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White Peony Tea: “The King of Tea”?


The appearance of white peony is elegant and pure, and it is known as the “king of flowers”. When white peony blooms, it looks elegant, as if a hibiscus emerges from the water, so beautiful that you can’t bear to look away. In the tea world, white peony tea is also known as the “king of tea” as everyone in the know wants to drink it.

Chinese Tea Culture [6 Tea Types] – Origin of Tea

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Tea is an important part of traditional Chinese culture. It not only embodies the spirit of Chinese civilization, but also embodies the spirit of thought and form in tea ceremony etiquette. Let’s explore the Chinese Tea culture.

6 Benefits of Drinking White Tea!What is White tea?

6 Benefits of Drinking White Tea!What is White tea? - ABoxTik 一盒精品 4

What is white tea? Taste the light tea fragrance not only to soothe the whole body but also to feel a sense of life’s rituals. Among teas, white tea is a trendy option for tea tasting, but many people do not know much about white tea, nor do they know its benefits and effects of drinking white tea.