5 Steps to Make English Breakfast Tea

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Do you like to drink black tea, milk tea, green tea or oolong tea? Newbies want to try brewing black tea, but what should they do? What is breakfast tea? What is English breakfast tea? Is it a type of black tea? What are the health benefits?

Did you know that English breakfast tea is one of the most popular teas for British people who drink 7 cups or more per day? Today, let ABoxTik take you to understand “what is breakfast tea?”. Let’s get to know this tea companion who helps refresh your mind at breakfast time!

English breakfast tea 早餐茶 | 一盒精品台灣茶

What is Breakfast Tea?

Why do British people like Breakfast Tea?

According to the British black tea expert Yang Yuqin, who was featured in “British Flavour Tea”, in the UK, there is tea time from morning to evening, which is a standard British routine. In order not to let the caffeine in the tea affect the quality of sleep, British usually drink weaker tea later in the day or evening, and stronger tea in the morning.

The so-called “English breakfast tea” is the tea that the British drink after getting up, followed by Elevenses tea, Lunch Tea, Afternoon Tea, High Tea, and After Dinner Tea. Today we will introduce you to breakfast tea.

I could sit and drink tea with you for hours, lost in the simple pleasure of each other’s company.

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Tea Classroom – Breakfast Tea

What is English Breakfast Tea? Why drink it in the morning?

Basically English breakfast tea as we know it is a combination of black teas from all over China, India, Ceylon and Kenya. The fragrance is quite strong, and it also contains L-theanine nutrients, which can help you improve your concentration, achieve your daily tasks and relax your mood. Therefore, it is very suitable for drinking with breakfast, which can help to give you a boost.

English breakfast tea contains less caffeine than coffee, and the minerals and antioxidants in tea can help improve cardiovascular disease, prevent stroke and diabetes, and promote intestinal health. Scientific research has found that theaflavins, which are unique in black tea, can even lower cholesterol levels and promote fat breakdown. In addition, English breakfast tea is potentially helpful for those who want to lose weight. English breakfast tea has many healthy contents, which is one of the reasons why English breakfast tea is popular all over the world.

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Why does everyone say that breakfast tea is “mixed tea”?

As mentioned earlier, English breakfast tea is made by combining a variety of pure black teas from China, India, Ceylon, and Kenya. The earliest British impression of black tea was that it came from Fujian, China. These black teas come from Souchong in Fujian province with a smoky flavour and are black in appearance, which is why it is called Black Tea in English. Although many British teas are made from Chinese teas, the country whose teas were originally produced in the colonies of the United Kingdom, is India, the most widely produced.

Just like India, neighbouring Sri Lanka is also a popular nation for British merchants to source tea. With more and more production areas, sometimes English breakfast tea will also include tea from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Kenya.

Based on the above descriptions, we can infer that the breakfast tea is made from “black teas from the southeastern coast of China, various production areas in India, Sri Lanka, and Kenya, and black teas with high caffeine are carefully selected.” Since each brand will have its own unique taste, these teas are formulated according to the taste ratio, so there is no fixed ratio.

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How to Make English Breakfast Tea?

How to make English breakfast tea?

Li Zhouxian, the winner of the “Golden Tea Award Tea Coordinator” competition, exclusively taught beginners how to brew English breakfast tea and British classical milk tea in “Four Seasons Milk Tea Time at Home”. I believe that after the introduction of this article, even a novice without any skills or experience can successfully brew a delicious English breakfast tea. Let us introduce it to you below!

English breakfast tea preparation

English breakfast tea 3g, hot water 400ml, appropriate amount of milk.

English Breakfast Tea Practice

  1. Pour hot water into the teapot and cup to warm it, and then pour the water straight away.
  2. Put the tea leaves in the teapot, pour hot water at 95-100°C from a position about 5-7cm away from the opening of the lid, and set for 3 minutes.
  3. Use a strainer to filter the tea leaves and then pour the black tea into the cup.
  4. Suppose you want to make a stronger tea brew, you can set it for a longer period of time and then add lukewarm milk, then you will have yourself a British classical milk tea.
  5. If you have a sweeter preference, you can also add sugar cubes.

How to drink English tea? What type of tea should I drink each time?

  • Morning: In the morning, you can have a cup of rich and strong English breakfast tea to refresh your mind.
  • Noon: Drink citrus-rich Earl Gray tea during your lunch break and avoid drowsiness.
  • After dinner: Dinner time can be paired with Prince of Wales tea, which is light, calm and refreshing.
  • Late Evening: Can be paired with decaffeinated Rooibos Tea.

The gentle hum of the kettle and the soothing sound of tea being poured bring me closer to you.

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Through today’s introduction, I believe everyone can know why English breakfast tea is so popular with the British, and why they insist on 7 cups of tea a day. Basically, as long as you drink the right tea at the right time every day, not only is it good for your health, but it can also help boost your spirits, make you more efficient throughout the day, and it can also beautify your skin and help digestion!

ABoxTik will continue to bring everyone different tea knowledge, including history and various analyses of tea culture. In hopes for everyone to acquire a better understanding of tea, please read through our articles. If you are interested in various tea cultures, as well as the history and knowledge of tea, you are welcome to explore more secrets of tea with ABoxTik products. Continue to follow our article updates, and visit our official website!