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What is Jin Xuan tea? Benefits & Caffeine Content?

金萱茶 咖啡因 奶香

Jin Xuan tea is popular because of its unique milky fragrance. Do you think Jin Xuan tea is black tea, green tea, or oolong tea? Is Jinxuan tea high in caffeine? Where do the rich milky fragrance of Jin Xuan tea come from? How to distinguish pure Jinxuan tea from artificial Jin Xuan tea?

How to Brew Tea? ABoxTik of Tea Series


Starting from “tea brewing tips”, ABoxTik of tea series is a series of 6 Taiwan exquisite teas, and it is the purest and elegant proposal in the bustling city. Want to taste the encounter between tea and boutique? Then you can’t miss these six Taiwan teas!

How to Choose Alishan Tea? 3 Features and Intros

How to Choose Alishan Tea? 3 Features and Intros - ABoxTik 一盒精品 3

Alishan, situated in the northern tropic, is a natural tea greenhouse due to its climate and altitude. Alishan tea is produced in the perfect climate and is a favorite tea of many people. You may have heard of Alishan tea and also have drunk it before, however, do you really know about Alishan tea?