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6 Best Herbal Tea of 2023 – Premium Herbal Series

一盒頂級花草茶系列 ABoxTik of Premium Herbal Tea Series

Do you like drinking herbal tea? It is often said that “girls love flowers and drink scented tea”, but people’s preferences for herbal tea are not based on gender or age group. Herbal tea makes people fall asleep easily, get beautiful skin, even helps digestion, cools off heat, and relieves greasiness.

How to Brew Tea? ABoxTik of Tea Series


Starting from “tea brewing tips”, ABoxTik of tea series is a series of 6 Taiwan exquisite teas, and it is the purest and elegant proposal in the bustling city. Want to taste the encounter between tea and boutique? Then you can’t miss these six Taiwan teas!

How to Make Cold Brew Tea? Timing and Temp?

How to Make Cold Brew Tea? Timing and Temp? - ABoxTik 一盒精品 3

What is cold brew tea? We always use boiling water to brew the tea. However, although people want to enjoy an elegant moment, they lose interest instantly when the weather is hot in Taiwan. Eventually, they will wait for the hot tea to cool down. At this moment, you may be wondering whether tea can be made cold.