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【Lei Cha】Hakka Tea Recipe & Benefits


What is Hakka Lei Cha? How to make it well? In addition to drinking coffee, drinking Taiwanese tea is also a trend nowadays. Today’s tea is not only a drink brewed from tea leaves. “Lei Cha”, which was invented 1800 years ago, is the flavour of green tea powder blended with grains, and it is the earliest “blended tea”.

5 Steps of Making Tea & Necessary Tea Tools!

怎麼泡茶 泡茶步驟 工具

In view of more and more people wanting to learn how to make traditional tea, today ABoxTik will not hold back any secrets of traditional tea making. For those of you who read this article, follow and learn the steps to make tea, and prepare the necessary tools for making tea, even if you are a novice!

Top 4 Honey-Scented Tea Recipe & Benefits


What is honey-scented tea and how is it different from honey fragrance tea? Is there anything special or is it just honey added to tea? A common question for many people is how honey-scented tea is produced, is it merely honey added to tea, or is there a more complex process?