【2024 Recommended Gifts for Mother’s Day】 8 Brands!

母親節精品禮物推薦 一盒精品

For the majority, the woman we cherish most in our life is our mother. And every year when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, we are often faced with a dilemma. Today I will help you overcome the struggle of selecting a practical and beautiful boutique gift for this Mother’s Day by introducing some exquisite Mother’s Day boutique gifts that you may not have heard of.

There are many ways to spoil your mother, so let’s take a look at the boutique brands on this list that have a wide range of gifts to choose from to suit every personal preference at just about every price point.

母親節精品禮物推薦 一盒精品

Boutiques for Mom’s Day

Recommended Boutique Brands for Mom’s Day【2024 New】

Mums are absolute superheroes who can accomplish so many impossible tasks at once. Every mother can be inspired by their child’s omnipotent potential. Whether it is clothing and accessories, or items related to the family and home, timelessness and durability are crucial key points to consider prior to selection. The brands introduced today are inspired by mothers and mothers’ love.

1.Elizabeth Moore Jewellery’s Necklace & Earring Collection – Recommended Boutique for Mom

If there’s one brand that’s perfect for Mother’s Day, it’s Elizabeth Moore Jewelry. Founded in New York, Elizabeth Moore celebrates feminine elegance and nostalgia.

Elizabeth Moore has made environmental sustainability a top priority since the brand’s inception, and has its own charity foundation in place to further support their cause. Each piece is crafted from 14 and 18-karat gold, and it can be said that the brand was created by women, for women, the environment, and humanity, as each diamond and gemstone is transparently, openly, and ethically sourced from mines around the world.

2.Hill House Home – Home & Living – Recommended Boutique for Mom

Hill House Home founder, Nell Diamond, found out she was pregnant during the same week she launched the brand in 2016. This coincidence is what triggered her to redefine the comfort of fashion, and direct Hill House Home as a consumer brand offering an extensive range of bed and bath products, as well as a selection of comfortable dresses. Ever since, the comfort level of mother’s has further been prioritised without sacrificing stylishness.

3.Jolly Bijou Sparkling Gems – Recommended Boutique for Mom

The founder, Caroline Denis, who has been fond of jewellery since she was a child, is a mother of two children. In each piece, Denis uses yellow, pink and gold gemstones as an Art Deco style, and the sharp lines of the jewellery pieces are designed to be admired. Denis’s design elements inspire a sense of effortlessness and femininity in every piece she makes, utilising sapphires, rubies and diamonds.

Mother’s love, pure and true, like a diamond shining bright, forever guiding, a beacon of light.

母親節精品禮物推薦 一盒精品

Recommended Boutique Brands for Mom’s Day【2024 New】-2

4.Cynthia Rowley’s practical design wear – Recommended Boutique for Mom

When it comes to stylish mothers, one cannot fail to mention the respected New York couturier, Cynthia Rowley. Since parenthood, her adventurous attitude towards women’s clothing and fashion nature has made her a very fashionable representative of mothers. Cynthia Rowley’s brand empowers everyday women to not only feel confident in their style, but also to live fearlessly in apparel. Although the brand focuses on good-looking and practical fashion, each product is mainly produced in limited quantities to help alleviate the environmental consequences of fast fashion.

5.TWO New York Handwoven Apparel – Recommended Boutique for Mom

Founded in 2010 by mum-of-two, Monica Patel-Cohn, TWO New York specialises in beach-friendly kaftans, tunics and dresses. Each piece is crafted from hand-woven fabrics sourced from India for minimalist yet modern appeal. The design creativity is inspired by the founder’s Italian and Indian background. And TWO’s most laudable aspect is her emphasis on handmade items to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions required for mass production in factories.

6.Prende Pants – Gifts for new mums – Recommended Boutique for Mom

Prende means “to hold or fix” in Portuguese; and in mythology, Prende is the goddess of love and beauty. The founder TQ Evans is a nurse in the obstetrics and gynaecology department. After giving birth to three children and suffering from postpartum, she was inspired to make a series of high-waist environmental protection leggings suitable for postpartum mothers, that provide adjustable compression options and built-in tummy control.

母親節精品禮物推薦 一盒精品

Recommended Boutique Brands for Mom’s Day【2024 New】-3

7.Dagne Dover’s Multifunctional Large Storage Bag – Recommended Boutique for Mom

Dagne Dover was founded in 2013 by three women, Melissa Mash, Deepa Gandhi and Jessy Dover, with the goal of making busy lives easier through smart design. The brand focuses on bags revolving around the design concept of practicality for mothers with the capacity to hold everyday carry essentials that can be placed firmly for maximum organisation.

8.Murray & Finn – Recommended Boutique for Mom

All Murray & Finn products are geared toward kids and mothers, offering a wide range of maternity and children’s clothing, toys and accessories. Among the assorted brands that can be found in store, every product is ethical and sustainable. Murray & Finn is the perfect one stop shop for all mums.

A mother’s heart beats with the rhythm of love, a symphony of sacrifice, and devotion undying.

母親節精品禮物推薦 一盒精品

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