5 Indoor Activity Ideas for Epidemic Prevention Life


During the days when you were isolated at home, you lost a lot of joyful time. Classroom and work settings were changed to online, and meetings with friends became live broadcasts on social media and video calls. The news reported to the public every day: the number of confirmed cases today is higher than last week, masks are advised to be worn when going out, reduce the need to go out, and limit the number of people on social occasions,…

The epidemic prevention life has changed many of our habits and lifestyles, affecting the operation of enterprises, the shutdown of restaurants one after another, and businesses that have not seen signs of improvement. You may have finished watching your favorite drama series and gained a little weight during the process, and perhaps thought that you would be at home the remainder of your boring life without any possibility of being able to inject new things into your life. Is it impossible to attain a completely different way of life?

Let me share with you how to add elegance to dull days!


What is Indoor Activity?

A sense of ritual in life instantly makes you feel fulfilled every day!

What is a sense of ritual in life? This to me is like what it means for people to live in this world, to exchange rings at a wedding, or to light candles on a birthday cake to make a wish that may not come true. In any case, that is our attitude towards life.

Planting has become one of my rituals during the pandemic, and I’ve always wanted something to start my day. Some people begin their mornings with an iced long black, a relaxing yoga session, or dressing up for brunch.

Research has revealed that planting can indeed bring happiness to people, and help make up for those outdoor phytoncides that we have lost. While watering the plants, I seem to feel that it grows and thrives with us day after day, as if it’s telling me: Let’s get to work! Good luck with your work today!

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In the confines of our cozy abode, our indoor lifestyle unfolds like a tender rose, with each passing moment a cherished memory in the making.


Tea Classroom – Indoor Activity

Customize your schedule and look forward to completing it every day

Why make a schedule? Because staying in such a comfortable space at home can cause people to fall into the trap of being lazy. Basically, with the exception of eating, drinking and sleeping, it is difficult to be motivated to do some extra chores. Especially in such an attractive bed, the feeling of laziness is even stronger. This is also a big problem I faced when working from home at first. Therefore, in addition to online classes and work, I added some extra things to my daily schedule, such as learning languages, cooking, and sports.

Utilising this App: The app features a timetree to plan my daily schedule and when I complete a tick of events, it gives me a sense of accomplishment, which in turn accumulates more self-confidence. I can also write on the virtual note paper when I’m feeling bored!

Calendar/Daily Planner APP Recommendations

  • Timetree (available on mobile and desktop)
  • Notion (English version only / mobile and desktop versions are available)

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The windfall of trying new things! Actually, I have a lot of things to do.

A busy work and social life has led to many unfulfilled dreams and desires on my bucket list. In order to break through this predicament, I once again gathered up the courage to face what I had feared most in the past 20 years – English.

The life I long for is premised on “constant challenges”. Even though I was limited to only being able to say hello and thank you, I still chose an online one-to-one tutoring platform and selected a foreign teacher who can’t speak Chinese at all. In the beginning, every class took my breath away, and a 50-minute class felt like a five-hour class! However, I can say with confidence that this year of study has changed my perception, thoughts and circle of life.

Of course, the high cost of tutoring was such a huge burden for me as a student, so I tried other methods that were more in-reach.

For a person who hates reading, it is not easy to find a suitable language learning method. There are bound to be many bottlenecks, but I came across two alternative methods that are suitable for me:

  • Watch more English series: You don’t have to choose life-like plots to practice. If you choose a plot that you are not interested in, it’s hard to have persistent motivation. Take myself as an example, I love the vampire series very much, thus, I chose The Vampire’s Diary, which has many seasons. In addition to the attractive male cast, I can learn a lot of authentic American dialogue.
  • Speak English uninterruptedly: It may sound weird, but in the early days, I would look at myself in the mirror and speak in English about what happened throughout my day. In the mid-term, I would find some articles on the Internet to read. At a later period, I used a language exchange App: HelloTalk

Basically, more than 80% of the people on this app seriously want to study. I also found a few language partners, and have achieved the daily oral practice goal “Video Practice Conversation: One Hour English + One Hour Chinese”. I think this is really the most crucial step in learning a language as you won’t think of it as if you are reading, or putting yourself under pressure for a test, but rather more like a baby exploring how to speak and express him/herself. Even if you are not currently good at it, it doesn’t mean that you are bad, it merely means that you are in the early stages of learning which is progress in itself, so don’t be too hard on yourself!

We often worry about “Is it too late to do it now”, “Am I really going to improve?”, “But many people are already better than me”, “I’m so worried, I’ll talk about it later…”

The life of stepping out of your comfort zone is far richer than you think. The unknown results make you hesitate, but if you give up now before you even get started, the result will be a guaranteed zero! Take a brave step, because even if it is only a small step, you will definitely stand a chance.

And the surprise I got was…a foreign boyfriend.

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The pitter-patter of the rain on the windowsill, the flickering of the fire in the hearth, and the warm embrace of your arms make our indoor lifestyle a paradise on earth.


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Who hasn’t experienced a lot of online shopping during the pandemic? I discovered an excellent ABoxTik recommendation by accident!

The last step that is undeniably indispensable is online shopping in an efficient manner in order to eat well, dress well, and live well. Adventurous online shopping led me to accidentally discover an absolute gem of tea, which has become a good partner for my afternoon tea time.

One of the products I recommend the most is “South African Rooibos Tea” for its very strong flavour and versatility to drink on its own, with milk as milk tea, or with honey as a sweetened tea. Not only is it delicious, but it also has various beneficial effects. One of the most attractive incentives for me is the anti-anxiety and sedative effects, mainly possible due to the fact that this tea does not contain caffeine, which makes sleep easier than ever.

The epidemic prevention life has actually made me live a more colourful life than before. I have always believed that there is nothing that cannot be done, only things that I don’t want to do. And the most important thing I learned during the epidemic is: learn to face the unknown and stay calm, the world will be far more interesting than you think!