5 Steps of Making Tea & Necessary Tea Tools!

怎麼泡茶 泡茶步驟 工具

What is the traditional way of brewing tea? The traditional way of brewing tea has long been an integral part of Chinese culture. Growing tea, drinking tea, enjoying tea, everything in life is closely related to tea. In response to changes in living habits, tea sold in bubble tea shops have become the mainstream way of drinking tea for modern people, and fewer and fewer people “make tea” like their elders. How to traditionally “brew tea”?

What are the various tea utensils on the tea tables of the elderly? Let’s start with the basic tools for making tea. Tea making seems simple, but there is actually a lot of knowledge and technique required!

In view of more and more people wanting to learn how to make traditional tea, today ABoxTik will not hold back any secrets of traditional tea making. For those of you who read this article, follow and learn the steps to make tea, and prepare the necessary tools for making tea, even if you are a novice!

怎麼泡茶 泡茶步驟 工具

What are Tools for Making Tea?

First of all, what are the basic tools for making tea?

1.Teapot – Tea brewing tool

When it comes to brewing tea, the teapot is one of the most important tools, commonly round, made of clay, and about 250ml in size. The operation is simple, the tea leaves can be spread evenly, and it is very suitable for brewing any type of tea leaves.

2.Tea Serving Pot – Tea brewing tool

In order to prevent the tea from staying in the teapot for too long as excessive steeping will make the tea more bitter and affect the overall taste. Therefore, it is necessary to pour the brewed tea into the tea serving pot first, and then distribute it into each guest’s teacup; usually, a filter will be added in the tea serving pot to filter out the finely crushed tea residue so as not to affect the taste.

3.Tea Spoon – Tea brewing tool

The tea spoon is a prop used to take out the tea leaves. Since the tea spoon will come into contact with other preserved tea leaves, make sure that the tea spoon is dry when using it. If there is too much moisture on the tea spoon, it will easily affect the preservation of other teas.

4.Tea Cups – Tea brewing tool

With a teapot for brewing tea, of course, you also need a teacup for drinking tea. Usually teacups and teapots are sold as sets.

5.Tea Pincers – Tea brewing tool

Generally speaking, the tea leaves will be brewed up to 4 times at most. As the tea taste becomes weaker and weaker, it is necessary to use tea pincers to take out the tea leaves that have been brewed in the teapot. In addition, it is also used to hold hot tea cups.

6.Tea Pick, Tea Scoop – Tea brewing tool

Like the aforementioned tea clips, tea picks and tea scoops are also responsible for cleaning the tea brewing tools. A tea scoop is a tool with a curved spoon at the bottom, which is convenient for hooking out the wet tea leaves attached to the inner wall of the teapot. The more slender tea pick is used to clear the blockage of the teapot spout.

7.Tea Leaves – Tea brewing tool

Due to the climate, Taiwan already has a wide variety of well-known teas. Depending on the degree of fermentation, planting environment, manufacturing process, variety, etc., there will be many different appearances and flavours of tea leaves. Taiwan green tea, black tea, Oriental beauty tea, Baozhong tea, oolong tea, Tieguanyin, etc. all have very broad price ranges from moderately affordable to hefty sums.

It is recommended that beginners do not spend a lot of money to buy expensive champion tea as higher-end teas should be selected once an individual’s interest and true appreciation has matured, and once a deeper understanding of brewing tea has been acquired.

Grandpa Style Tea, with its smooth and mellow taste, brings back memories of a bygone era, of times when life was simple and love was pure.

怎麼泡茶 泡茶步驟 工具

Tea Classroom – Grandpa Tea

The Dosage Ratio, Brewing Time and Temperature of Common Tea Leaves

Making Tea: Timing / Temperature / Ratio
Black tea Green tea Oriental Beauty Tea Oolong tea Tieguanyin
The amount of tea leaves 1/4 of the pot bottom Cover the pot bottom 1/3 of the pot bottom Cover the pot bottom Cover the pot bottom
Temperature 100℃ 85℃ 85℃ 100℃100℃
The first brew duration 75 sec 75 sec 60 sec 60 sec 60 sec
The second brew duration 75 sec 75 sec 60 sec 50 sec 70 sec
The third brew duration 125 sec 75 sec 80 sec 50 sec 80 sec
After the third brew Increment by 50 sec 75 sec Increment by 10 sec Increment by 25 sec Increment by 10 sec
The number of brews 6 times 3~4 times 5 times 6 times 7 times
By ABoxTik 一盒精品

The above ratios are for reference only, and packaging details are encouraged to be followed.

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怎麼泡茶 泡茶步驟 工具

The Steps of Making Tea?

The first step: warm the pot and cup

Just as you would need to warm the cup before having coffee, teapots and teacups also need to be heated with hot water before use to avoid compromising the taste and aroma as it would if the temperature were to be too low. Pour hot water into the teapot and cup, then let it sit for about 1 minute before pouring out the water.

The second step: add the tea leaves

Use a tea spoon to add leaves to the teapot. The amount of tea leaves should be just enough to cover the bottom layer of the teapot. However, you can also increase or decrease the amount of tea leaves according to personal preference.

The third step: warm brew

After the tea leaves are spread on the bottom, pour the boiling water into the teapot. The first brew is called “warm brew”, and the tea brewed this time is mainly to wake up the tea, stretch the tea leaves, and wash away the impurities on the tea leaves. Therefore, the amount of water for warm and moist foaming does not need to be plentiful, just as long as it covers the tea leaves, the soaking time only needs to be about 10 to 30 seconds. Usually, most of the warm brewed tea is poured out directly and will not be drunk.

The fourth step: brewing

Following the warm brew, the next step is to make the tea! Pour the boiling water into the teapot for about 9/10, then close the lid and wait for 30 to 60 seconds, then pour the tea into the tea serving pot. The steeping time can be adjusted according to personal preference, the longer the steeping time, the stronger the tea taste and bitterness.

The fifth process step: cleaning

After repeating the brewing process 3 to 4 times, most of the flavours of the tea leaves have been released. Therefore, it is time to take out the tea leaves and replenish them with new tea leaves in. At this time, you need to use a tea pick or tea scoop. Take out the old tea leaves that have been brewed completely, so that the taste of the next pot of tea will not be affected!

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Sipping Grandpa Style Tea, one is transported to a world of tranquility, where the worries of the day fade away and the soul finds peace.

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