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In addition to giving tea as a greeting gift, tea history is often seen through movies/series, like “let’s chat and drink a cup of tea”. From the past to the present, tea has always existed in our lives, and some film and drama series demonstrate tea culture and mark important historical tea events. Regardless of whether tea plays a supporting role or a leading role, its involvement in motion pictures is extremely important for further exposing tea history and tea storytelling.

Looking at how tea is expressed and interspersed in movies and dramas through different perspectives, from Taiwanese dramas, to Japanese movies and British series, we can see that the principles of tea are different. Today, let us introduce some TV dramas involving tea!

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What is Tea Gold?

Recommended Taiwanese Tea Drama – Tea Gold

When it comes to TV dramas revolving around tea, it is absolutely impossible not to mention the high-quality Taiwanese drama – Tea Gold. It was released in 2021 with a total of 12 episodes, and is based on the tea family in Beipu, Hsinchu, Taiwan during the 1950s, revealing the business, life, and economic aspects of tea. Through the protagonist’s story, it gives everyone an insight as to how excellent Taiwanese tea was at that time.

Tea Gold is a drama that relieves tea merchants of that era, and describes the relationship between tea exporters and farmers in detail including plantation, the purchasing of essences, tea making, sales, and beyond. Lian Yuhan, Wen Shenghao, Guo Ziqian, Xu Anzhi, Xue Shiling, Li Xing, and Huang Jianwei are the leading cast members; what’s more is the option for comfortable viewing in the following six languages: Chinese, Hokkien, Hakka, English, Japanese, and Shanghainese!

The tea story is about the Oriental Beauty Tea in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Oriental Beauty Tea is a tea that has been bitten by insects, and the bitmarks are what precisely give this tea such a unique taste.”

Oriental Beauty Tea belongs to the White Tipped Oolong category, the aroma and sweetness of the tea comes from the bite of small green leafhoppers.

The main actress in the drama is the daughter of the tea factory family business. The plot of the tea maker and the tea trade can be said to be the most profound description of the 1950’s tea scene in Taiwan, allowing us to understand more high-quality tea varieties and history in Taiwan through the perspective of drama. The filming location of the TV drama, Tea Gold has also become a tea tour destination. This is a tea drama worth recommending.

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In the depths of bitterness lies a profound beauty, like the trials of life that shape our souls. As I sip on Bitter Tea, its bitter notes caress my senses, awakening a sense of resilience within me. Each sip is a gentle reminder that even in the bitterness, there is a hidden sweetness, a lesson in embracing life’s complexities with grace and finding strength in every sip.

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Tea Classroom – Everyday is a Good Day

Recommended Japanese Tea Movie – Everyday is a Good Day

Chinese tea has spread all over the world as early as in the historical period, and Japan can be said to be a country that developed different flavours of tea. The movie “Every Day is a Good Day” is based on Japanese writer Noriko Morishita’s book “Everyday is a Good Day: tea ceremony teaches me 15 flavours of happiness”. The book records the life of a tea enthusiast for 25 years and learns the daily life of tea.

The adaptation of the film is performed by Japanese actresses Nozomi Kirin, Kuroki Hua, and Mikako Tobu. The plot is about a 20-year-old girl who begins to learn the tea ceremony. In the process of learning, from the initial incomprehension, she gradually understands many principles from the tea ceremony. The process of traditional Japanese tea ceremony culture is complex and profound. Although the content of the film is quiet and slow, from the process, we can understand the daily important truths of the tea ceremony, such as all-season consumption.

There is a classic sentence in the movie “Everyday is a good day”: “The affairs of the world can be divided into two categories: “immediately understood” and “cannot be instantly understood”. For things that can be understood immediately, it is enough to experience them once; for things that cannot be understood instantly, it takes a long time, bit by bit, to slowly understand. “Like the tea ceremony, many details in the process are incomprehensible in the moment, but you will always experience them slowly.

The Japanese philosophy of tea ceremonies has a history of 400 years, from folded silk yarn, and tea basins, to matcha. In traditional culture, the Japanese tea ceremony is the process of serving tea to guests, which includes various etiquette.

In the teachings of famous tea masters, there are the so-called seven important things that complete a Japanese tea ceremony: “Decorative flowers should be as natural as in the wild, the tea room should be appropriately prepared for both summer and winter climates, the charcoal should be adequate to boil water, the tea should be brewed impeccably for drinking, rain gear should be readily available for guests even when rain is not forecasted, everything should be prepared in advance as to ensure precise scheduling, and finally, being considerate of the guests wishes is a must.” The exclusive tea ceremony movie of Japan is recommended to you.

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Downton Abbey

Recommended British Tea series – Downton Abbey

When it comes to tea drama, it is absolutely impossible not to mention English afternoon tea. Since the 18th century, the United Kingdom has been one of the largest tea consumers in the world, with an average of 100 million cups of tea consumed in the United Kingdom every day. We can see the tea drinking habits in the UK from many classical dramas.

The emphasis is on the teaware and food that pairs with the tea, notably tier sandwiches, tier cakes, scones and pastries. Close attention is paid to the clothing worn and general self-presentation overall prior to attending tea parties. We can see how important a cup of tea is to the British.

In the tea series Downton Abbey, ladies can be seen wearing hats and gloves, which are later placed on their laps before starting to sip tea. The British afternoon tea began in the Regency era. At that time, because the nobles had full schedules during the day and most of the dinners were after the drama, a short break in the afternoon was needed, which is now known as the English afternoon tea time.

From Downton Abbey, we can find that the traditional English afternoon tea focuses on etiquette, elegance and courtesy. The very classical British sense of ceremony must be matched with a white lace tablecloth and a bunch of flowers. The three-tier centrepiece is layered with food from top to bottom, from savoury to sweet, all of which should be paired with the tea.

From this drama, we can find that the hostess usually brews the first cup of tea, and other guests will take a sip of tea before adding sugar and fresh milk according to their personal preferences. If you want to learn more about English afternoon tea, you can start with the tea series – Downton Abbey.

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In the realm of Tea Movies, the screen becomes a canvas for the artistry of tea. Each frame unfolds like a delicate dance, capturing the essence of tea’s journey from leaf to cup. Through the magic of storytelling, the movies immerse us in a world where tea becomes a muse, evoking emotions, igniting passions, and connecting souls in a tapestry of sensory experiences that transcend time.

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Enjoy tea while watching the suggested movies/series.

Tea is classic because it has been around for a long time, and there are endless classic dramas extending from the tea. Through the series, we can know the stories about tea, and more importantly, learn to understand the history and culture of a cup of tea.

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