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6 Best Herbal Tea of 2024 – Premium Herbal Series

一盒頂級花草茶系列 ABoxTik of Premium Herbal Tea Series

Do you like drinking herbal tea? It is often said that “girls love flowers and drink scented tea”, but people’s preferences for herbal tea are not based on gender or age group. Herbal tea makes people fall asleep easily, get beautiful skin, even helps digestion, cools off heat, and relieves greasiness.

Top 7 Scented Tea – Features & Knowledge

Top 7 Scented Tea – Features & Knowledge - ABoxTik 一盒精品 4

Tea has been spread for centuries throughout Taiwan’s history, which has also allowed the tea to continue to innovate and evolve. Scented tea is one type of tea product that utilizes the aroma of tea leaves and flowers to form an amazing product. From the perspective of many people, scented tea is also a representative of elegance and warmth. How much do you know about such scented tea? Today, let ABoxTik show you the types of scented teas and how different scented tea effects can assist you!