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There are many good teas in Taiwan, and someone must tell the story of the tea leaves that make them so good. With the original intention of promoting Taiwanese tea excellence, founder Huang Shijie established “Zenique” in 2006. He insists that 100% of the tea used must come from Taiwan, and there are four insistence on Taiwanese tea: no pesticides, no chemical fertilisers, no artificial flavours and no additives. He hopes to present tea products to customers in the most natural state and conquer the world with good Taiwanese tea.

小茶栽堂 一盒精品

What is Zenique?

The story of Zenique

The creation of Zenique comes from the little things that happen around everyone. One day, the founder Huang Shijie couldn’t find his ideal tea to drink in the office which brought on inspiration to create a business opportunity for himself. Huang Shijie felt that he must not have been the only one who had experienced this void, so he decided to seek out his desired tea.

Environmentally friendly and courteous to tea farmers; the brand concept of Zenique is that tea comes from people and plants, and what is good for the land is good for its own products. Taking “respect for nature and innovative design” as all fundamental concepts, to find Zenique’s different positioning in their tea products, it will impress people who come into contact with Taiwanese tea for the first time.

Zenique is aware that it is not enough to rely only on the good quality of the product, it must be in place together with the packaging, design and feeling. To Promote to the world not only with content, but also with aligned design packaging to be in front.

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In the serene haven of Zenique, where time dances to the rhythm of tea leaves, the whispers of nature blend with delicate flavors, infusing the air with tranquility and enchantment, as each sip unveils a journey to the soul’s depths.

小茶栽堂 一盒精品

Tea Classroom – Zenique

What makes Zenique unique

1. World Tea Awards & World Quality Evaluation Awards – Gold Award

Zenique has won the World Tea Awards & World Quality Evaluation Awards – Gold Award, and in 2022, it was awarded 3 stars and 1 star in the International Taste Institute’s Excellent Flavour Award for “Black Oolong Tea, Spring Snow Oolong Tea”. Zenique’s full series of tea products have been certified organically by MOA, proving the strength of Taiwanese tea with its insistence on tea quality.

2. ​​Transparent triangular gauze mesh bag allows you to see the prototype of tea

The biggest difference from other tea brands is that Zenique uses a high-temperature transparent triangular gauze mesh bag from Japan. In addition to emphasising the convenience of carrying and brewing, it also enables full visibility of tea leaves contained in the bag. If the quality is not so high, I believe there would not be enough confidence in the product to boldly give consumers an opportunity to check.

3. Brewers have also paid attention to award-winning “mugs”

For Zenique, the goal is to promote Taiwanese tea to the world. For those who come into contact with tea for the first time, comprehending the brewing process is a challenging step. Although the tea bag style that is easy to carry has been used, when entertaining important guests, it is still hoped that there are matching utensils to brew the tea. So Zenique launched easy-to-store and easy-to-carry “mugs”, which also won the German Red Dot Design Award.

4. Say goodbye to traditional packaging and impress people with a design bang!

With Zenique’s products, you will find that simple, neat lined and geometric figured tea packaging has replaced the conventional Chinese style of the past. Additionally, the colours are uniformly used in the minimalist black series or the high-end champagne gold, which is a level higher than the traditional tea packaging.

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小茶栽堂 一盒精品
小茶栽堂 一盒精品

Introducing Luxury Brand

Zenique tea recommendation, where to buy Zenique?

Zenique originally had 7 locations in Taipei, and has now expanded to more than 150 locations. In addition to physical stores, you can also place orders for delivery directly through their website. Zenique also opened a flagship store on Yongkang Street this year, hoping to let customers know more about Zenique’s tea story and brand persistence through the interior design of the store.

Repurchase Zenique’s most recommended

If you are visiting Zenique for the first time, there are three teas recommended for you. From these tea leaves, you can learn more about the good Taiwanese tea that Zenique hopes to bring to the world. The prize-worthy tea leaves are carefully selected, producing specialty teas that meet the public’s demand. The top three Zenique teas that customers repurchase:

Top 1 Black Oolong Tea

Zenique’s “Black Oolong Tea” won the 2022 ITI International Flavor Excellence Medal with 3 stars and the 2018 French AVPA World Tea Competition Award. High-quality Taiwanese Black Oolong is carefully selected, and repeatedly roasted for extended periods of time until the tea is mellow.

Top 2 Osmanthus Oolong Tea

Osmanthus oolong tea is a popular tea of Zenique. Natural sweet-scented osmanthus and oolong tea gives you a sense of existence that is different from ordinary flavoured teas on the market that “just smell the flavour, but don’t see the product”.

Top 3 Rose Tea

If you fancy afternoon tea then you must try Zenique’s rose tea. Traditional craftsmanship of making scented tea with imported natural roses, and Taiwan’s naturally cultivated small-leaf four-season spring tea leaves is a match made in heaven for fragrant rose-scented mellow black tea.

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In the enchanting realm of Zenique, where delicate tea leaves dance upon serene waves of aroma, time ceases to exist, and souls find solace in the cup of tranquility, a sanctuary of tea unfolds its ethereal embrace, inviting all to immerse in the harmony of nature’s brew.

小茶栽堂 一盒精品

Zenique x CoCo co-branded promote good tea

Zenique has also collaborated with one of Taiwan’s favourite bubble tea franchises, ‘CoCo’, to make tea more accessible to a broader market. This is a classic Taiwanese tea brand, to launch the “CoCo Small Round Bottle”. Zenique’s award-winning black oolong tea is available at CoCo stores.

Zenique’s popular merchandise: French desserts, pineapple cakes & wedding cakes

In addition to the tea itself, the dessert series that goes well with tea are also vastly popular offerings from Zenique. French macarons are paired with authentic Taiwanese nougat, and the brightly colored appearance is even popular among Japanese people.

In addition, there is also a black tea pineapple cake, much alike the local Taiwanese pineapple cake, but with some added refinement. Zenique’s black tea is blended into Changhua’s soil pineapple filling, which is different from the traditional pineapple cake with a layer of tea flavour; in addition, Zenique also launched a wedding gift box. Use the gift box concept of desserts and tea to create new options for wedding gifts.

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一盒精品 茶包

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There are many places in the world where good tea is produced, but Zenique presents Taiwan’s tea to the world in the simplest way with different packaging methods. The recognition of winning the world’s award is for Taiwanese tea identification. In addition to Zenique, there are also many selected tea brands in Taiwan including ABoxTik. If you are interested in other fine teas, you’re welcome to visit our official website.