Luxury Taste: Exclusive Limited Edition Tea Gift Boxes


Each tea gift box for gifting is carefully curated by top brands, often launched in limited editions to coincide with holidays, brand milestones, or designer collaborations. These exclusive collections may include options for customization, complimentary teapots, or assortments of tea blends.

Some tea brands even incorporate handcrafted artisanal items relevant to the country of origin, offering consumers a sense of exceptional value that extends beyond tea consumption to supporting traditional craftsmanship.

If you’re unsure what gift to choose, opting for a limited edition tea gift box from a reputable brand is the way to go! Below, we introduce several limited edition tea gift boxes from leading tea brands worldwide.

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Limited Edition Tea Box

Where to Find Limited Edition Tea Gift Sets?

1. Tea Forté – Limited Edition Tea Gift Set

Tea Forté is a tea design brand from the United States, drawing inspiration from Japanese tea ceremonies. They aim to elevate the experience of tea to “an extraordinary journey for all your senses.” The brand primarily sells herbal tea collections. Tea Forté is best known for its patented pyramid packaging, which allows the tea ingredients to steep more fully and release their complete flavors, offering the ultimate tea experience.

From a variety of subtle herbal tea flavors to unique packaging designs, Tea Forté offers an ultra-luxurious tea-drinking experience. The brand collaborates directly with tea farmers to create exclusive classic herbal tea blends. Tea Forté’s teas emit distinct layers of aroma, akin to luxury perfumes.

Apart from the tea leaves, the uniquely designed and visually appealing packaging sets Tea Forté apart and appeals to the younger market. The brand combines visual packaging with surprising tea flavors and also releases many tea gift sets during different holiday seasons. Its elegant image is a texture that many women will love.

Tea Forté Limited Edition Tea Gift Set

The most recommended limited edition tea gift set on the Tea Forté website contains a total of 3 gift sets, each with 5 different types of tea: Defense, Invigorate, Purify, Radiance, and Serenity, with two of each type. This limited edition tea gift set is best suited as a healthy tea gift.

The tea base is primarily made of organic green tea, paired with herbal formulas that can relax and revitalize the body and mind, providing both strong spirits and a sense of calm tranquility. Additionally, this tea gift set is also certified organic by the US Department of Agriculture.

In addition to the tea leaves, this gift set also includes the Wellbeing Mini Petite display box, which contains a limited edition light blue ceramic-covered coffee cup and a tea infuser tray with a gold Tea Forté embossing. The elegant light blue color is an absolute representation of purity, making it a perfect limited edition style for gifting.

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In the Limited Edition Tea Box, each leaf holds secrets of distant valleys, whispered by winds that dance through ancient trees, while every sip unveils a tale of rare blooms, capturing moments of ephemeral beauty in porcelain cups.

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The Master of Premium Tea Gift Box

2. ABoxTik – Limited Edition Tea Box

ABoxTik is a local tea brand from Taiwan that focuses on simplicity and light luxury. Their tea selection includes many unique Taiwanese tea varieties, all of which are 100% produced in Taiwan. The most popular tea options include Jin Xuan Oolong Tea and Ying Xiang Oolong Tea Bags. Each tea variety comes in a well-designed classic packaging, with different colors representing each type of tea.

Upon receiving the gift box, one can feel the thoughtfulness in the packaging of ABoxTik. Each tea bag is individually packaged, making it convenient for consumers to take out and brew directly. Everywhere you look, you can feel the dedication of ABoxTik, the premium tea brand.

ABoxTik’s tea gift boxes offer the flexibility to customize your selection, whether you prefer single-origin Taiwanese teas or caffeine-free herbal tea blends. Their collaboration with illustrators introduces limited edition illustrated design gift boxes, combining Taiwanese artistry with tea enjoyment for a visual and gustatory delight.

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ABoxTik of TeaCheck All

ABoxTik of Premium HerbalCheck All

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The Master of Premium Tea Gift Box

3. ROSHI – Limited Edition Tea Box

Established in 1997, ROSHI prides itself on being a tea brand that uses 100% organic and natural ingredients, emphasizing its commitment to environmental friendliness. Inspired by Zen Buddhist monks, ROSHI aims to offer tranquility and inner happiness through the wisdom of Zen Buddhism, enriching your quality of life. ROSHI offers refreshing teas infused with a variety of nutrients, filling your cup with warmth, health, and joy. ROSHI is a promise, a journey, and moments of tranquility and leisure.

With over 50 years of experience in providing the finest teas to customers, ROSHI’s teas are infused with the passion of Indian tradition, coupled with extraordinary wisdom and experience. Each ROSHI tea is healthy and delightful, ranging from detoxifying to energizing, relaxing, and promoting metabolism. You can find the right tea for you within the ROSHI tea brand. ROSHI’s teas also emphasize a soulful and sacred experience, certified by Ayurvedic experts in India.

Roshi Limited Edition Pine Wood Luxury Holiday Tea Gift Box

This limited edition ROSHI gift box contains 4 varieties of tea: Luxurious Rose Tea, Autumnal Darjeeling, Revival Oolong Tea, and Soothing Chamomile Flower Tea. Packaged in a luxurious pine wood box with exotic charm, gifting this box during the holiday season can bring health and blessings to the recipient. ROSHI’s selected teas are rich in Vitamin C, calming, with unique flavors and aromas suitable for morning, afternoon, and bedtime, making it a popular limited edition tea gift box.

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Within the Limited Edition Tea Box lies a treasure trove of flavors, each blend a symphony of aroma and taste, crafted with love and care, waiting to enchant the senses and elevate tea-time to a realm of exquisite delight.


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Where to Buy Limited Edition Tea Gift Boxes? ABoxTik Offers You the Finest Tea Drink Collection

Where can you find limited edition tea gift boxes in Taiwan? On the ABoxTik website, you can choose from classic tea gift boxes, with limited edition packaging designs in collaboration with designers, available until sold out.

With various tea options, whether single-origin teas or herbal tea blends, ABoxTik is the top choice for those seeking limited edition tea gift boxes. Visit the official website now to explore our selection!

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