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Which Taiwanese tea brand comes to mind? Although bubble tea shops can be seen everywhere in Taiwan, the only Taiwanese tea brand that has been established with more than 60 years of expertise is Tenren Tea. Li Ruihe, President of Tenren Group, was born in Mingjian Township, Nantou County, a famous tea-producing area in Taiwan. Since childhood, he had been raised surrounded by his father’s tea garden, and inevitably became a tea shop owner-operator in Kaohsiung. Cooperating with large foreign brands to expand the local market, this is a tea brand that can be said to have returned to Taiwan from high-quality cultivation overseas.

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What is Tenren Tea?

TOP 5 Recommended Tenren Tea Drinks

Many people may be relatively unfamiliar with the Tenren Tea brand, but in 1979, Tenren Tea opened its first overseas branch in Los Angeles, USA. Let’s take a look at Tenren Tea in the minds of customers. Top 5 must-drink!

Top 5. Plum Green Tea Smoothie

Tenren Tea’s menu items that differ from other bubble tea shops can be found from the smoothie series, the plum green tea smoothie is especially recommended. Tenren Mingcha’s plum green tea smoothie has a green tea base paired with plum jam & kumquat, which is very sweet, sour and refreshing. It is a good choice for summer.

Top 4. Da ke Latte

Da ke Latte is Tenren Tea’s unique Tieguanyin latte. Heavily roasted oolong tea is carefully selected and paired with Fresh Milk Factory’s A-grade fresh milk, which can be said to be a perfect match. Both iced and warm options are very tasty and clearly demonstrate the premiumness of Tenren Tea.

Top 3. Orange Green Tea

For Taiwanese tea and fresh tropical fruit combos, Tenren Tea’s orange green tea is the best choice as Taiwanese fruits are delicious and naturally sweet. In addition, if you like high fibre or collagen packed beverages, the fruit series from Tenren Tea offer these option!

Top 2. Roselle Iced Tea

Tenren Tea’s roselle iced tea is boiled with dried roselle, which is different from the stores that use the original roselle juice directly. Coupled with Tenren Tea’s green tea base, it is a highly praised pocket list. However, since roselle itself is sour, it is recommended to add no more than 2 tablespoons of sugar.

Top 1. 913 Fresh Milk Tea

Number one is without a doubt the fresh milk tea, better known as Tenren Tea’s signature tea – 913 Tea King. 913 Tea King is Tenren Tea’s special tea base which is a lightly roasted oolong tea. The exclusive formula of 913 fresh milk tea bypasses the bitterness and richness of fresh milk, enabling the unique aroma and charm of the tea to shine.

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Amidst the lush emerald tea fields of Tenren, where the sun’s gentle caress infuses life into each leaf, the aroma of heritage wafts through the air, beckoning seekers of tranquility to savor the essence of time-honored rituals.

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Tea Classroom – Tenren Tea

The Origin of Tenren Tea

Tenren Tea was established in Gangshan District in 1953 and was originally called “Mingfeng Tea Shop”. It has since experienced rapid growth and is now the only publicly listed tea company in Taiwan. As of the end of September 2022, including the brand “chat for tea”, Tenren Tea has a total of 207 directly-operated and franchised stores in Taiwan and abroad. In addition, a foundation, a tea art center and other associations to maintain Taiwan’s tea art culture have been established.

The important period of Tenren’s tea in Taiwan

1. Establishment of the tea shop and tea factory

Tenren Tea opened its first store in Tainan and established its own modern tea factory in Toufen Township, Miaoli County. The fresh tea leaves in Taiwan are manufactured on an industrialised machine scale, and a complete system of tea is established from production to sales.

2. Cooperation with Sugakiya Group and Coca-Cola to Promote Taiwanese tea to the world!

Tenren Tea has successively cooperated with Japanese and American brands to promote Taiwanese tea in different forms to global markets. Tenren Tea has cooperated with Sugakiya Group in Japan to develop a modern and diverse Chinese-style chain of “Chat for tea” outlets to introduce new tea culture to the Japanese market; in cooperation with Coca-Cola in Taiwan, “Tianxi Green Tea” and “Tianwu Oolong Tea” tea series were launched.

3. Pass the high standard layer by layer inspection

Tenren Tea is the only company in the tea industry that has passed ISO 22000 and HACCP certification for its entire production line. Using a high-standard operating system to make tea has always been the most important part of Tenren Tea, and will also set up its own food safety laboratory in the follow-up.

4. Established a foundation and a tea art center

As early as 1987, Tenren Tea Culture Foundation was established. Tea and tea art culture was promoted by organising and sponsoring domestic and international tea cultural activities and tea education annually. Tenren Tea actively continues to carry out long-term public welfare activities with various foundations, as a means of raising awareness and giving back to society.

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天仁茗茶 Tenren Tea ABoxTik
天仁茗茶 Tenren Tea ABoxTik

Introducing Luxury Brand

Tenren Tea Recommendation. Where to buy Tenren Tea?

Tenren Tea can be said to be the Taiwanese version of Starbucks. Although the price is relatively high, there are branches all over Taiwan, and there are also stores located at airport departure and arrival halls where you can buy tea gift boxes.

Since Tenren Tea has four different brands, Tenren Tea, Tenren Tea Fun, Tenren Tea Fun ToGo, and CHAFFEE, you can often see tea shops in the food courts of department stores. Additionally, on the streets, for example: Eslite Xinyi Store, Breeze Taipei Main Station, Eslite Songyan, Dazhi Miramar Store, etc., you can buy Tenren Tea.

Taiwan’s classic tea quality, the secret of 913 Tenren Tea

A tea brand with a long history must have a famous tea series. 913 Tea King is the most famous tea of Tenren Tea. The secret behind number 913; the first number represents the grade of tea, the second number represents the password of the grade which is sorted “1-9-3-4-5”; and the third number represents the degree of roasting which is moderate roasting for 3 minutes.

Tenren Tea’s 913 tea is made from high-end oolong tea and top pink ginseng from the high mountain tea region of central Taiwan.

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In the realm of Tenren Tea, where centuries-old tea traditions intertwine with the essence of time, each sip carries the wisdom of ancient tea masters, gently awakening the senses to the delicate symphony of flavors, and whispering tales of heritage and reverence.

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Tenren’s Tea popular delicacies: tea mooncakes, tea muffins

In addition to tea leaves, Tenren Tea has different presentation methods for surrounding products, such as the tea mooncakes launched during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the seasonal limited product – tea muffins, all of which are tea-based.

In the 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival gift box, “913 Tea King Cocoa Orange Crisp” will appear for the first time. Combining Tenren Tea’s signature 913 Tea King with Mid-Autumn Mooncakes, the tea gift box will be launched, which will successfully attract the attention of gift givers and achieve good sales results. In addition, CHAFFEE, a brand of Tenren Tea, also provides a series of tea muffins in store.

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