Winter Melon Lotus Leaf Tea – The Magical Healthy Tea

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Nowadays, there are many modern civilised illnesses in society, and “three highs” are one of them. What are three highs? It is often referred to as metabolic syndrome. 1. Hypertension, 2. Hyperlipidemia, 3. Hyperglycemia. Just one disease is enough to kill. Do not think that the three highs are limited to just the elderly, because the fact is that regardless of age group and gender, such health problems can occur. In particular, modern people’s diet is not regular or they are accustomed to having meals outside. Such a lifestyle often results in excessive intake of fat, refined starches, and sugars.; There are also numerous people who have civilized diseases due to bad living habits, such as smoking, drinking, long-term sleep irregularities, and lack of exercise.

However, the most serious effect is hyperlipidemia. Since hyperlipidemia is a chronic disease without symptoms, it is often accompanied by symptoms of other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and kidney disease. Hyperlipidemia does not show obvious symptoms like high blood pressure and high blood sugar, and therefore, it will only be discovered after physical examination or sudden cardiovascular disease. Thus, health care to prevent hyperlipidemia and obesity is the most important thing. Don’t wait until the body has obvious symptoms to begin health care, it will be too late.

Nowadays, on TV and across social media platforms, you can see many ads recommending healthy food and supplements for lowering “three highs” and weight loss, whether it be fish oil, enzymes, or even some weight loss pills. Numerous health formulas claim to be effective for these issues, however, which of these can we eat safely and effectively to reduce hyperlipidemia or even to lose weight?

Today, we are going to introduce a common and natural health tea, which not only helps to reduce blood lipids, but also assists in weight loss. Drinking a cup can also help you to reduce your body heat and quench your thirst in summer ─── Winter melon lotus leaf tea.

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Have you heard of Winter Melon Lotus Leaf Tea?

What Is Winter Melon Lotus Leaf Tea?

Winter melon lotus leaf tea, according to the meaning of the name, is a tea that is brewed or boiled together with winter melon and lotus leaves. In traditional Chinese medicine, wax gourd tea is sweet, light, cool and the lung, large intestine, and bladder meridians absorb its rich properties, which can mainly reduce swelling and detoxify. Yet, in Chinese medicine research, winter melon has the effect of lowering blood sugar and blood pressure. Additionally, due to the high potassium content in winter melon, it is very suitable for patients with high blood pressure and high blood sugar to eat, which can effectively inhibit high blood pressure and blood sugar.

Moreover, Some studies have also found that lotus leaf has obvious hypolipidemic effects, and it can also be used as a natural remedy as well as a food ingredient. It also has the effect of weight loss as lotus leaf alkaloids in lotus leaf can expand blood vessels and help to lower blood pressure. Therefore, turning these two ingredients that can also lower blood lipids and relieve heat into a tea to drink can effectively metabolize some excess fat.

“Wouldn’t it be dreadful to live in a country where they didn’t have tea?” – Noel Coward

Tea Classroom – Winter Melon Lotus Leaf Tea

The features of Winter melon lotus leaf tea

Winter melon lotus leaf tea is basically a combination of winter melon, lotus leaves and several kinds of Chinese herbal medicines. As for the several kinds of Chinese medicines, it can be collected by a Chinese medicine pharmacist at the store. Winter melon is cold fruit, can relieve heat and detoxify, promotes urination, and can also remove oil and grease; lotus leaf is also a cold food, which can promote urination, lower blood lipids, treat high blood pressure, and prevent viruses.; The lotus leaf alkaloid is rich in a variety of effective lipid alkaloids, which can effectively decompose the fat in the human body and excrete it from the body.

The lotus leaf base can effectively prevent fat absorption to prevent it from accumulation, which not only can improve eating habits, but also can productively reduce blood lipids. Therefore, Winter melon lotus leaf tea is a healthy drink with the functions of relieving heat and detoxification, diuresis and swelling, and can even achieve weight loss and blood lipid lowering.

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“The effect of tea is cooling and as a beverage, it is most suitable. Itis especially fitting for persons of self-restraint and inner worth.” – Lu Yu, Classic of Tea: Origins and Rituals

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How to make Winter melon lotus leaf tea?

Normally, Winter melon lotus leaf tea can be brewed three times a day. A tea bag can be brewed and used once as the first brewed tea has the highest concentration, it has obvious effects on weight loss and oil removal. It can be consumed on an empty stomach or before meals, or drinking it half an hour before meals can effectively remove oil and reduce grease. Additionally, due to the cold nature of the Winter melon lotus leaf, drinking this healthy tea in summer is a good choice for relieving heat and quenching thirst. However, since it’s cold, excessive drinking is not recommended as it will affect the stomach and may cause diarrhoea.

Moreover, females should not drink too much before and after menstruation as it may cause irregular periods and even abdominal pain. Therefore, when drinking this tea, people still need to pay more attention to their physical condition and as a general rule, do not drink excessively for the sole purpose of achieving rapid weight loss. Otherwise, it will not only be ineffective but may also cause discomfort to the body. Winter melon lotus leaf can help us lower blood lips and lose weight, but more importantly, people still need to combine good living habits including regular exercise to healthily lose weight and even beautify.

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After the above introduction, you must have a certain understanding of Winter melon lotus leaf tea. Regardless of what purpose you have for losing weight, eating out three meals a day, or suffering a serious “three highs’’ issue, be sure to use Winter melon lotus leaf tea in moderation and remember not to overdose. Although Winter melon lotus leaf tea is a tea drink made of purely natural ingredients and medicinal materials, too much will cause an unnecessary burden on the body and it cannot be effective and safe to drink. If you have doubts about the Winter melon lotus leaf tea made outside, you can easily buy the ingredients if you want to make it at home, so that you can drink it safely and healthy.

In modern society, there are many health preservation methods and health food products in life as the awareness of health preservation and health care is gradually rising. Many people even take care of their bodies by eating, drinking, and exercising. Whether it is to find a nutritionist to prepare three meals a day or to use Chinese herbal medicines to improve the spirit, drinking Winter melon lotus leaf tea as mentioned above, or various health foods are all common health care methods.

Choosing the one that works best for you is a good healthcare choice. The important thing is not to listen to other people’s remedies or buy some healthy food without a qualified label, which will not only have no obvious benefits to your own health but may also cause a greater burden on your body. I hope you will find this Winter melon lotus leaf tea an excellent new healthcare choice to provide a conclusive solution for high blood lipids and obesity.