Taiwan Champion Tea – The Birth of the Tea King?


Taiwan hosts tea Tea Championship competitions yearly so that high-quality tea can be provided to consumers with different tea options through fair and equitable channels. In addition to creating a good environment for tea farming, farmers’ associations in various regions also help improve tea farmers’ tea-making skills by conducting evaluations and tea-making technique competitions.

In recent years, due to abnormal climate, rising temperature and insufficient rain, the tea industry is also facing great challenges. In such an environment, tea farmers must take care of the tea gardens more attentively, and because the yield is not plentiful, tea requires meticulous care once picked in to successfully hand over a competition worthy product.

The categories of the tea trial in competitions are subdivided into the appearance, colour, aroma and taste. The colour of the tea is checked before and after brewing, the aroma is inhaled from the teacup before ingesting, followed by exhaling through the nasal cavity, then finally the tea is carefully inspected at the bottom of the cup to comprehensively evaluate the quality.


What is Champion Tea?

2022 Taiwan Champion Tea 

2022 The Best Taiwan Champion or Taiwan Competition Tea are~

1.New Taipei City Pinglin District Peasant Association-Winter Wenshan Baozhong Tea Municipal Evaluation – Taiwan Champion Tea

In 2022, Pinglin District, New Taipei City held a city-level evaluation of Wenshan Baozhong tea during winter, and the grand prize was won by “Xinghong Tea House”. Xinbei Pinglin has a reputation for being “Bei Baozhong” and is the largest production area of Baozhong tea, with an annual output of 310 metric tons, accounting for 65% of Taiwan’s tea market.

Wenlin Baozhong Tea Evaluation is an annual tea competition event. Aligning with the quality, special prizes, first prizes, second prizes, participation prizes and excellence prizes are up for grabs, packaged uniformly by the farmers association.

In 2019, it set a record of NTD $1 million for one catty. Since then, the special prize of Pinglin Baozhong tea has been named “Million Champion Tea”.

The main characteristic of Baozhong tea is its “fragrance”. The naturally curled buds and leaves are cord-like in appearance and light green to black in colour, whilst the brew is honey yellow and green, fresh and elegant with a tangy aroma.

Due to the heavy rainfall in the winter of 2021, the Wenshan Baozhong tea in the winter of 2022 needs to be specially removed due to excess tea leaves. The Wenshan Baozhong tea from Xinghong Tea House, which won the special prize, is clear and translucent, with a honey-green colour and an aroma of orchid, jasmin, and gardenia.

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The gentle sound of the tea leaves rustling in my cup is a soothing reminder of the sound of your voice whispering sweet nothings in my ear.


Tea Classroom – Champion Tea

2.National High Quality Oriental Beauty Tea Evaluation Competition – Taiwan Champion Tea

The Hsinchu Key Tea Competition is an annual “National Quality Oriental Beauty Tea Evaluation Competition”. The judging results were announced at the Longtan District Farmers Association on July 8, 2022. Although the judging results were live broadcasted online during the epidemic prevention period, the tea tasting was anything but careless, and the number of entries had also increased by 10% compared to the previous year.

Tea farmers from Miaoli, Hsinchu, New Taipei and Taipei also participated in this event, and the grand prize was won by Yang Ruilong, a farmer from Emei Township.

It has been 40 years since Yang Ruilong, a tea farmer, took over the cultivation of Oriental Beauty Tea from the previous generation. Relying on hard work and persistence in organic planting, he has won many awards in the Oriental Beauty Tea Competition, and has been well-received by judges and the public.

Every year, in the face of different tea quality conditions, tea farmers constantly adjust tea-making methods in order to produce the same high-quality tea, an attitude, and technique really worthy of applause.

Due to the fact that there are many counterfeit teas on the market, this year’s Oriental Beauty Tea Tasting Conference added an “anti-counterfeit seal” on the outside of tea pots, which means safety and government certification. Strict checks at every level are to make consumers feel at ease in buying and consuming.


Taiwan Champion Tea | Taiwan Competition Tea

3. 2022 Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Evaluation
– Taiwan Champion Tea

The annual black tea evaluation held at Sun Moon Lake in Nantou is one of the most important competitions for black tea in Taiwan. Because the Sun Moon Lake black tea in 2022 was affected by diseases, insect pests, climate and other factors, there were fewer tea samples than the previous year, but the quality of the tea was still consistent. “Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Appraisal” specially evaluates the four major black tea varieties of Taiwanese No. 18 (Hongyu), Dayezhong, Taiwanese No. 21 and Taiwan Camellia, and accordingly selects participants for the special prize, first prize, gold prize and excellence prize.

In 2022, tea farmers Shifa, Wang Shunzhong, Yang Longhuan, and Guo Hanyuan won the Taiwanese Tea No. 18 (Red Jade), Dayezhong, Taicha No. 21, and Taiwan Camellia Grand Prize respectively. The jury believes that the quality of Taiwanese No. 21 this year is very stable, and the citrus-like pomelo fragrance in the tea is obvious. It was difficult to distinguish among the 4 pieces that entered the finals. In the end, the tea farmer Yang Longhuan’s sweet, fragrant and rich, yet balanced tea brew won the grand prize.

Also worth mentioning is the Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Appraiser “Tea room”, which is always victorious. In 2017, they won the championship of the four major black tea categories. In 2022, the founder Zhuang Shifa once again won the tea king with Taiwanese No. 18. Sun Moon Lake black tea has been planted for a long time, and it is more than capable of mastering the tea produced in different years. After minor adjustments, it is possible to produce the world-famous Sun Moon Lake black tea.

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As I take a sip of tea, I am reminded of the moments when our lips met and the love we shared.


4.Taichung High-quality Lishan Tea Evaluation and Promotion Marketing Activities – Taiwan Champion Tea

“Taichung High Quality Lishan Tea Evaluation” organised by Taichung City Bureau of Agriculture & Heping District Farmers Association. In 2022, a total of 500 groups of farmers participated in the competition. After the judging committee scored the tea, Huang Jiadong won the special prize, the first prize went to Huang Mingcun, the second prize went to Chen Xiuman, and the third prize went to Shi Zhongjie.

Lishan tea is a high-quality alpine tea in Taiwan. The competition mainly focuses on spring Qingxin oolong tea produced in the Lishan area. Experts from the tea industry improvement field of the Agriculture Committee of the Executive Yuan serve as the review committee, and evaluate the shape, colour, and aroma.

Lishan has a large temperature difference between day and night and sufficient water vapour, which is in line with the natural environment for all tea plantations. Lishan high mountain tea is harvested by hand, only picked 2 to 3 times a year, so the output is small.

The tea leaves are thick, with high pectin content, the tea brew is honey yellowish green and slightly floral with a fruity aroma. The high-quality competition tea is strictly controlled by the Heping District Farmers Association, and is packaged in a unified manner with anti-counterfeiting labels, so that consumers can buy high-quality Lishan tea with peace of mind.

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5.Zhushan Town Farmers Association Shanlinxi Spring Tea Competition – Taiwan Champion Tea

Every year, the “Shanlinxi Spring Tea Competition” hosted by the Farmers’ Association of Zhushan Town receives high attention. In 2022, Cai Jiawen and Yang Xiaowen won the special prizes for oolong tea and new variety tea respectively. In addition to the spring tea competition, competitions are also hosted for winter tea, one surely not to be missed!

Tea is an important agricultural specialty in Nantou, and Shanlinxi is a representative term for Taiwanese tea. Through the tea competition, the outstanding tea of the year is selected as the world’s high-end Taiwanese tea, which not only motivates tea farmers through competition, but also creates public awareness to the efforts of local tea farmers.

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