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Tea has been spread for centuries throughout Taiwan’s history, which has also allowed the tea to continue to innovate and evolve. Scented tea is one type of tea product that utilizes the aroma of tea leaves and flowers to form an amazing product. From the perspective of many people, scented tea is also a representative of elegance and warmth. How much do you know about such scented tea? Today, let ABoxTik show you the types of scented teas and how different scented tea effects can assist you!

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What is scented tea?

Scented Tea Introduction

Scented tea is also known as herbal tea. Some scented teas are made by soaking pure flowers, while others are tea leaves combined with different flower species as a compound scented tea. These two types have their specific characteristics and flavours, and different types of scented teas will have distinct effects. People can choose according to their own preferences.

“I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.” – Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes from Underground

Tea Classroom – Scented Tea

The types and features of scented tea

There are a variety of scented teas, which all contain different ingredients and features. The following will introduce some of the more common scented teas.

Rose teas: Soothing emotions, beauty maintenance.

Rose flowers can be seen easily in our lives, though that doesn’t mean it can be seen everywhere on the roadside, but rather can often be seen in skin care products and food as roses are rich in vitamin C. Therefore, rose is a product that maintains beauty, helps reduce anger, promotes blood circulation, and helps regulate women’s menstrual problems, making rose a multifunction commodity for females.

Jasmine tea: Anti-inflammatory and detoxification

It is said that bright red flowers are not fragrant, and fragrant flowers are not red, which is a good example of a jasmine flower. I believe that everyone is familiar with jasmine flowers. The aroma of jasmine flowers is rich and elegant, and it is known as a queen among the types of scented tea. Besides the comfort brought by the aroma, there is a wealth of nutritional value. The cool nature of jasmine is suitable for reducing anger, inflammation and detoxification, as well as relieving constipation. Therefore, jasmine tea is very popular among scented teas.

Moreover, a cup of jasmine tea on busy days can help us to improve energy, relieve depression and relax our tired body and mind. If you are a person who gets depressed and nervous easily, a cup of jasmine tea can assist you to ease the condition.

Osmanthus tea: Soothe the nerves, dehumidify

Osmanthus is also a well-known flower species for its fragrance. This type of flower can calm the nerves and balance our nervous system. In addition, its fragrance can effectively remove odours and kill bacteria in the month. If you have bronchial problems, osmanthus can also help relieve asthma in a soothing manner.

Chamomile tea: Anti-inflammatory and restorative sleep

It is widely believed that everyone is familiar with chamomile. Apart from restorative sleep, it also has anti-inflammatory, repairing, anti-itching and anti-allergic properties. Thus, in addition to using chamomile as a drink, there are a lot of skincare brands that also like to add chamomile to their products.

Lavender tea: Soothe the nerves, improve sleep, relieve fatigue

Thinking of lavender, people associate it with a string of cute figures. In addition to being one of the flowers that many families plant to repel mosquitoes, lavender tea is also a favourite drink of many people as it has a soothing effect, which can relieve stress, fatigue and help sleeping conditions. This is why there are a lot of products made from lavender such as essential oil and candles.

Hibiscus tea: Cool down, promote appetite, strengthen the spleen and stomach

There are many beverage shops that sell hibiscus tea and many people pickle hibiscus with sugar to make sweet and sour hibiscus tea. For sure, hibiscus can also be dried. It can be directly soaked without adding sugar to make hibiscus tea, which is a favourable relief product in summer.

Pot Marigold tea: Feel cool and reduce heat, reduce inflammation and swelling

Females should not be unfamiliar with Pot Marigold. Under the golden appearance, Pot Marigold can help promote metabolism and regulate physiological functions. Additionally, Pot Marigold not only has the functions of relieving heat and detoxification, it also has the functions of protecting the liver and protecting the eyes. Therefore, you can see calendula lutein in the market as an ingredient. 

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“There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.”– Lin Yutang, The Importance of Living

What aspects of scented tea should be paid attention to?

Although there are many benefits of scented tea, you still need to understand the taboos of scented tea before brewing.

Do not randomly pick flowers and brew.

Some people think that scented tea is made by brewing random flowers with water. However, it is not that simple. Scented tea on the market must pass the inspection, which is not only pesticide content but also detection of metal content. You may be wondering, I grow my own flowers without pesticides! But, have you checked your soil? Have you checked the ingredients of your fertilization? Those factors will cause the metal content of the flowers to potentially be too high. Thus, don’t think that the flowers you grow can be made into scented tea by yourself.

Do not randomly mix flowers into tea.

In the introduction of the previous paragraph, we can know every type of flower has its own features. Therefore, we cannot mix and match these flowers by ourselves. Mixing flowers must be explained and researched by professionals to prevent ill-mixes that could harm our health.

The temperature should not be too high when brewing

When making scented tea, be careful not to pour the boiling water directly into the teapot as the high temperature could destroy the polyphenols or flavonoids in the flowers. As well as it could cause the scented tea to easily become bitter. Therefore, it is not recommended to soak the scented tea for a long time or to cook it directly, which will cause the taste and composition of your scented tea to deteriorate.

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Scented Tea – ABoxTik

ABoxTik, scented tea and you.

Scented tea can be said to provide flavor and seasoning in many people’s lives as it is not only visually appealing but also can be selected according to personal needs and taste. After brewing, a pleasant floral fragrance can be smelt surrounding the environment. Thus, busy people like to have a cup of tea when they spare time for relaxation. Are you also looking for a cup of scented tea in your mind? You may wish to browse a box of boutiques and find your destined scented tea!