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How to Brew Tea? ABoxTik of Tea Series


Starting from “tea brewing tips”, ABoxTik of tea series is a series of 6 Taiwan exquisite teas, and it is the purest and elegant proposal in the bustling city. Want to taste the encounter between tea and boutique? Then you can’t miss these six Taiwan teas!

Tongding Oolong Tea – One of the Best Teas!

Tongding Oolong Tea – One of the Best Teas! - ABoxTik 一盒精品 2

Tongding Oolong tea has hundreds of years of history, which is one of the must-haves for tea drinkers. Unless you know specifically, the majority of people will think that “Tongding” is the name of a company or brand. In fact, Tongding is actually a tea mountain in Lugu Township, Nantou County.