Best Tea Brands 2024: Top High-Value Investments


The price of tea on the market varies from modest to extravagant. People who love tea will often rather pay closer attention to high-priced tea brands and bypass lower quality contents and flavours of more affordable teas.

Some people regard tea as a commodity worthy of investment. The brands profiled below offer premium tea leaves, and although they fetch high asking prices, they may actually average out lower than you expect when compared to the cost-per-cup in teahouses, cafe’s, and bubble tea shops. Let us take a look at high-priced tea brands that are worth investing in!

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Do you know Luxury Tea Brands?

Top 5 Most Worth Investing High-Price Tea Brands Ranking 2024

1. Harney & Sons – High-Price Tea Brand

Harney & Sons has been in the premium tea business for over 40 years, offering over 300 varieties of high-quality teas from around the world. Harney & Sons sells loose teas and premium tea bags, with a primary strategy of providing natural and diverse selections. You can find any tea flavor you desire at Harney & Sons. Additionally, Harney & Sons donates 1% of sales to help address environmental issues worldwide.

In addition to individual tea varieties, Harney & Sons offers a tea subscription service, providing a pound of tea for approximately $30 per month on their website, which is a great way to get started with Harney & Sons teas. Harney & Sons’ latest offering is the Hemp Division, featuring a range of all-natural CBD teas. For more information on Harney & Sons, visit Harney & Sons Tea website.

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2. Palais Des Thés – High-Price Tea Brand

Palais des Thés offers precious high-price teas from around the world. Founded in Paris in 1986, Palais des Thés provides a wide variety of high-quality teas from top gardens in Asia for tea enthusiasts. The owner of Palais des Thés, Francois-Xavier Delmas, personally travels the world to select exclusive tea leaves for the brand.

Palais des Thés offers various blends, available in loose tea or exquisite tea bags. The brand emphasizes sustainable and fair trade transactions, including education and encouragement for farmers to use organic farming methods, focusing on the tea farmers behind the tea. Palais des Thés is committed to being a communication bridge between consumers and suppliers. Additionally, the brand has established a Safe Tea Program, ensuring that all teas undergo strict self-inspections, guaranteeing pesticide-free products. The beautifully designed packaging of premium tea bags or stackable tin containers for loose teas are consumer favorites! For more information, visit Palais Des Thés website.

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In opulent salons where time halts to savor the sublime, luxury tea brands reign supreme, each leaf handpicked from the rarest gardens, steeped in heritage and whispered tales of kings and emperors.

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What are Luxury Tea Brands?

3. ABoxTik – High-Price Tea Brand

ABoxTik originates from Taiwan, specializing in selling 100% locally sourced Taiwanese teas. They insist on using high-quality teas produced by small farmers, aiming to let the world taste the wonderful flavors of Taiwanese tea. With a variety of Taiwanese tea options, including the world-renowned Classic Rich Tea series, Honey Fragrance Black Oolong, and Gold Xuan Oolong Tea Bags, all are unique to Taiwan. Additionally, they offer caffeine-free herbal teas, such as the Palace Health Aftertaste Tea, each tea individually packaged in triangular bags for convenient brewing.

The best thing about ABoxTik is that you can customize tea gift boxes, allowing recipients to experience different Taiwanese teas simultaneously. Non-toxic, pesticide-free tea leaves are ABoxTik’s strict standard to ensure consumer safety. Each tea comes from the hands of professional tea masters, making it one of Taiwan’s best high-priced tea brands. For more information, visit the ABoxTik website.

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4. Stash – High-Price Tea Brand

Stash has revolutionized the tea industry with its bold and unique blends. This premium tea brand offers over 150 tea flavors, including iced tea, green tea, decaffeinated black tea, herbal teas, and more. Stash’s tea bags are made from biodegradable materials and come with recyclable packaging, adhering to their commitment to avoid plastic packaging.

Stash’s top-selling blends include Earl Grey Black Tea, Paris Breakfast Black Tea, and Lemon Iced Tea. Stash’s peppermint tea is also highly popular, with its bright and refreshing flavor. If you’re new to Stash, trying their peppermint varieties is a great way to start.

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5. Tielka – High-Price Tea Brand

Tielka is an organic luxury tea brand from Australia, established in 2017. It is the most awarded tea brand in Australia, winning a total of 17 awards in the Golden Leaf Awards in 2018 and 2019. Tielka’s teas are meticulously crafted, offering an indulgent experience with every cup. Tielka’s organic teas are available in loose leaf and tea bag formats, each tea certified organic by ACO Australia, using plant-based tea bags without plasticizers and biodegradable materials.

Tielka’s teas come from organic tea gardens, perfect for a quick afternoon tea break during busy workdays. Their most famous blends include Organic Rose Mieja Green Tea and Organic Premium Lemon Ginger Tea, with refreshing flavors that are light and enjoyable. Tielka’s packaging features a minimalist white design, making it a delightful gift for women. Particularly noteworthy is Tielka’s collection of gift boxes containing up to 21 different teas, making it the most worthwhile investment in high-priced teas.

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In the hallowed halls of luxury, Tea Brands stand as ambassadors of refinement, each leaf a masterpiece crafted by the hands of artisans, steeped in the legacy of tradition, a sip of opulence in every cup.


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