Chinese slogans convey the concept of “focus on quality” and “sincerely for you” from ABoxTik.

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FAQs | ABoxTik

All the boutiques in ABoxTik condensed the beauty of various Taiwan-specific products. They are all selected from among thousands of exquisite after thousands of comparisons. They are very suitable for corporate gifts or enterprise gifts and for personal use!

Correct! The products of AboxTik are all from Taiwan. Made in Taiwan!

The purpose of our brand is to promote Taiwan’s awesome products. Through exquisite packaging design, we show the uniqueness of each product, integrate the advantages of each product, and create a box of high-quality boutiques for you.

If you are interested in various cooperations such as cross-industry cooperation, affiliate, joint cooperation, etc., please contact us by email, telephone, or community channels.

Welcome any large-scale customized needs, corporate gifts, enterprise gifts, family gifts, and other needs. you can contact ABoxTik to discuss the details. We are very willing to create your own premium boutiques for you!

Use the keyword search bar on the right sidebar of any article to search for the articles, or simply click an article category or article label to see all articles in the same category.

The update timing of the AboxTik blog is not fixed. In order to satisfy readers who want to see the content of new articles as soon as possible, the latest articles will be released every week. Welcome to our blog for the latest articles every week!

All the articles in the AboxTik blog are originally written by the columnists or contributed by various cooperations. All rights reserved; those responsible for unauthorized reproduction will be prosecuted.

Blog articles are basically divided into general knowledge articles, professional analysis, comparison articles, ABoxTik product articles, and cross-industry cooperation articles.

The content categories of the articles are mainly composed of tea, porcelain, pottery, glass products, and various high-quality related boutiques.

The main purpose of our blog is to

1. Share professional knowledge content
2. Promote Taiwanese products to the world
3. Promote East-West cultural exchanges