Risks of Expired Tea: Key Points to Know


What Happens If You Drink Expired Tea? Drinking expired tea can lead to unpleasant taste and flavor if the tea is only expired. However, if the tea is not just expired, it can potentially make you sick. We all prefer to drink fresh tea leaves, but sometimes we accidentally let tea expire.

While just-expired tea may not be too serious, it may only lose its original aroma. However, tea leaves are extremely dry items, and if they have been stored for a while, they may have absorbed odors from the air and become damp.

Although drinking tea has many benefits, drinking expired tea is not good for the body because expired tea may contain some mold. Mold can first attack weak areas of the body and then lead to gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, it is best to avoid drinking expired tea as much as possible.

Whether loose tea leaves or tea bags, the risks are the same. Next, ABoxTik will introduce tea storage and how to determine if tea leaves are expired. For everything about tea, be sure to follow ABoxTik.

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Do you know Expired Tea?

Does Tea Expire?

Expiration refers to surpassing the best before date, and while the tea itself may not truly expire, expired tea serves as a warning that it may have deteriorated. Over time, the flavor of the tea weakens, the leaves lose their integrity, sweetness diminishes, and antioxidant content decreases.

However, before it spoils, expired tea can still be consumed; you just may need to steep more to compensate for the lost flavor. If stored in dry and sealed conditions, higher-quality teas can be safely consumed indefinitely. This is why fresh tea leaves are processed into fermented states like green tea, black tea, oolong tea, etc., to extend their shelf life.

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Teas with the Shortest Shelf Life – Expired Tea

Comparing green tea, black tea, and oolong tea, teas with less fermentation like green tea expire the fastest, while the flavors and quality of black tea and roasted oolong tea last longer. Additionally, certain teas like pu-erh undergo a unique aging process where their flavors improve over time, similar to wine.

How Long Can Herbal Tea Last? – Expired Tea

In addition to single-ingredient teas, herbal teas that combine various ingredients, if stored properly in airtight containers away from direct sunlight and moisture, typically have a shelf life of up to two years. However, the flavor of herbal tea usually begins to weaken after about six months, making the tea less enjoyable to drink. Remember, the fresher the tea, the more delicious the beverage, which is why we enjoy drinking tea near its place of origin.

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Like forgotten whispers of a bygone era, Expired Tea sits in solitude, its once vibrant essence now a gentle echo, reminding us of fleeting moments, yet holding within its leaves the promise of new beginnings, waiting to be rediscovered.

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What is Expired Tea?

What Happens When Tea Expires?

Expired tea bags lose their original aroma and may taste bitter when brewed. The flavor of expired black tea often becomes richer, while expired green tea loses its delicate taste and becomes more bitter.

The expiration date on tea packaging typically indicates the timeframe during which the tea should be consumed to ensure maximum flavor and freshness. Drinking expired tea can result in a poorer tea experience, something not desirable, especially for premium teas. It’s important to always be vigilant about whether your tea has expired to ensure you get the best tea-drinking experience.

Although expired tea may have an unpleasant taste, the health threats are relatively minimal. Drinking expired tea usually won’t cause immediate discomfort, but it’s still not recommended. Drinking tea past its expiration date may expose you to harmful bacteria or mold. Understanding the risks associated with consuming expired tea is important to avoid food poisoning and other health issues. While nothing may happen most of the time, the potential consequences can be severe, so let’s explore what changes occur when tea expires.

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What Happens If You Drink Expired Tea?

If you accidentally drink expired tea, your body usually won’t have any reaction. However, this doesn’t mean you should drink expired tea. When you consume tea brewed from expired tea leaves, you may ingest harmful bacteria or mold. Understanding the related risks of drinking expired tea is important to avoid health issues like food poisoning. While most of the time nothing happens, there’s always a risk of severe consequences, so let’s look at the risks associated with drinking expired tea.

Risks of Drinking Expired Tea

When tea leaves exceed their expiration date, they are very likely to be contaminated with harmful bacteria and mold. Although tea leaves are dry, they can absorb moisture from the air if stored for too long or not properly, making them more susceptible to bacterial and mold growth, leading to food poisoning and other diseases. Drinking expired tea poses various health risks, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and adverse effects on various body systems, and may even trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of these risks associated with drinking expired tea, always check the expiration date before consuming any type of tea, and watch out for signs of tea spoilage.

How to Determine If Tea Has Expired

When determining if tea has expired, it’s important to understand the different shelf lives of different types of tea. If stored properly, black tea can last up to two years, while green tea has a shorter shelf life, usually only six to eight months, and herbal teas typically stay fresh for about a year.

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There are several cues to quickly determine if tea has expired, including a stale or moldy smell, changes in color or texture of the tea leaves, and a more bitter or sour taste of the brewed tea compared to before. If there are any signs of mold or discoloration in the packaging, it’s best to discard the tea to avoid getting sick.

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Tea Classroom – Tea Knowedge

What Else Can You Do with Expired Tea Bags?

1. Removing Odors – Expired tea bags are excellent for placing in shoe cabinets or refrigerators to help eliminate odors.

2. Placing in Smoking Areas – Similar to coffee grounds, placing expired tea bags in smoking areas or ashtrays can help eliminate smoke odor.

3. Removing Limescale – After some time of use, household kettles or hot water pots may accumulate stubborn limescale. Expired tea bags are useful in this situation. Simply soak them in water for a while, and they can easily clean the limescale.

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From the depths of forgotten cabinets, Expired Tea whispers tales of lost fragrance, its leaves longing for the touch of steaming water, to bloom once more in a dance of revival, breathing life into moments thought to have faded into memory.


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