Osmanthus Tea Benefits & Full Introduction

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Osmanthus tea is one of the main types of tea in China, which is a scented tea made from osmanthus and tea fumigate. Therefore, the fragrance is quite strong, long-lasting and the tea brew colour is bright and green. Osmanthus tea has the functions of replenishing vitality, moistening lungs for arresting coughs, whitening the skin, and detoxifying etc. Therefore, many people like to drink osmanthus for health care. Wondering what are the benefits of osmanthus tea? Why Chinese medicine recommends osmanthus tea so much? This article will tell you in depth.

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What is Osmanthus Tea?

Osmanthus Tea

Osmanthus tea has a very long history, starting from the Tang and Song Dynasties. It was often eaten by royal concubine’s maids as a method of making people smell fragrant. Thus, in ancient times, sweet-scented osmanthus tea could also be called “fragrant body”.

Osmanthus tea will be formed after the harvesting of fresh sweet-scented osmanthus and tea embryo splendour flowers. Numerous production processes including tea embryo preparation, heat dissipation through flowers, sifting of flower residues, drying and re-drying, mesh packaging, will be carried out before the rigorous tea can finally be shelved in quality storage. At present, Guilin in Guangxi, Xianning in Hubei, Chengdu in Sichuan, Chongqing in Chongqing are the main producing areas of osmanthus tea, and many famous osmanthus teas are produced in these areas.

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Tea Classroom – Osmanthus Tea

What are the Benefits of Osmanthus Tea?

Osmanthus tea has preventive and therapeutic effects on bad breath, blurred vision, urticaria, duodenal ulcer, and stomach pain. It can also replenish vitality, whiten the skin, detoxify the body, moisten lungs for arresting cough, balance the nervous system, purify the mind, and even ease hypotension symptoms.

Why do people like Osmanthus Tea so much?

When it comes to why people like osmanthus tea so much, it must be mentioned that osmanthus tea has the effect of whitening the skin, detoxifying the body, and moistening lungs for arresting cough. In summer, many people feel that the skin is very dry, or the voice is hoarse because of being too hot. At this time, you can add some osmanthus to oolong tea or green tea, which can effectively relieve the discomfort.

Osmanthus tea is mainly produced in the regions of Guilin in Guangxi, Xianning in Hubei, Chengdu in Sichuan, and Chongqing in Chongqing, especially Guilin’s osmanthus tea is famous all over the world. After consuming osmanthus tea, it can have a digestive effect, so it is also very suitable for the elderly with weak stomach function.

What are the Functions of Osmanthus Tea?

Osmanthus tea belongs to sweet-scented osmanthus tea with pungent taste, warm nature, and fresh and charming fragrance. Therefore, it has the effects of relieving cough and reducing phlegm, nourishing health and nourishing lungs, and can relieve dry mouth, flatulence, and gastrointestinal discomfort. Bad breath, unclear vision, urticaria, and duodenal ulcer, osmanthus tea has preventive and therapeutic effects on stomach cold and stomach pain. Dry tongue, laxative, and relieve flatulence and gastrointestinal discomfort.

The skin whitening effect of sweet-scented osmanthus tea is loved by many beauty conscious women. In addition to whitening, it can also relieve toxins in the body. The unique aroma of sweet-scented osmanthus tea is quite charming, which can ease and relax the mind, and play a considerable role in removing moisture from the body. In addition to soothing the mind, it can also moisten lungs for arresting coughs, purify the mind and body, and balance the nervous system.

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Do you know Osmanthus Tea?

What are the Common Osmanthus Teas on the market?

Osmanthus Hongqing – Osmanthus Type1

Osmanthus hongqing is a bulk variety of osmanthus tea, with the largest production generated in Guilin in Guangxi and Xianning in Hubei. Some osmanthus hongqing varieties are also sold to Southeast Asia and Japan, therefore it is quite popular both domestically and internationally. The most important feature of osmanthus hongqing is that the shape is tight and even, the tea and brew itself are green and yellow, the aroma is strong and lasting, the taste is mellow and palatable, and the bottom of the leaves are bright yellow.

Osmanthus Oolong – Osmanthus Type2

Tieguanyin is the hometown of osmanthus oolong, the traditional export product of Fujian Anxi Tea Factory. Osmanthus oolong is mainly sold in Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia, and Western European countries. It is made of tea which is specifically harvested during the summer and autumn. The main features of osmanthus oolong are the thick and solid ropes, brown moist colours, elegant aroma, sweet mellow taste, bright orange-yellow brew, and soft dark brown leaf bottoms.

Osmanthus Black Tea – Osmanthus Type3

Osmanthus fragrans black tea is an amazing achievement made by the Tea Department of Southwest Agricultural University, with smoked osmanthus flowers to add fragrance instead of artificial flavours. This product is currently exported to the United States and France and has been well received with positive feedback. The main features of osmanthus black tea are: the shape of granules is tight, fine and even, the colour is black and moist, the fragrance is rich, the taste is sweet and palatable, the tea brew is red and bright, and the bottom of the leaves are red. Processed into bags, the aroma of tea can be delicate and long-lasting.

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Guilin Osmanthus Tea – Osmanthus Type4

Guilin osmanthus tea is mainly produced in Guilin, Guangxi. In the 1970s, the Guangxi Guilin Tea Factory began to produce osmanthus tea. The biggest feature of Guilin Osmanthus tea is its strong and elegant fragrance and golden tea brew colour.

Guizhou Osmanthus Tea – Osmanthus Type5

Guizhou osmanthus tea is produced in Guizhou, and its quality characteristics are taken as an example. The shape is tight and thin, the cords are even, the colour is dark green and moist; the aroma is fresh and pure, the bottom of the leaves and the brew itself are green and yellow, which is bright, tender and soft.

Xianning Osmanthus Tea – Osmanthus Type6

Xianning osmanthus is a green osmanthus tea, produced in the state-owned Baidunchang in Xianning City, Hubei Province. The quality characteristic is that the appearance conforms to the standard of the original Ministry of Commerce for the quality of scented tea, and the tea is sparsely colourated golden yellow; The inner quality of the tea brew is clear yellow and bright, the fragrance of osmanthus tea and flowers coexists and is strong, and the taste is mellow, yet relatively strong. The finished product of Xianning osmanthus tea has a moisture content of 7.5% to 8%. Osmanthus contains organic ingredients such as propyl caprate, ionone, linalool oxide, etc., which are gentle in properties, remove phlegm and along with other beneficial effects, and can enhance the effects of green tea.

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