What is Mesona Herbal Tea?7 Making Steps & Pros

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The hot summer has arrived, and many people can’t hold themselves to have a cold drink to cool off on such a hot day. However, most of the tea drinks in bubble tea shops are high in calories and appear to be bitter if unsweetened. What are the ways to cool down and stay healthy? If you want to have a cool and annealed drink, many people will think of the cool and enjoyable Mesona herbal tea. What are the advantages of Mint Mesona herbal tea and what are the differences between Mesona herbal tea and herb tea? Let me take you to see the efficacy and taboo of Mesona herbal tea!

What is Mesona Herbal Tea?7 Making Steps & Pros - ABoxTik 一盒精品 3

What Is Mesona Herbal Tea?

How does Mint Mesona herbal tea come from?

Do you know where Mint Mesona herbal tea (short as herbal tea, Mesona herbal tea, or grass tea) comes from? Although Mint Mesona herbal tea is called tea, it actually is not made from tea leaves but rather with dried Mint Mesona. The origin of dried Mint Mesona herbs is mainly in Hsinchu, Hualien and Pingtung, and it is a planted crop that is harvested every year.

In addition, only dried herbs with stems and leaves still intact should be selected as the leaves are the colloidal source of herbal tea, and the stems are the herbs. By cooking both at the same time, the main advantages of the herbal teas including enhanced aroma can be achieved. I recommend that you choose dried Mint Mesona herbal tea that has been dried for 3 to 5 years to ensure the ultimate quality.

“Life is like a cup of tea. It’s all in how you make it.” – Unknown

Tea Classroom – Mesona Herbal Tea

Precautions for the selection of Mesona herbal tea

When selecting Mesona herbal tea, pay attention to the following points, so that you can choose a good dried Mesona herbal without any issues!

  • Smell to see if there is any damp or musty smell. If there is any possibility, it means that the dried herb has not been well preserved, which will lead to the deterioration of the dried herb.
  • Check to see if the colour is light, brown, or green. If the colour is too light, it means that it has not been stored correctly, and the flavour of the brewed herbal tea will be too light.
  • Observe whether there are any impurities on the dried fairy grass. If there is a lot of debris and dust, it will take longer to make Mesona herbal tea.

What is the difference between Mesona herbal tea and herb tea?

The colours of the Mesona herbal tea and herbal tea are actually different, the tea colour of Mesona herbal tea is dark, while the herbal tea is brown. The main reason is that Mint Mesona herbal tea is only boiled with immortal grass, whereas, herb tea is made with dried Mesona herbal, mint, Bidens Pilosa Radiata, sweet-scented Basil, Polygonum Dichotomum, along with a few other herbs.

And herbal tea is considered a ‘cold drink’, so it is not recommended to overindulge. However, Mesona herbal tea makes up for coolness, so it is less likely to cause discomfort, even if drinking in excess, but it is also recommended not to overconsume.

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What is Mesona Herbal Tea?7 Making Steps & Pros - ABoxTik 一盒精品 5

Do you know Mesona herbal tea?

The features of Mint Mesona herbal tea.

The reason why the Mint Mesona herbal tea is suitable for drinking in summer is that it can cool the blood and relieve the heat, remove the moisture from the body, and stabilise blood sugar levels. The properties essentially give off a coolant effect that can relieve the heat and humidity felt in Taiwan, which is hot and humid, reducing irritability and inflammation. The Polysaccharide Colloid contained belongs to a form of dietary fibre. In addition to stabilising your blood sugar, it can also maintain the skin condition and relieve throat discomfort. It is a very suitable drink for people with throat inflammation and damaged vocal cords, and can also be consumed as a jelly.

Contraindications of Mesona herbal tea

Although Mesona herbal tea has many effects and is a popular drink in summer, there are some taboos for drinking Mesona herbal tea. I will help you to sort out the following five situations for people who are in the following five situations. Be sure to remember these types of people who are not allowed to drink Mesona herbal tea.

  • Anaemia, lack of energy
  • frequent diarrhoea
  • Stomach upset, poor appetite
  • Frequent menstrual cramps and abdominal pain
  • Easily feel cold and have cold hands and feet

Can pregnant and menstruating women drink herbal tea?

A number of women who are either pregnant, breastfeeding or menstruating, wonder if they can drink Mint Mesona herbal tea, or if there are foods containing Mint Mesona herbas?

In fact, if you have a lot of anger, such as frequent constipation, bad breath or dryness, etc., moderate drinking or consumption of Mesona herbal products can help you relieve discomfort, but if you are not troubled by anger. then It is not recommended to encounter Mesona herbal products, because Mesona herbal is cold in nature and tastes cold. Pregnancy and menstruation are when the body is more sensitive, so it is easier to experience abdominal pain, diarrhea and other discomfort symptoms due to drinking Mesona herbal tea or eating Mesona herbal products. If you are not sure whether you are suitable for eating Mesona herbal, you can first evaluate your physical condition to a doctor before deciding.

“A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds.” – Cristina Re

Let’s see how to cook Mesona herbal tea and make Mesona herbal jelly

Want to prepare a pot of Mesona herbal tea for yourself and your family in the summer? Then you need to follow the preparations and steps below, and let me take you to make delicious Mint Mesona herbal tea!

Preparing utensils for making Mint Mesona herbal tea

  • Wok
  • Filter*2
  • Soy milk cotton bag
  • Tablespoon
  • Dried Mint Mesona herbal
  • Granulated suga
  • Water
  • Seaweed gum (raw material for making grass jelly)

Steps for making Mesona herbal tea and Mesona herbal jelly

  1. Place the dried Mint Mesona herbal into a container and cover the dried herbs with water to soak. Once the sediment has settled, pick up the dried Mint Mesona herbal.
  2. Rinse the surface impurities from the dried Mint Mesona herbal with water to remove excess debris.
  3. Boil the water in an iron pot with the dried Mint Mesona herbal, the ratio of dried Mint Mesona herbal to water is 1:20, bring to a boil over high heat, and then simmer for three hours on low heat.
  4. Take one filter and place the soy milk cotton bag on it, and put the other on the top. Filter the boiled Mint Mesona herbal juice twice to ensure that the residual branches, leaves and impurities are removed.
  5. Cool and strain the herbal tea.
  6. After the herbal tea has cooled, you can add sugar, and the herbal tea is done!
  7. If you want to make fairy grass jelly, you can add seaweed gel to water at a ratio of 1:12, followed by cold water to dissolve. Then add the boiled Mint Mesona herbal tea, stir evenly, divide into containers and refrigerate. It takes approximately two hours to complete.

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ABoxTik takes you to explore the secret of Mesona herbal tea.

Mint Mesona herbal is a food that can be found everywhere in Taiwan, whether Mesona herbal tea booths on the roadside, Mesona herbal jelly in shaved-ice deserters, or Mesona herbal products sold in convenience stores, etc. Mesona herbal is a suitable ingredient In Taiwan, where the humidity is high and the weather is sultry. It does not only help us to relieve heat but also exhausts moisture. However, attention should be paid when drinking or using Mesona herbal. If you have a cold constitution, it is not recommended to have Mesona herbal.

Additionally, ABoxTik needs to remind everyone. For the sake of good palatability, the commercially available Mesona herbal usually requires more added sugar to increase its deliciousness. Therefore, paying more attention to sugar intake when consuming it is essential. If you want to relieve the heat without taking in too much sugar, it is recommended to brew Mesona herbal tea yourself according to the steps above. In this way, not only can you control the amount of added sugar, but also you can adjust the concentration yourself so that you can make your ideal Mesona herbal tea flavour.