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For foreigners, some of Taiwan’s cultures are actually pleasantly surprising, so it’s no wonder that there are many souvenir options in Taiwan. But what kind of souvenirs do foreigners like to buy when they come to Taiwan? Here we have 10 more Taiwan souvenirs that foreigners like, ranging from food to slippers!

Taiwan Souvenir

What is Taiwan Souvenir?

Best Taiwanese Souvenirs for Foreigners – Food

  • 1.Taiwan Tea – Taiwan Souvenir

Tea” is a well-known souvenir that represents the characteristics of Taiwan, and is famous all over the world. The reason why Taiwanese tea is a suitable souvenir is because Taiwan’s topography and climate are very suitable for the growth of tea, and the tea produced in Taiwan has a charming aroma. The tea is light, elegant in packaging, and is available in a variety of choices, such as high mountain tea, oolong tea, and Sun Moon Lake black tea, all of which are the best choices for souvenirs.

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  • 2.Nougat – Taiwan Souvenir

Although Nougat has been a popular confection in Europe for 500 years among all age groups, Taiwan has their own unique spin on this favourite dessert. Not only that, eating nougat during the Chinese New Year defines “increasing wisdom”, therefore, in addition to being delicious, it also has other meanings which has made it a very unique gift!

  • 3.Instant Noodles – Taiwan Souvenir

Man-Han Feast, A Q Bucket Noodles and Lai Yi Ke are the top few instant noodle options in Taiwan as souvenirs. The biggest feature of many Taiwanese instant noodles is the fact that they contain real meat inside, and there are noodles of different thicknesses. Even convenience stores stock all instant noodle favourites which definitely makes it one of the most convenient and fast Taiwanese food souvenirs.

  • 4.Egg Roll – Taiwan Souvenir

The crispy texture and flavour of rich milk has everyone including foreigners fall in love with it! In recent years, the flavour combinations of egg rolls have been increasing! In addition to the traditional sesame and peanut flavours, some stores add meat floss fillings, and salted egg yolk fillings, among others. Each flavour has the support of loyal fans, and it is definitely a classic souvenir from Taiwan.

  • 5. Milk Tea Bag – Taiwan Souvenir

Taiwan’s bubble tea is famous all over the world, but even in the past before bubble tea shops reached popularity, Taiwan’s most popular souvenir was still instant Taiwanese milk tea bags. Particularly brands such as Lipton and 3:15pm are very popular with foreigners, and it is also a must-buy Taiwanese souvenir.

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  • 6.Pineapple Cake – Taiwan Souvenir

When it comes to Taiwanese souvenirs, how can pineapple cake not be mentioned? The golden-yellow, milky-flavoured outer skin is wrapped with “a little trace” of sweet earthy pineapple filling, and the charming taste of the bite always fascinates foreigners deeply.

In addition to original pineapple cakes, there are also pineapple cakes filled with winter melon and pineapple cakes filled with egg yolk, all of which are popular among foreigners. It is highly recommended to give pineapple cakes as a Taiwanese souvenir to foreign friends!

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Taiwan Souvenir: In the heart of this enchanting island, where mountains whisper ancient tales and seas cradle the horizon, Taiwan Souvenirs are like keepsakes of nature’s poetry. Each one, a piece of the island’s soul, a love letter from this vibrant land.


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Taiwanese Souvenirs for Foreigners – Snacks

  • 7. Kuai Kuai 乖乖 – Taiwan Souvenir

Kuai Kuai is a biscuit that comes in both sweet and savoury form, that Taiwanese typically never stop consuming from the time they are youngsters to when they age. Interestingly, because “Kuai Kuai” means normally, some Taiwanese have a superstition of placing a pack of this snack next to their computers in hopes to keep it operating smoothly and free of system errors. It is definitely an exclusively Taiwanese snack gift.

  • 8. TAPPL – Taiwan Souvenir

TAPPL is the most bargain chocolate made in Taiwan, available as conventional milk chocolate, and white chocolate. A rectangular row with gridded squares can be eaten piece by piece. TAPPL is the best value must-eat sweet for Taiwanese and it can be seen in all major convenience stores.

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Taiwanese Souvenirs for Foreigners – Supplies

  • 9.Blue and White Slippers – Taiwan Souvenir

Blue and white slippers can be said to represent the “Taiwanese bloke”. It is very affordable and also an authentic souvenir, especially for Europeans and Americans where plastic slippers are a rare site, making them suitable souvenirs to bring back from Taiwan!

  • 10.Facemask – Taiwan Souvenir

Souvenirs that are most popular among foreigners from Taiwanese pharmacy stores are facial masks. Taiwan’s facial masks are moisturising and of high quality. With a broad variety of brands offering different cosmetic facial functions, this is a very practical souvenir for females in particular.

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  • 11.Shacha Sauce – Taiwan Souvenir

Anyone who has eaten Taiwanese hot pot knows that Shacha is a magical dipping sauce, and this can only be eaten in Taiwan. Whether used for cooking or simply as a dipped in sauce, it is full of unique Taiwanese taste.

  • 12.Market basket bag “ka-chì bag” – Taiwan Souvenir

This is a Taiwanese orthodox bag that grandma and mother love to carry around the vegetable market. The colour matching, special plastic, and various sizes present a strong Taiwanese culture that foreigners are sure to like.

  • 13.Steam Cooker – Taiwan Souvenir

When it comes to electrical appliances as souvenirs from Taiwan, it is impossible not to mention the steam cooker that every household in Taiwan has. The appliance is so practical that many Taiwanese can use it to prepare just about every meal. At present, the unique appearance of the steam cooker is also made into small items such as magnets and keyrings, which can easily be given to friends as souvenirs.

  • 14.New Year Scroll – Taiwan Souvenir

The New Year scroll is a special item that Taiwanese will have during the Chinese New Year. A brush and black ink is used to write blessings and auspicious words on red paper (red represents Chinese happiness and good luck), and then given to relatives and friends as gifts. Using a New Year scroll is a Chinese New Year habit, which may be very new to foreigners, but holds great significance to Taiwanese.

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Taiwan Souvenir: From the emerald mountains to the cerulean seas, Taiwan Souvenirs capture the essence of this island’s poetry. Each one tells a tale of landscapes, culture, and heartwarming hospitality, perfect to share with the world.

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