Top 5 Barley Tea Benefits, Lose Weight & Cellulite?


Do you like drinking barley tea? Anyone who watches Japanese dramas or anime, or even loves Japanese cuisine, will realise that Japanese really like to drink barley tea to cool off in summer. There are many elders in Taiwan who are fans of “barley tea”.

Besides being caffeine-free, easy to buy, and brew, what are the benefits of barley tea that have made barley tea time-honoured, deeply rooted, and even highly regarded? Can everyone really drink barley tea? What are the magical properties of barley tea? What does traditional Chinese medicine say about barley tea? What health benefits are there that we can’t imagine?

Today’s ABoxTik article will take you to learn more about “barley tea”, including the benefits and precautions of wheat tea. I believe that after reading this article, you will all fall into the world of barley tea. Without further ado, let’s get started!


Barley Tea Good?

What is Barley Tea?

Barley tea, also known as big barley tea, is a popular tea beverage in East Asia. Barley tea is also used as a substitute for coffee in Europe and the United States.

Barley tea is a beverage made by roasting barley and grinding it into powder. In the early Showa period in Japan, such a drink would be called “barley soup”, which means “barley boiled water”. It can be said that barley tea is “a hot drink with a taste” and “cold drink with a flavour”. It is very popular in summer, especially Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese people like to drink it. In addition, corn tea is added to barley tea in Korea to eliminate some of the bitterness that barley brings.

As I take a sip of this refreshing and nutty barley tea, I am reminded of the simple yet enduring qualities of our love, a love that is grounded in trust, loyalty, and respect.


Tea Classroom – Barley Tea Benefits

What are the benefits of barley tea? 5 great benefits that will surprise you!

When you mention barley tea, what is your impression? Is it the advertisement line of barley tea “stop the dry mouth without disturbing the stomach”? Will the Japanese restaurant offer barley tea for you as soon as you come to the table? Why do people like barley tea so much? In addition to making barley tea feel dry and refreshing, barley is free of caffeine and theophylline. Thus, no matter whether you are on an empty stomach, or have arrhythmia and palpitations, you can take a sip with confidence. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, moderate consumption of barley tea is of great help to health. Here, we have sorted out 5 benefits of drinking barley tea that you must know, which will definitely surprise you and have you fall in love with it!

1.Relieving Heat and Quenching Thirst – Barley Tea Benefit

Barley tea is sweet in taste and slightly cool in nature, so drinking barley tea properly can significantly reduce heat in the body. Especially if you have a hot and dry constitution, drinking it can help you to cool off from the heat and quench your thirst!

2.Eliminate Edema – Barley Tea Benefit

Proper drinking of barley tea can maintain the spleen, stomach and diuretic, helping to remove excess water in the body, and achieve the effect of eliminating edema. Therefore, many people who are prone to edema like to drink barley tea.

3.Help Digestion and Eliminate Flatulence – Barley Tea Benefit

The taste of barley tea is sweet and salty, which can relieve the feeling of excess oil consumption, increase appetite, protect the spleen, promote digestion, and reduce flatulence. Therefore, Japanese cuisine especially likes to be paired with barley tea.

4.Cellulite and Lose Weight – Barley Tea Benefit

Barley tea has the effect of promoting digestion, so it can discharge the fat in the body and the waste in the intestines, and over time can produce the effect of reducing fat and losing weight.

5.Natural Sleep Aid – Barley Tea Benefit

Barley tea does not contain caffeine, it can also strengthen the stomach and remove the feeling of dryness and heat. In particular, barley tea made from wheat can also have the benefit of helping you fall asleep.

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barley? wheat?

What’s the Difference between Barley, Wheat, and Malt?

Although it is collectively referred to as “wheat tea” in the market, the fact is that barley, malt and wheat are individual materials. And the specific effects of these three kinds of barley tea are slightly different! For different types of barley tea, ABoxTik also provides explanations. I believe that everyone will know how to select and drink barley tea after reading it!


Almost all the barley tea we know of are made from barley. In addition to being sweet and salty in taste, and slightly cool in nature, barley can also enter the spleen and stomach. It is very helpful for diuresis, relieving summer heat, eliminating edema and flatulence, and also promoting digestion.


Malt is the germination product of barley which tastes sweeter than barley. The principle of malt’s sweetness lies in the fact that the “seed” is sprouting, and the content of amylase in malt is higher than that of barley, so it is stronger than barley in terms of invigorating the stomach and spleen. If you drink barley tea made from malt properly, it can improve the problems of flatulence and indigestion!


Barley, malt, and wheat are different types of grains despite tasting similar after decoction. Wheat is relatively sweet and slightly cold in nature, therefore, if wheat is compared with barley and malt, the effect of wheat in eliminating food accumulation and helping digestion is not so significant. However, unlike barley and malt, wheat has the effect of improving stress and mood. If you drink it properly, it can even improve the issue of poor sleep quality.

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Just like the roasted barley in this tea, our love has been tested by fire and emerged stronger and more resilient, a love that will stand the test of time.


How is Barley Tea Made? How to Drink it Effectively?

Having said this, do you also want to have a cup of healthy barley tea? So how do you make your own barley tea? How to brew a good pot of barley tea? How to drink barley tea to achieve health care effects? Basically, you only need to use about 30-60 grams of wheat grains, plus one litre of water to prepare, and use a decoction method instead of brewing. In addition to the refreshing flavour of barley tea, it can also bring out the excellent effect of barley tea!

Another very important point is that if you want to embrace the power of barley tea, you must not add sugar. In addition, the self-made barley tea does not contain antioxidants and preservatives, so after you brew it, please be sure to drink it within 2 days to prevent spoilage!

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