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What is Jin Xuan tea? Benefits & Caffeine Content?

金萱茶 咖啡因 奶香

Jin Xuan tea is popular because of its unique milky fragrance. Do you think Jin Xuan tea is black tea, green tea, or oolong tea? Is Jinxuan tea high in caffeine? Where do the rich milky fragrance of Jin Xuan tea come from? How to distinguish pure Jinxuan tea from artificial Jin Xuan tea?

2022 Taiwan Champion Tea – The Birth of the Tea King?


Taiwan hosts tea Tea Championship competitions yearly so that high-quality tea can be provided to consumers with different tea options through fair and equitable channels. In addition to creating a good environment for tea farming, farmers’ associations in various regions also help improve tea farmers’ tea-making skills by conducting evaluations and tea-making technique competitions.

Pouchong Tea Features & Origin – Same as Green Tea?

Pouchong Tea Features & Origin - Same as Green Tea? - ABoxTik 一盒精品 3

What is Pouchong tea? It is widely believed that regardless of how much exposure people have to tea, whether seasoned drinkers or newbies, all of them may have heard about Pouchong tea before. However, have you ever drunk Pouchong tea before? Do you know the name origin of Pouchong tea? How much do you know about the origin and history of Pouchong tea? Today, this article will go in-depth about the tea culture of Pouchong tea.