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Top 7 Best Black Tea Types in Taiwan!

Top 7 Best Black Tea Types in Taiwan! - ABoxTik 一盒精品 9

Basically, all tea trees can be made into Taiwan black tea, mainly because the finished product is the difference between aroma and taste. Taiwan’s black teas are distinguished according to the suitability of the tea tree. The most commonly used varieties of black tea in Taiwan are Taicha No. 18, Taicha No. 8, and Taicha No. 21. In addition, there are also Chin-Shin-Dapan and Oolong. The varieties are described in detail below:

Dayuling Tea Review | Best Recipe & Benefits

Dayuling 大禹嶺茶 一盒精品

Whenever visiting a tea shop, two categories of Dayuling tea, “high mountain tea” and “high cold tea”, can always be seen. However, the distinguished differences between these two teas are often very confusing. What is it that makes Dayuling high mountain tea particularly delicious, and how does it differ from high cold tea?

What Kind of Tea is Right for You? Select Ideal Tea Now!

本命茶 適合的茶

This article will provide you with a full rundown of how to drink tea in the smartest and most suitable way. If you still feel that you can’t make a decision after reading this article, you can consult with our tea masters through our website to assist you in discovering the destined ideal tea that belongs to you!

Chinese Tea Culture [6 Tea Types] – Origin of Tea

中式茶文化 - 一盒精品 AboxTik 台灣精品

Tea is an important part of traditional Chinese culture. It not only embodies the spirit of Chinese civilization, but also embodies the spirit of thought and form in tea ceremony etiquette. Let’s explore the Chinese Tea culture.