How to Make Red Jujube Tea? 6 Benefits & Pros


Everyone says that red dates are perfect, we should eat more red dates and drink more red dates tea, but why? Do you know the benefits of jujube tea? Why do people say red dates can maintain beauty, invigorate vital energy and enrich the blood? Are the benefits of red dates limited to just women?

Why are red dates added to Chinese herbal medicines? Are there any taboos? Does red jujube tea actually contain tea?

In today’s article, we will introduce to you the effects of red jujube tea and the precautions for drinking red jujube tea. With these detailed explanations, I will tell you why a cup of red jujube tea every day can not only help digestion, but also strengthen the body and kidneys. Without further ado, let’s start today’s presentation!


What is Red Jujube Tea?

Does Jujube Tea Also Benefit Men?

When it comes to jujube tea, it is a health drink that many women like very much, but did you know? The benefits of red dates are not only for maintaining beauty and invigorating vital energy, but are also advantageous for men!

As the saying goes: “Three jujubes a day and you will look young at age 100”. Since ancient times, there must be “red dates” mixed in many Chinese medicine prescriptions. Red dates are sweet in taste and warm in nature, can invigorating vital energy, nourish blood and promote body fluid, and ease the medicinal properties.

In addition to beauty-enhancing and anti-aging, it can also protect the liver, invigorating vital energy and nourish blood, prevent hair loss, strengthen muscles and bones, regulate the spleen and stomach, and help digestion. It is not difficult to see from here that it is no wonder that red dates are always added to health formulas.

What are the benefits of jujube tea? For example, if you are fatigued, have a poor appetite, get diarrhoea easily, or have sallow skin, you should drink jujube tea.

The ruby-red hue of red jujube tea sparkles like a precious gem, as I inhale its heavenly aroma and savor its sweet, delicate flavor. It’s as if I’m drinking a potion of love, infusing my soul with warmth, tenderness, and a sense of timeless beauty.


Tea Classroom – Red Jujube Tea Knowledge

What are the Benefit and Advantages of Jujube Tea?

Red dates are harvested from mid-late summer, and the vitamin C of red dates is the highest among all fruits. The vitamin C content contained far exceeds that of apples and is 10 times higher than that of citrus. In addition, the proteins, organic acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other properties in red dates are holy products for women. For men, the rich cyclic adenosine monophosphate can also improve sexual dysfunction. It can be said to be a treasure for both men and women, and there is no suspense.

In addition, dried red dates can be made into different beverages, and are almost exclusively used as an adjuvant. It occupies the position of “assistant and envoy medicine” in “monarch, minister, assistant and envoy”. It can be said that it is a very versatile existence. Red dates are often paired with other ingredients and Chinese herbal medicines. When you want to choose good red jujube, you should select the ones of full appearance, complete shape, thin skin and thick flesh, and ruddy colour. When buying and storing at home, you should also pay attention to ensuring they are moisture-proof and insect-proof. Storing red dates in a dry, ventilated or refrigerated environment is most recommended.


Red Jujube Tea Benefits

6 Benefits of Jujube Tea that Can Protect You!

1.Naturally Sweet – Jujube Tea Benefit

Red dates have a slightly sweet taste just like sugary dates, however, pure natural red dates do not contain any added sugar, but rather are naturally sweet and delicious. Red dates are of great value whether they are used as tea, desserts, dried fruits or snacks. Drinking red jujube tea every day is very beneficial to the body, but the sugar content is relatively high so if you have diabetes, you should drink in moderation.

2.Protect the Liver – Jujube Tea Benefit

The sugars, fats and proteins contained in red dates can promote the synthesis of proteins in the liver, increase the content of serum albumin, and can also adjust the ratio of albumin to globulin. The triterpenoids of red dates can fight fatigue, control the activity of hepatitis virus, strengthen the spleen and nourish the liver.

3.Help Digestion – Jujube Tea Benefit

Red dates are rich in fibre and when regularly consumed, they can meet one-fifth of the required daily fibre intake. It can promote the rate of bowel movements and reduce the content of chemicals in the stool that may cause cancer mutations.

4.Strengthen the Body and Nourish the Kidneys
– Jujube Tea Benefit

Red dates are rich in cyclic adenosine phosphate, which has the effect of dilating blood vessels. It can improve the blood supply to the kidneys, which is called tonifying the kidneys. Traditional Chinese medicine generally advocates that consuming more red dates is good for the male body, as it not only strengthens the muscles and bones, but also remedies sexual dysfunction.

5.Maintain Beauty – Jujube Tea Benefit

Red dates contain vitamin B, which can promote blood circulation, while vitamin C has strong antioxidant substances, which can effectively reduce the formation of pigment and spots, and make the skin delicate and smooth.

6.Prevent Hair Loss – Jujube Tea Benefit

Jujube has the function of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach. As the saying goes, if the spleen is good, the skin will be firm. Drinking more jujube tea can make the skin radiant, and can also produce black and beautiful hair with the prevention of hair loss.

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In the world of red jujube tea, time stands still, and each sip is a journey through a magical realm of sweetness and serenity. Its enchanting taste is like a symphony of love, filling my heart with joy and inspiring me to embrace life’s simple pleasures with open arms.


​​Does Jujube Tea Contain Tea Leaves?

Red jujube tea generally does not contain tea leaves. The red jujube tea is brewed with red dates along with other supplementary ingredients, turning the brew red, which is how it got the name “red dates tea”.

The most important role of red jujube tea is to act as a “supplement”, however, not as a definitive cure. Simple brewing is effective enough without the need for adding tea leaves, but if you really enjoy drinking tea, you can surely add tea if you prefer, with the exclusion of oolong tea. In addition, whether it is “baked” tea or “potted” tea, red dates should be opened to maximize the benefits of red dates.

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How to Select and Brew Jujube Tea?

The most common jujube tea on the market is jujube plus wolfberry and jujube plus longan. You can pick it up at any Chinese pharmacy, supermarket, or traditional market. As for the recipe, it’s actually very simple, just prepare red dates and your choice of complementary ingredients.

First clean the red dates before placing them into water brought to a boil, then simmer for 10 to 20 minutes. Add your choice of complementary ingredients such as longan or wolfberry, finally add an appropriate amount of sugar and turn off the heat. This method for making a pot of delicious red jujube tea is very simple, convenient and healthy for many people.


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Red jujube tea can maintain beauty, contribute to the dietary fibre needed, and deal with fatigue by replenishing energy. Not only do females love to drink it, men also drink it and reap benefits. It is no wonder that “red date tea” is a must-have for modern people’s health. It turns out that it is like this!

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