【2024 Top 5】Boutique Gifts for Mother’s Day

百貨母親節 一盒台灣精品

The most important holiday in upcoming May is of course Mother’s Day, and as mothers’ children, we must not forget to express our hearts. Not only should we prepare a sumptuous Mother’s Day meal and cake, but also a delicate and heartfelt gift. When giving a gift on Mother’s Day, it is a good idea to combine beauty and practicality with mother’s preferences if possible.

At this time, daily accessories and small household appliances are good gift choices! If you are in search of Mother’s Day gifts but lack inspiration, here is a selection of various accessories available at department stores for the Mother’s Day season. We provide you with the top 5 Mother’s Day boutique gifts that match the personality and needs of various mothers.

百貨母親節 一盒台灣精品

Boutiques for Mother’s Day

Top 5 Recommended Gift for Mother’s Day

1.A large capacity tote bag for her – Mum who always has a bag sized for every occasion【Mother’s Day Gift】

Motherhood undoubtedly requires bag capacity beyond the necessities of a pre-motherhood woman as items needed for a family day out far exceeds that of a ladies night out. A bag upsize does not by any means signal that mum’s need to give up the rights to select from boutique collections, especially when boutique tote bags are widely available with sufficient storage capacity.

When it comes to large-capacity boutique bags, in addition to being practical for family days out, it is also quite suitable for work use. In particular, many high-quality tote bags are timelessly fashionable, which can be said to be one of the first choices as Mother’s Day gifts!

When it comes to large-capacity boutique bags in department stores, many people will consider the lightweight and easy-to-carry – Longchamp folding bag! In addition to the classic folding bag, Longchamp also has the ROSEAU ESSENTIAL shoulder bag. Longchamp bags are super textured, enough to elevate any simple daily wear, and are versatile for work regardless of whether a bunch of kid’s belongings are required to be packed.

If you want something a little more formal, you can also consider the Saint Laurent brown leather tote bag, the Gucci blue monogram tote bag, the Tory Burch’s Perry canvas tote bag and double zip canvas tote bag, or TOD’S D-Styling series of tote bags.

On this special day, let us celebrate the woman who gave us life, who nurtured us with tender care, and who taught us the meaning of love.


2. Premium Tea from ABoxTik – For the Busy Mum 【Mother’s Day Gift】

Working mums can’t seem to stop no matter when and where, and is undoubtedly one of the most challenging jobs on earth. How long have mothers not sat down to drink a cup of tea and have a relaxing afternoon tea time?

If your mother fancies tea, a quality tea set may be the perfect choice from your local department store, or better yet, from ABoxTik where we specialise in top-shelf Taiwanese tea, beautifully presented in high-quality gift boxes. Whether treating yourself, entertaining guests, or displaying gratitude to your mother, sheer pleasure is guaranteed.

ABoxTik offers a comprehensive range of Premium Gift Boxes from Classic Tea Series and Premium Herbal Tea Series to over 12 impeccable herbal blends. Mix and match the flavours of your choice to combine into a personalised gift box, ready to gift your mother directly! Here are four of ABoxTik’s most popular flavours: Golden Chrysanthemum, Royal Mint, Honey Red Oolong, and Dong Pian Sijichun Tea.

百貨母親節 一盒台灣精品

3.Boutique Wallets – Gifts Mum’s Can’t Resist【Mother’s Day Gift】

Savvy mum’s distributing financial expenses within the family absolutely are well entitled to a boutique wallet for Mother’s Day! Everyone’s must-have “wallet” has always been a good choice for gift giving, but don’t forget to pay attention to the size of your mother’s daily bag, so as not to choose a wallet with incompatible differences!

There are many classic brands in department stores that sell wallets, such as Burberry and Michael Kors. The small sizes on offer are must-haves for daily use that your mum can utilise time after time. If you happen to be situated in a country where cash is near obsolete, a card holder is the way to go, particularly from the Saint Laurent and Tory Burch Walker collections.

A mother’s embrace is a haven of warmth, a place of solace and peace, where all our worries and fears cease.

百貨母親節 一盒台灣精品

4.Massage products, SPA coupons – Mum’s who enjoy a good massage【Mother’s Day Gift】

Mother’s often bear heavy responsibility when taking care of the family that results in accumulated fatigue. Massage supplies or SPA beauty treatments as Mother’s Day gifts will definitely hit your mother’s heart!

Massage products or SPA beauty treatments can help mothers wash away fatigue, as well as heal the body and mind. Many department stores provide SPA beauty treatments, so the absolute essential treatments for your mum are conveniently available on Mother’s Day!

百貨母親節 一盒台灣精品

5.Day trips/weekends – The active mum【Mother’s Day Gift】

If you can’t think of what to give, why not spare the whole day and take your mother on a trip! Whether to spend a day out shopping with your mother, or a weekend away, companionship is definitely one gift that mothers most want to receive, as going out together and going home together generates precious memories!

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Regardless of what you may have in mind for Mother’s Day, it is important to be thoughtful in a timely manner. If a premium tea gift box set is what you have in mind for your mother, visit ABoxTik now to convey a message that speaks for itself!