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Taiwanese tea history originated in Fujian, China. In the early 1800s, a Fujian tea merchant brought some tea seeds to Taiwan, where the soil, natural environment and climate is excellent for growing tea crops. Throughout the 200 year history of Taiwanese tea, tea-making techniques have continued to evolve to meticulous levels, particularly true for oolong.

As Taiwan has a mountainous landscape, the taste of the tea produced is different according to the height of the altitude, and each has its own supporters and characteristics. Today we are sorting out the top ten famous Taiwanese teas, including: Dongding Oolong, Wenshan Baozhong, Oriental Beauty Oolong, Alishan High Mountain Oolong, Sun Moon Lake Black, Muzha Tieguanyin, Biluochun Green, Jinxuan, Cuiyu, and Sijichun Oolong.

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What is Taiwan Tea Ranking?

2024 Taiwan Tea Ranking – Best of the Best

1.Tieguanyin Oolong Tea – Taiwan Tea Ranking

Tieguanyin is a fairly full-bodied oolong tea that has undergone a complex production process to create a unique and distinctive roasted tea flavour. The main production areas are Maokong and Mucha in Taipei.

How much do Taiwanese love Tieguanyin Oolong tea? You can know from how frequently Tieguanyin latte can be seen on the menus of bubble tea shops throughout Taiwan.

It is very common to drink brewed Tieguanyin tea with fresh milk as the strong taste of Tieguanyin is close to black tea, a very suitable choice for those who feel that other Taiwanese oolong and green teas are too weak.

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2.Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea – Taiwan Tea Ranking

Taiwanese Oriental Beauty Tea, AKA Champagne Oolong Tea, is the favourite of many tea lovers. Oriental beauty tea is made from tea leaves that have been bitten by an insect known as “little green leafhopper”. The bitten leaves release a natural honey-like compound called “Zhe xián”.

Compared with other Taiwanese oolong teas, Oriental Beauty has a strong aroma of candied fruit with a fresh aftertaste, and is regarded as one of Taiwan’s most premium teas. This tea is believed to have been named Oriental Beauty by the Queen of England, but due to the appearance of the leaves, some people refer to it as “Pekoe Oolong Tea”.

The leaves of Oriental beauty tea are heavily fermented, closely resembling black tea. The most unique thing is that when the growth of the young leaves is affected by the little green leafhopper, the authenticity of Oriental Beauty Tea is instantly made present.

3.Sun Moon Lake Black Tea – Taiwan Tea Ranking

Although Taiwan is famous for its oolong tea, in recent years, the black tea from Sun Moon Lake has gradually gained recognition on the market and has become one of the representative teas in Taiwan.

The history of black tea cultivation in Taiwan can be traced back to the Japanese occupation period. Following the example of the British in India, the Japanese colonists used Assam tea trees to start large-scale black tea production in the Sun Moon Lake area of Taiwan.

Although black tea was introduced by the Japanese, it was later cross-bred with native crops in Taiwan to produce something uniquely Taiwanese – Hongyu, which is known as Taiwanese tea No. 18. The taste and aroma of Sun Moon Lake black tea can be described to have hints of rich clove, cinnamon and mint, which is not inferior to Indian Assam black tea at all.

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In the tapestry of Taiwanese tea, where oolongs dance and high-mountain teas whisper, the rankings reveal a symphony of flavors. From the emperors of Alishan to the artisans of Dong Ding, each tea has a place in this aromatic ballet.


Tea Classroom – Taiwan Tea Ranking

4.Wenshan Baozhong Tea – Taiwan Tea Ranking

Wenshan Baozhong is the representative of northern Taiwanese tea, as stated in the slogan – “Baozhong in the North and Dongding in the South”. Wenshan Baozhong tea is unique in that the leaves are only slightly curled after oxidation has stopped during processing, before immediately being dried. This allows the leaf to maintain more structural integrity both visually and within the compound, retaining the original, fresh green leaf character.

Wenshan Baozhong tea is easily distinguished from other green teas of the same type, such as unroasted oolong tea and high mountain tea. Wenshan Baozhong tea has a strong, yet fresh herbal aroma, and is regarded as one of the most famous teas in Taiwan.

5.Four Seasons Oolong Tea – Taiwan Tea Ranking

If you don’t know what kind of tea to drink in Taiwan, you can start with Four Seasons Oolong Tea, which is one of the most popular teas in Taiwan. The Four Seasons Tea, which originated in Maokong, Mucha, Taipei, can be harvested all year round, and therefore is now produced all over Taiwan.

Taiwanese Four Seasons tea is lighter in colour than other teas and has no obvious bitterness, making it a great choice for those new to tea. If you want to drink an advanced Four Seasons oolong tea, you can choose Dongpian Four Seasons tea which is harvested and produced during winter. Four Seasons tea produced in winter has the highest amino acid content, resulting in a more intensely floral taste.

6.Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea – Taiwan Tea Ranking

The name Alishan is well-known among Taiwanese specialty teas. It is absolutely true to say that Alishan Oolong tea is the representative tea of Taiwan, especially internationally, Alishan Oolong is synonymous with high-quality tea.

The tea grown in Alishan has all the basic conditions of a high-quality high-mountain oolong tea, which is the southernmost high-mountain tea producing area in Taiwan.

It is surrounded by clouds and mist all year round, with high humidity and a large temperature gap, which is advantageous of tea growth. In addition, the climate is warm and sunny, so the tea grown is particularly delicious. Among them, “Alishan Zhulu” is one of Alishan’s classic high mountain teas.

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7.Biluochun Green Tea – Taiwan Tea Ranking

Taiwanese Biluochun green tea is mainly produced in the Sanxia District of Taipei, which is a tea planting area with a long history. The main tea tree produced is “Qingxin Ganzai”, and Biluochun is made from the young leaves of the newly grown “Qingxin Ganzai”.

The slender, gently curling leaves are a vibrant turquoise colour, and the leaf buds are rich in amino acids. Biluochun green tea from Taiwan’s Sanxia District has a fresh herbal and wheatgrass flavour, with a touch of saltiness. The exquisite and unique tea flavour makes Biluochun green tea one of the representative teas in Taiwan.

8.Dongding Oolong Tea – Taiwan Tea Ranking

Dongding Oolong Tea is produced in Lugu, Nantou and its characteristics derive from the “cloth kneading tea” technique used, which is essentially rolling cloth-wrapped tea leaves into balls. The tea brew of Dongding Oolong Tea is bright and clear amber-gold in colour, with the aroma of ripe fruits. After brewing, you can still see the “green leaves and red borders”, which is one of a few to display almost completely intact.

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9.Jade Oolong Tea (aka Taiwanese No. 13) – Taiwan Tea Ranking

Jade Oolong Tea is a unique semi-fermented oolong tea variety from Taiwan. The tea brew colour is bright orange-yellow and the taste is sweet. The aroma of wild ginger and flowers in the throat is obvious, and the fresh herbal aroma after brewing is the reason why it is so popular.

10.Jin Xuan Oolong Tea – Taiwan Tea Ranking

Jinxuan is a Taiwanese specialty that is mainly produced in Nantou County and Chiayi County, and is well suited for making oolong tea. Compared with other teas, Jinxuan has a lower caffeine content, has a creamy milky aroma, and is much beloved by Taiwanese females. The planting altitude ranges between Alpine Jinxuan Oolong and Flatland Jinxuan Oolong.

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The world of Taiwanese tea ranking is a testament to the diversity of the island’s terroir. From the mystical heights of Li Shan to the tranquil valleys of Pinglin, each tea is a note in the melodious composition of Taiwan’s tea culture.

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