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【Dong Pian Sijichun Tea】The Rare Four Season Tea!

冬片四季春 一盒精品

People often confuse Dōng Piàn Four Season Tea with Four Season Tea because they are in fact two of the same, with the only differentiating factor being that the Dōng Piàn variant is exclusively picked in winter. Other well-known teas that derive from the Four Season Tea tree include Jinxuan, Yingxiang, Cuiyu, and lightly fermented Baozhong.

How to Brew Tea? ABoxTik of Tea Series


Starting from “tea brewing tips”, ABoxTik of tea series is a series of 6 Taiwan exquisite teas, and it is the purest and elegant proposal in the bustling city. Want to taste the encounter between tea and boutique? Then you can’t miss these six Taiwan teas!