【Top 10 Men’s boutique brands】How to choose a gift for men?


While a large proportion of online shopping is targeted specifically towards women, there is also a fair share of offerings targeted at men, and boutique brands for men are constantly increasing particularly if you are in the market for suits and leather goods.

Men’s boutique brands are generally divided into business, casual, leisure and sporting categories. Despite these divisions, there are plenty of boutiques that cater for all. Let’s take a look at the following boutique brands that are recommended places to start when in search for the ideal men’s gift.


What is Men’s boutique?

Fashionable men’s boutiques

What started as a humble linen shop in London in 1831, Harvey Nichols has grown into one of the most famous department stores in the world.

Obviously, this didn’t all happen overnight, over the past two centuries, Harvey Nichols has carved out his own space in the world of luxury fashion, particularly targeting the male segment. If you want to have a preliminary understanding of men’s boutique brands, visit Harvey Nichols.

Since 1989, founder Luca Benini has been crafting a wide range of clothing styles from luxe to casual. The Slam Jam brand forms an all-encompassing contemporary menswear universe. The founder’s sentence “Don’t underestimate the importance of T-shirts” can explain why Slam Jam is so successful.

Luisaviaroma’s history dates back to the late 1800’s, although the boutique started as a hat shop in Paris but has since grown to represent the cutting edge of modern men’s luxury fashion in every aspect. Follow in Luisaviaroma’s footsteps and you’ll find that it’s still an independent family business until now.

While many boutiques start out this way, few stick around and this is one of the reasons why Luisaviaroma has the feel of a real boutique, and why big brands choose to sell in Luisaviaroma.

Established in 1970, Browns started on South Molton Street in London. With support from today’s iconic designers like Calvin Klein, the list of brands sold at Browns extends from startups to most established.

With a broad range of styles spanning business, casual, sport and beyond, a presence in a Browns boutique is a veritable stamp of approval for any size brand. Only Browns can bring together such diverse merchandise.

Most of the brands introduced above offer a women’s luxury fashion range, but Mr Porter specialises exclusively in menswear. Think of Mr Porter as having everything the modern guy needs to eat, drink and most importantly dress.

The design side of Mr Porter’s offerings is conservative though and you won’t find any conceptual, uniquely designed pieces here, but you’ll be able to buy some of the best shirting, tailoring and a growing selection of contemporary classics in the world, such as A-COLD-WALL.

Mr Porter prides itself on being an experience, not a retailer. From the high-quality content in the press to the detailing of the physical product packaging, the journey to perfection from start to finish is sure to keep Mr Porter in the men’s boutique spectrum for a long time.

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Within the realm of style, where elegance and masculinity converge, men’s boutique brands stand as bastions of refined craftsmanship, offering sartorial treasures that embrace the essence of individuality and redefine the art of timeless sophistication.


Boutique Classroom – Men’s boutique

International E-commerce Brands for Men’s boutique

Arket is a brand under H&M, and it is the latest brand launched by the famous Swedish fashion group Hennes Mauritz AB after COS and & Other Stories. In Swedish, the word Arket means “blank paper”, so Arket’s designs are mostly low-key minimalist in earth tones which are suitable for men who like monochrome. There are no physical stores outside of Europe, but their website offers a large selection of styles.

With all Buck Mason products available in a variety of cuts and fits, their leather range in particular is among the best in men’s winter collections. The biggest difference between Buck Mason and men’s clothing in the mainstream market is that they use many old-school designs and soft fabrics. One of Buck Mason’s most popular product ranges for men is denim jackets.

Express is a clothing brand that has been around since the 1980’s, and their recent transformation is to focus on e-commerce for more accessibility to young fashionable people outside of North and central America. Especially its selection of shirts have a sharper, more tailored fit than other brands offering the same style at the same price point.

Huckberry is a multi-brand site with a passion for outdoor activewear. Jackets from Flint and Tinder, to shorts from Patagonia, and flannel shirts from Roarke, you can put an entire outfit together whether for the city, woodland trail, mountaintop, or campsite. What Huckberry offers is durability and timelessness, available in a variety of styles.

At Mott & Bow you can easily find pieces in crisp white, black, grey and indigo shades, which tend to convey a certain relaxed, laid-back vibe. Denim is a core category at Mott & Bow, but they also sell accessories including buttons!

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In the realm of impeccable style, where sophistication and masculinity intertwine, men’s boutique brands stand as paragons of sartorial elegance, offering bespoke craftsmanship and refined attire that exude charisma and timeless charm.

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