7 Tips to Design Best Hardcover Gift Boxes


Eye-catching best hardcover gift box design will be the determiner when consumers are faced with deciding between two identical goods. A recent survey found that 71% of consumers said they were more likely to buy from brands that delicately packaged their products. Among them, 63% of the consumer respondents said that fine gift boxes improve the look of products. Both surveys and products on the market are telling you: In addition to good products, best hardcover gift boxes are indispensable.

In addition to the content, the packaging appearance must have its own design concept in order to stand out from the competition and attract consumers. Appealing gift boxes are not just limited to physical stores, it is also very important for online retailers. Consumer experience begins with the first sight after receiving the package. Only package design that hits people’s hearts can leave a unique lasting impression on the brand.

精裝盒包裝 Hardcover Gift Box

How to Design a Hardcover Gift Box?

The concept of best hardcover gift box design is very important

The design of an best hardcover gift box is just as important as the product itself. More than half of the survey respondents said that they try new products because the gift box lured them, so never consider package design as a mere afterthought!

When designing a product, come up with a creative yet functional concept of sophisticated gift box design in order to take full advantage of this powerful marketing technique.

To successfully design an best hardcover gift box, we must first understand the main functions of the packaging. Here to help you sort out three basic principles of best hardcover gift box preliminary design:

  • 1.The best hardcover gift box must protect the contents inside – hardcover gift box design

Most importantly, a delicate gift box must effectively protect the contents, which means that it needs to be sturdy and prevent the goods from sliding around in the box. If wine glasses are broken or posters crumple, the gift box will be utterly useless regardless of how good it looks.

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  • 2.The most efficient best hardcover gift box – hardcover gift box design

The structural design of a refined gift box is also a very important factor. Consider issues such as shelf and storage space when deciding on an best hardcover gift box packaging design, because if the gift box is difficult to store in your warehouse, it will be an intangible expense. Also, consider shipping costs when designing your box as excessive size and weight could unnecessarily increase your shipping costs.

  • 3.Commodity/brand message conveyed by best hardcover gift box – hardcover gift box design

The third thing is that the appearance of your best hardcover gift box needs to clearly mark what is inside. When people pick up a fancy gift box, they want to know what’s inside. So if there is space, it is best to provide information about the contents, such as product ingredients, storage life, and directions of use.

In addition, best hardcover gift boxes are also a good place to add brand information to help guide consumers to other consumption channels through packaging, such as official websites or social media addresses. Sophisticated gift boxes are a great way to make a grand first impression and to boost brand awareness.

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Exquisite packaging, a treasure chest of delight, cradles the essence of luxury within its ornate embrace. Each box is a work of art, an overture to the splendors hidden within, an anticipation of the stories yet to be steeped in fragrant secrecy.

精裝盒包裝 Hardcover Gift Box

Boutique Classroom – Hardcover Gift Box

The basic rules of best hardcover gift box packaging

Although everyone wants their best hardcover gift box design to be unique with their brand logo placed in the most obvious position, there is actually a set of theories to keep in mind.

The following are some design “rules” that have been tested by consumers for a long time, providing directional reference for those of you in the early stages of designing your first best hardcover gift box.

  • 1.The colour of best hardcover gift box is very important – best hardcover gift box

Colour plays a huge role in marketing your product. Research has found that colour can increase brand recognition by 80%, and 85% of shoppers say colour is the main reason for purchasing a particular product. Some colours are very iconic, such as the classic Tiffany Blue which was trademarked in 1998, synonymous with luxury.

Of course not every company has a signature colour, but successful brands know that certain colours evoke specific emotions. Colour can allow consumers to obtain the atmosphere that the product wants to express.

In general, choose darker colours if you want to create a calmer, more mature packaging; while lighter colours and pastels will give off a cleaner, younger image; and choose bright, bold colours to attract consumers attention. Research has found that different colours can affect shoppers and their purchasing habits.

Here are some examples of colours for reference:

  • Red gives a feeling of excitement, passion and vitality.
  • Blue conveys a sense of trustworthiness and dependability.
  • Green represents nature, earthy feelings and freshness.
  • Orange has a naughty and playful feel.
  • Yellow is reminiscent of sunshine which triggers a warm mood.
  • 2.The importance of typography – best hardcover gift box

It is rare to see that there is no text on best hardcover gift box packaging. Most gift box designs include some degree of typography, but remember to keep your text as clean and legible as possible.

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  • 3.Best hardcover gift box material – best hardcover gift box

Flimsy packaging materials may be tempting as a viable cost-cutting option, but if high-end is the impression you want your customers to have, do not cut corners on poorly selected materials. If you want to impress and have your box reflect the quality of your product, customers will expect the best hardcover product they buy to be packaged in a sophisticated box.

  • 4.Attractiveness is important – best hardcover gift box

If you have too many fonts, clashing colours, and cluttered graphics, it’s easy to lose sight of your true message. Let your design elements complement each other to fulfil your message on the mark.

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Exquisite packaging is the poetry of presentation, where each box is a canvas for elegance. It weaves tales of anticipation, unboxing, and savoring; a sensory journey that transforms tea time into an artful experience.

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Sometimes the rules of best hardcover gift box design are meant to be broken. Take a look at these packaging design tips through the eyes of your customers and most importantly understand who your target audience is and what look will appeal to them.

ABoxTik upholds the sincerity of delivering boutique tea of the highest standards in beautifully designed gift boxes to ensure each recipient feels valued and content. Welcome to ABoxTik’s website for some best hardcover gift box design inspiration!