Alishan Tea – 3 Features & Intros

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Alishan, situated in the northern tropic, is a natural tea greenhouse due to its climate and altitude. Alishan tea is produced in the perfect climate and is a favorite tea of many people. You may have heard of Alishan tea and also have drunk it before, however, do you really know about Alishan tea? Let me tell you the characteristics of Alishan tea, the influence of altitude, and the reasoning behind differentiating prices!

Alishan Tea - 3 Features & Intros - ABoxTik 一盒精品 3

What Is Alishan Tea?

The Introduction of Alishan Tea

Alishan tea is a very well-known tea product in Taiwan. In addition to its standout tea flavour, there are also a broad range of tea to choose from, including Alishan Oolong Tea, Alishan Jinxuan Tea and Alishan Honey Fragrant Black Tea. One kind of tea with many flavours, so you can feel the various sceneries of Alishan. Therefore, we will absolutely introduce our Alishan tea in detail here, so that everyone can know more about Alishan tea.

“Tea tempers the spirit, harmonizes the mind, dispels lassitude and relieves fatigue, awakens the thought and prevents drowsiness.” – Lu Yu, The Classic Art of Tea

Tea Classroom – Alishan Tea

Elevation of Alishan Tea

Alishan is a big mountain, which makes many people wonder if the Alishan tea they drink is considered high mountain tea? What is the altitude? In fact, the altitude of Alishan tea ranges from 800 meters to 1600 meters. So if you ask me what altitude the cup of tea in your hand is, I cannot provide a definitive answer. You can only find the answer from the shop of purchase! As for Alishan tea, is it high mountain tea? The so-called high mountain tea refers to tea gardens with an altitude of more than 1000 meters, and the tea produced by them is called high mountain tea. Thus, you must question the shop where you purchase about the altitude to know the answer.

But, what is the tea at a relatively high altitude in particular? Why do many people prefer high-altitude tea? We compare the same Alishan tea but with different altitudes. The high-altitude Alishan tea has a lighter taste, but the tea fragrance can stay in the mouth for a longer period of time and has a sweet flavor; whereas, the lower-altitude tea leaves are usually made into more mature tea, which has a richer taste. Thus, it is still necessary to choose according to personal preference.

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The Features of Alishan Tea

There are many types of tea in the Alishan producing area, including Jinxuan tea, black tea, and Oolong tea. As the information in the beginning suggested, since the unique climate, temperature, humidity, and abundance of rain allow the tea to grow plump in Alishan, the tea is more fragrant and sweeter. Additionally, the tea grown during the winter climate is different from spring, so here is a detailed introduction: the different characteristics of Alishan tea in different seasons.

Alishan Spring Tea

The climate in spring makes the tea leaves thicker. As the impression of spring to everyone – a beautiful and sweet feeling, which is also the best adjective to describe Alishan spring tea. Because the comfortable climate in spring will promote the growth of tea leaves, and the new buds will be sweet and rich, the aroma of tea that breaks through the winter weather will be stronger than that of spring tea. This is also because many people prefer to choose spring tea compared to winter tea.

Alishan Winter Tea

The taste of Alishan winter tea is completely different from spring tea. If you know tea, you must know that the higher altitude, the quality, and price of tea are higher, such as Fushou Lishan tea and Dayuling tea. The reason why high-altitude tea is more valuable is that the cold weather slows down the growth of trees, which makes tea flagrantly sweet and smooth, as well as, less bitter than spring tea. This is why it has a large fan base among tea enthusiasts.

“The path to Heaven passes through a teapot.” – Ancient proverb

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Do You Know Alishan Tea Well?

The Types of Alishan Tea

What is Alishan tea? Alishan not only produces the black tea that everyone often hears but also Jinxuan tea and Oolong tea. These three different types of tea also have their own characteristics.

Alishan Black Tea

The main black tea produced in Alishan is called honey-flavored black tea. Because of its rich and sweet taste, it is welcomed by many young people. Some people also make it into fresh milk tea, because the strong tea fragrance is not afraid of being covered by fresh milk. The flavor of black tea, is different from ordinary black tea, Alishan black tea is made from small-leaf oolong tea instead of large-leaf oolong tea. Some have a sweet fragrance, and their appearance is the same as that of oolong tea.

Alishan Oolong Tea

The main feature of Alishan Oolong tea is the fragrance of sugarcane. Oolong tea is mainly made by semi-fermentation and light roasting. Different roasting degrees create different aromas with a unique smell. Oolongs at different altitudes also create different flavors. The most popular thing about Oolong is definitely its sweet taste after drinking. After entering the throat, the aroma of orchid will be exhaled to the nasal cavity, and every sip of tea can have a lasting aroma that lingers on the tongue.

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Alishan Jinxuan Tea

The biggest feature of Jinxuan tea is its unique milky aroma. As Alishan Jinxuan has more output than Oolong, and the fragrance is usually stronger, the price is also cheaper than Oolong. Because the milky aroma in the throat will be released on the tongue together with the taste of the tea, after swallowing, the milky aroma will remain in the mouth. In addition, it should be noted that the milk fragrance mentioned here does not refer to the taste of fresh milk, but the unique smell of tea leaves, so it is called milk fragrance among tea friends. If you are curious, it is highly recommended for tea lovers to try it.

The Effects of Alishan Tea

Alishan tea juice is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, which can help the body to resist oxidation and promote anti-aging. In addition, the polysaccharides contained can help you control your blood sugar. This excludes tea beverages with high sugar content as found in Milk Bubble Tea outlets and/or similar, so please don’t assume that intake of beverages with sugar content and further additives can assist in blood sugar control.

The catechins in each type of tea are more beneficial to the human body, which is why many people like to drink tea. In addition to antioxidants, catechins can also help you to prevent cardiovascular disease, avoid problems such as vascular embolism, and reduce excess fat.

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Different Factors of Alishan Tea’s Price

Many people have questions about Alishan tea, that is why there is such a big difference in the price of Alishan tea. Many questions whether it is all Alishan tea, and the short answer is no, as each of our hills has different altitudes. Tea lovers know that the higher the altitude, the better the quality of tea leaves, and hence the higher selling price. Moreover, the process of selecting tea leaves is carried out on a graded basis, even if the entire harvest is from the same tree. Therefore, it cannot be said that the price of tea in the same tea area should be the same.

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Alishan tea is a very famous tea product in Taiwan, which is also very popular among Japanese and Chinese. Due to the variety of tea types and different flavors produced in the same mountain, this makes people feel the amazingness of Alishan, and it is also the reason why many people like Alishan tea. ABoxTik is committed to bringing high-quality Taiwanese tea products direct from the source to you, so as to feel the happiness and surprises of our region.