[TWG Tea 2024] Top 10 Best Seller Tea in TWG!

[TWG Tea 2024] Top 10 Best Seller Tea in TWG! - ABoxTik 一盒精品 1

Nowadays, enjoying afternoon tea after a busy day has increased in popularity as everyone’s life tends to be tied up and tense. Thus, it is often too troublesome for those who live a busy life to make a cup of tea, and this is where tea bags come in as the ultimate solution? Within just three minutes, a cup, water and a tea bag of choice, can easily convert into a great cup of tea. What I want to introduce to you today is the boutique TWG teabag from Singapore, so that you can learn more about this simple and convenient boutique tea brand!

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[TWG Tea 2024] Top 10 Best Seller Tea in TWG! - ABoxTik 一盒精品 3

What is TWG?

TWG Tea Bags – Singapore Noble Lady Tea

Those who are used to visiting department stores may have seen the boutique tea bags of the TWG brand. The prominent oval LOGO marked 1837 is very attractive, and those who do not know may think that the number is the year TWG was established. But in fact, TWG is a boutique tea bag brand established in 2008, and its full name is “The Wellness Group”.

The 1837 on the LOGO is an important year for Singapore to become the importer and exporter of tea, spices and luxury boutique trade. Therefore, TWG is an iconic boutique brand founded with this precious history as the starting point. It is eager to maintain the enthusiasm and original intention of the year and bring TWG tea bags to all parts of the world.

TWG tea bags are high-end tea bags that take the boutique route. Not only are the packaging luxurious and exquisite, but also the main purpose is to share the best tea with the world, with more than 800 varieties of tea products from 45 different origins. Thus, if you want to drink tea from all over the world, you can look for it at TWG. I believe you will be able to find at least one tea you like.

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“When she is unable to avoid the matter further, she makes a pot of tea.” ― Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus

[TWG Tea 2024] Top 10 Best Seller Tea in TWG! - ABoxTik 一盒精品 5

Tea Classroom – TWG Tea Bag

Recommended Flavours of TWG Tea

As mentioned earlier, TWG has 800 varieties of teas to choose from. How should we select from so many different flavours, because after all, you can’t drink all of them, can you? Which teas are there to choose from? Here, I will introduce some of the more popular tea products to you.

TWG’s Top 10 Best-Selling Teas [2024]

  • 1837 BLACK TEA – Popular TWG Tea 1

    When thinking of TWG’s teas, many people will associate it with 1837 black tea. The most special aspect of this tea is the aroma of berries, fennel, and caramel. This special combination can also be said to be the representative aroma of TWG, and it is one of the very classic tea products in TWG.

  • FRENCH EARL GREY – Popular TWG Tea 2

    French Earl Grey is a very popular tea, but unlike other Earl Greys, it was brought out at the same time as the aroma of Buddha’s hand. In addition to tasting the elegant earl grey tea aroma, it also has a light fruity aroma, and the two aromas do not conflict at all, but rather complement each other. It is said that they are the top tea products sold in every country.

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  • SILVER MOON TEA – Popular TWG Tea 3

    Silver Moon Green Tea is based on green tea, with vanilla and berries to enhance the rich taste. The sweet aroma of berries is loved by women, and the pleasant sweet tea scent can soothe our mood. As well as coupled with the freshness and elegance of green tea, it also makes it a very popular tea for TWG.

  • 1837 GREEN TEA – Popular TWG Tea 4

    1837 green tea is the same as 1837 black tea, with aromas of berries, fennel and caramel, the only notable difference is it being green tea as opposed to black. Therefore, in addition to the classic aroma of TWG, there is also the fragrance of green tea, which is also one of TWG’s very popular tea products.

  • GRAND WEDDING TEA – Popular TWG Tea 5

    Wedding black tea is a type of tea that combines black tea and sunflower with the aroma of fruit and berries. The tea fragrance, floral fragrance, and fruit fragrance blend seamlessly with each other, giving people a sweet and sunny feeling, just like a wedding.


    TWG has always had a special range of breakfast teas, and English Breakfast Tea is a very popular tea in this range. This is a tea with a floral aroma and strong black tea aroma, and it is also very suitable for adding fresh milk to make fresh milk tea. Not only will it not be overwhelmed by the fragrance of fresh milk, but it can also be integrated with each other. The combination of the two aromas is very harmonious, and it is really suitable for a cup over breakfast.

  • GEISHA BLOSSOM TEA – Popular TWG Tea 7

    Madame Butterfly tea is based on green tea and paired with southern fruits, which makes the black tea bloom against the fruity aroma, like a butterfly dancing on the taste buds.

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[TWG Tea 2024] Top 10 Best Seller Tea in TWG! - ABoxTik 一盒精品 7

Additionally, there are three popular specialty teas:

  • Jasmine Queen Tea – Popular TWG Tea 8

    • Tea Type: Jasmine Queen Tea is a green tea featuring jasmine flowers.
    • Flavor Profile: Renowned for the aroma of jasmine flowers, this tea has a subtle green tea flavor complemented by the delightful and unforgettable fragrance of jasmine flowers.
    • Recommended Serving: Commonly enjoyed during afternoon tea, it pairs well with delicate snacks such as pastries or fruits.
  • Singapore Breakfast Tea – Popular TWG Tea 9

    • Tea Type: This is a blend of black tea that may include different sources of black tea leaves.
    • Flavor Profile: A TWG specialty, Singapore Breakfast Tea has a robust black tea flavor suitable for breakfast. It may have floral or fruit notes, adding richness to its taste.
    • Recommended Serving: Best enjoyed in the morning with breakfast, it can be personalized with milk and sugar or enjoyed on its own.
  • Paris-Singapore Tea – Popular TWG Tea 10

    • Tea Type: This tea is a blend that may include dark or black tea, vanilla, and floral elements.
    • Flavor Profile: Combining elements of Paris and Singapore, Paris-Singapore Tea may have a rich tea aroma with hints of French pastries. It is likely a sweet and aromatic blend.
    • Recommended Serving: Suitable for afternoon tea, it pairs well with pastries or light snacks. Milk or honey can be added according to personal taste.

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Do you know TWG?

The use method of TWG tea bags 

TWG’s tea bags are hand-sewn with pure cotton cloth, so there is no need to worry about the tea bag gap being too large, the tea residue falling out, or toxins from the tea bag material being released in hot water. TWG’s tea bag brewing method is very simple, as long as there is a mug, brew with 95 degree boiling water, and simply wait approximately 2 to 3 minutes to get a delicious cup of tea. If you are brewing with a teapot, you can wait 3 to 4 minutes before drinking!

Precautions for brewing TWG tea bags

  • Do not soak in water for too long, as it may have a bitter taste.
  • If the tea bag is kept in the cup, the cotton cloth will absorb the brewed tea, causing the tea to drip along the cotton thread as the cotton cloth material easily absorbs water.
  • The temperature of the tea should not be too high as it will formulate a bitter taste.
  • Do not soak the tag of the tea bag into the water as the ink is likely to contaminate your beverage.

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“I must drink lots of tea or I cannot work. Tea unleashes the potential which slumbers in the depth of my soul.” – Leo Tolstoy

[TWG Tea 2024] Top 10 Best Seller Tea in TWG! - ABoxTik 一盒精品 9
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