How to Brew Tea? 4 Steps to Make Good Tea!

如何泡茶? 時間步驟

“Let’s enjoy tea and chat when you have time!” This indirect greeting or invite occurs commonly enough for it to be familiar to everyone, whether it be elders, family members or friends. Although this does not always imply getting together for tea, if you did want to seriously discuss making tea, would you know how to brew it and what the impeccable brewing time would be?

In fact, brewing tea is really broad and profound knowledge, and the way of brewing a good cup of tea is an art display in view of the fact that more and more people, men, women, youth and elderly, like to drink tea. Today ABoxTik will teach you how to make a good cup of tea! By following the instructions in today’s article, you can also brew a good tea in just 5 minutes. There are 4 major steps, and you can enjoy a pure tea brew with suitable strength, even if you are a novice, there is no suspense!

如何泡茶? 時間步驟

What is Making Tea?

What are the Preparations before Making Tea?

We often see large and small cups, utensils and teapots on the tea making table of the elders in the family. You may see the elders pouring tea continuously between pots, but do you know the purpose of these tea sets and actions? Do you know what these tea sets and actions mean?

Do you know why some steps are necessary? Before we start to make tea, it is important not to ignore the preparation steps. Let’s take a look at the preparation process before making tea!

Step one. Prepare a tea set

You must first know that the essential teaware items used to make tea consist of a kettle, a teapot, a serving pot (the same capacity as the teapot), a teacup, a tea towel (a container for placing waste water and tea residue), a slag needle ( A tool used to pick out the tea residues from the teapot), and a teaspoon. If you want perfectly brewed tea, you can even prepare a timer as a guide, or alternatively use a mobile phone or stopwatch.

After preparing the above utensils, you can proceed to tea making step two.

Step two. The right amount of tea leaves.

Next, you have to prepare the proper amount of tea leaves. There is a concept that you must know, the more tea leaves doesn’t necessarily mean the better flavour, and the more tea leaves also doesn’t necessarily mean the more fragrance. You must add the appropriate amount of tea leaves according to the characteristics of each individual tea variant, so that the tea leaves can unfold smoothly and release the best aroma. It is usually recommended that you cover the pot with 30-40% of the tea volume.

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The art of brewing tea lies not only in the steeping time and water temperature, but in the mindfulness and attention given to the ritual, allowing the senses to be fully immersed in the delicate flavors and aromas of the leaves.

如何泡茶? 時間步驟

Tea Classroom – How to Brew tea

How to Brew a Good Tea? Please Follow Me!

After you have prepared the utensils and tea leaves, let’s brew a good tea together with ABoxTik! Please keep the following steps in mind!

Tea Brewing Step 1 – Warm Pre-brew.

Boiling the water is the first step. Warm the teapot with boiling water before adding the tea leaves. After pouring enough water to cover the tea leaves, wait 10 seconds, so that the tea leaves can absorb the appropriate amount of water to release the sweet taste. Then you can pour out the tea, which is warm pre-brew.

However, one thing to note here is that not all tea leaves will use the warm pre-brew method. You have to see what kind of tea you are brewing today before determining as sometimes this step is not necessary.

Tea Brewing Step 2 –Start Brewing the First Brew

Once you finish the warm pre-brew process, it can be regarded as the first brew. At this time, you also need to boil the water, fill the teapot and cover it with a lid for about 50 seconds, and then pour into a tea serving pot, followed by each teacup in sequence.

I would also like to remind everyone here that if there is tea dripping from the spout, be sure to dry the teapot with a tea towel. Keep it clean and hygienic to ensure the tea can be drunk smoothly and securely.

Tea Brewing Step 3 – The Second to Fifth Brew

The second to fifth brews are repeated steps, it can be repeated about 4 times until the tea brew has little to no taste.

Tea Brewing Step 4 – Cleaning

When you have finished brewing the tea, you can use the tea needle to take out the residue and pour it into the water vessel. Then pour the boiling water into the empty teapot, close the lid and wait for about 30 seconds before pouring it into the water vessel. Then open the lid of the pot, and use the residual temperature to dry the teapot, tea serving pot, and tea cups. Once this step is complete, each item can be taken directly to the kitchen for cleaning, but the tea needle should be dried with a tea towel. By this stage, the cleaning work is complete.

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如何泡茶? 時間步驟
如何泡茶? 時間步驟

Tea Making Tips

Can I Make Tea without a Tea Set?

While it’s great to make tea with a traditional tea set, wouldn’t it be possible to make tea without a tea set today? In fact, it is. Let us teach you how to use water bottles, thermos, and glass bottles to brew good tea!

How does a bottle make tea?

First, prepare a 500ml or more resistant water bottle and mug. Pave 70% of the tea leaves at the bottom of the bottle, and finally, fill the water bottle with hot water and wait for the tea leaves to fully unfold.

How to make tea in a thermos?

If you are using a thermos, pave half of the tea leaves full at the bottom, then fill the thermos with hot water about one third of the way. Wait for about 30 seconds, and then fill the remaining two thirds with warm water.

How to make tea in a glass bottle?

If you are using a glass bottle to make tea, we would recommend that you use the cold brew method. In fact, making tea in a glass bottle is similar to making tea in a kettle. Pave 70% of the tea leaves at the bottom of the bottle. Fill the glass bottle with warm or cold water, put it in the refrigerator for 8 hours, and the delicious cold-brewed tea is done!

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如何泡茶? 時間步驟

Like a symphony, each note of the tea brewing process harmonizes to create a perfect composition – the gentle rustling of the leaves, the swirling steam rising from the pot, and the rich, warm color of the brew.

如何泡茶? 時間步驟

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The above is ABoxTik sharing of tea brewing experience. I believe that after reading this article, you can make tea with confidence. Regardless of the brewing method and the tea set, choosing good tea leaves is the key to making good tea. ABoxTik has launched a series of tea leaves, and I look forward to meeting friends who love tea, tasting tea in life, and enjoying it. I hope everyone can try it, we promise to give you a high-quality experience that is different from ordinary tea!

ABoxTik will continue to bring everyone different tea knowledge, including history and various analyses of tea culture. In hopes for everyone to acquire a better understanding of tea, please read through our articles. If you are interested in various tea cultures, as well as the history and knowledge of tea, you are welcome to explore more secrets of tea with ABoxTik products. Continue to follow our article updates, and visit our official website!