Bellavita Taipei Luxury Brands and Food Guide

Bellavita 台北貴婦百貨

Bellavita Department Store is a shopping center located in the Xinyi Planning District of Taipei City, inaugurated on September 21, 2009. Co-owned and operated by Mrs. Liang Xiuching, the wife of Pegatron Corporation’s Vice Chairman and General Manager, T.H. Liang, along with their three daughters, Bellavita spans four underground floors and nine above-ground floors. The architectural style is European, with a soaring 7-meter high ceiling on the first floor and an average ceiling height exceeding 5 meters on the other floors. The total retail space exceeds 10,000 square meters, and the overall design of the first floor resembles the streets of Milan, with a 20-meter high transparent dome, fountains, and trees in the atrium, while flagship stores of various luxury brands surround it.

When Bellavita was first established, it was originally named in a foreign language, “BELLAVITA,” derived from Italian, meaning “beautiful life.” Later, it was transliterated into Chinese as “寶麗廣塲” (Bǎolì Guǎngchǎng). The Chinese name includes the rare variant character “塲,” an infrequently used form of the common character “場” (meaning “place” or “field”). Bellavita Department Store’s interior design, green natural landscapes, classic brand stores, exquisite dining restaurants, and artistic and cultural environment aim to provide consumers with a leisurely lifestyle experience.

Bellavita 台北貴婦百貨

What is Bellavita?

Introduction to Bellavita Taipei Luxury Department Store

With the three main themes of “Rhythm of a Beautiful Life,” “Cultivation of Humanistic Ambiance,” and “Natural Purity and Happiness,” Bellavita’s concept is inspired by the fashion capital of Europe. The architecture is crafted from natural stone, sunlight, flowing water, and plants.

The European-style exterior of Bellavita features Brazilian-imported golden stone as the main material. While primarily European in design, it incorporates an Oriental touch with misty golden peony flowers, symbolizing prosperity and material civilization.

Bellavita houses the first Michelin-starred French restaurant L’ATELIER de Joël Robuchon, tea salon SALON DE THE de Joël Robuchon, LAWRY’S THE PRIME RIB TAIPEI, HO SHABU hot pot, and the international cuisine hub B2 aaa WINE CELLAR & OYSTER BAR. Each offers a unique and carefully crafted ambiance, providing a gathering place for friends and family.

Explore classic and fashionable fashion, jewelry, accessories, crystals, and more. Additionally, special spaces are dedicated to art exhibitions and performances, creating a diverse and comfortable environment for dining, leisure, and shopping, fostering art and cultural vibes.

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How to Get to Bellavita?

Bellavita Plaza Address: No. 28, Songren Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110. You can take the Taipei MRT to “Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station” (Exit 4) or “Xiangshan Station,” a 5-minute walk. Alternatively, take the Blue Line Bannan Line to “City Hall Station” (Exit 3), a 10-minute walk. Located in the commercial center of Xinyi District, Bellavita Plaza is easily accessible and offers underground parking.

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In the heart of Taipei, where the city’s pulse beats with modern vitality, Bellavita stands as a beacon of sophistication. Its corridors echo with the whispers of luxury, inviting souls to dance in the elegance of curated splendor.

Bellavita 台北貴婦百貨

Luxury Classroom – Bellavita

Luxury Brands at Bellavita Taipei Department Store

Bellavita Department Store aims to provide an unprecedented life experience where life is no longer rushed, allowing space for relaxation. The city is no longer crowded and narrow; instead, it radiates vibrant urban colors. These values are reflected in Bellavita Plaza’s brand list. Here’s a brief introduction to three boutique brands that have set up shop at Bellavita Plaza.

Recommended Boutique Brands at Bellavita

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  • DELVAUX – Bellavita Boutique Brand

DELVAUX is acclaimed in the fashion industry as an “unparalleled brand.” As the oldest luxury leather goods family, with nearly two centuries of history and refinement, DELVAUX never gives up, adhering firmly to sacred principles. They insist on using the highest quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

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  • BRUNELLO CUCINELLI – Bellavita Boutique Brand

Italian luxury fabric brand BRUNELLO CUCINELLI has a Taipei flagship store on the first floor of BELLAVITA, covering nearly a hundred ping. BRUNELLO CUCINELLI, committed to a “people-oriented” business philosophy, produces clothing known for its high quality. They use top-grade wool from Afghanistan, China, Mongolia, hand-collected and sent to Italy for dyeing, and then hand-spun by workshop masters.

The overall space of the Taipei flagship store at Bellavita Plaza adopts a design theme of white walls and walnut wood. It cleverly uses classic Kashmir materials in display details, showcasing the brand’s diverse style, creating a simple and comfortable shopping space.

  • Giorgio Armani – Bellavita Boutique Brand

The Giorgio Armani Group is a leading fashion and luxury group today, with over 6,500 direct employees and 12 factories. The group is responsible for designing, manufacturing, distributing, and retailing fashion and lifestyle products, including clothing, accessories, eyewear, watches, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, as well as furniture and home goods.

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Bellavita 台北貴婦百貨

Bellavita Culinary Delights and Restaurant Recommendations

  • LAWRY’S THE PRIME RIB – Bellavita Culinary Recommendation

Founded in 1938 in Beverly Hills, USA, LAWRY’S THE PRIME RIB offers top-rated prime rib with a five-star rating, boasting a successful history of over 80 years. They meticulously select ingredients and use the best cooking methods, insisting on using top-grade prime rib that constitutes only 2% of the U.S. beef market. With their original seasoned salt marinade and long, slow roasting in the oven, the meat achieves the most tender texture, with a rich and captivating aroma. It has become one of the most praised premium delicacies over the years.

  • Le Bouillon des Oies French Restaurant – Bellavita Culinary Recommendation

With a trendy modern bar design and an open kitchen, Le Bouillon des Oies lets you enjoy the meticulous and exquisite cooking process of the chefs. The vibrant and lively backdrop of fresh ingredients sets the stage, surrounded by a strong color scheme of black and red. Even before indulging in the cuisine, you’ll experience a beautiful visual feast.

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  • Fine Stone Cafe & Jewelry Hot Pot – Bellavita Culinary Recommendation

Seasonal aesthetics. All in one. Let freshness be seen, with the freshest and luxurious cuisine, paired with dishes true to the original flavors of the ingredients. Fine Stone Cafe & Jewelry Hot Pot is the top choice for hot pot at Bellavita Plaza, offering a comfortable dining environment and attentive service to every guest.

  • B2 Gourmet Square

  • Shan Kou Small Ding Kuaixi Japanese Rice Bowl Seafood Cuisine

Bellavita Plaza Membership Benefits

The LOGO of BELLAVITA adopts the classic pattern of peonies, and the membership card also features the peony flower LOGO, symbolizing wealth and auspicious meaning. The application for Bellavita Plaza membership only requires a purchase invoice, with no minimum amount required to join. If the accumulated annual consumption reaches over NT$150,000, you become a BELLAVITA Pearl Member; if it reaches over NT$1,500,000, you can become a BELLAVITA Diamond Member. The highest-level Peony Club membership is by invitation only each year.

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Taipei’s skyline is kissed by the silhouette of Bellavita, a palace of refinement and taste. Amidst the urban hustle, it stands as a testament to timeless elegance, inviting those who seek the extraordinary into its realm.

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