Best Assam Tea? Explore Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory

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Sun Moon Lake’s tea is a well-known and popular tea, representative of Taiwanese tea. But what kind of environment and process can create such a famous tea product? And under what circumstances, can also develop unique Red Jade black tea and Red Rhyme black tea? Today, I would like to take you to understand the secrets that the Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory has kept for a century. Let’s explore the ancient tea products of the century.

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What Is Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory?

Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory

The Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory is a worthwhile sightseeing spot for many tourists visiting Sun Moon Lake. In addition to watching the tea making process of Sun Moon Lake, its buildings are also full of historical traces. The vines climbing the wall, the design of the old buildings, and the ancient but still working tea-making equipment are all impressive attractions that many people will visit.

The Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory became a famous producer after the trial planting in the Sun Moon Lake Tea Area during the Japanese occupation period when the Japanese introduced Assam tea. The taste is not the same as the British Assam black tea, which stands out as an irreplaceable tea, and also becomes a special black tea that can represent Sun Moon Lake tea. After that, Taiwanese black tea, Rudy and Rose were successively developed, and their unique fruity and cinnamon aromas are even more popular.

“Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one.” Ancient Chinese proverb

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Tea Classroom – Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory

How many types of tea does the Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory have?

There are a lot of tea products in Sun Moon Lake, usually black tea accounts for most of the varieties, such as Assam black tea, Ruby black tea and Ruby black tea. In addition to these single varieties of black tea, the Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory also launched blended tea products, such as the combination of Assam black tea and Ruby black tea, and unique British black tea, etc. The flavours produced by each product are different. Let me introduce the tea products of the Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory!

Sun Moon Lake Assam Tea

Sun Moon Lake Assam black tea was the first black tea variant to be developed, which is numbered as Taicha No. 8 in Taiwan. When entering the throat, there will be a strong tea fragrance to the nose, paired with a smooth and refreshing taste. Therefore, many people will combine Assam black tea with milk, which has both the rich milky aroma and the sweet aroma of the tea fragrance. It is one of the most popular tea products among many.

Sun Moon Lake Ruby Black Tea

Let’s talk about the pride of the uniquely developed Taiwanese black tea variety – Ruby black tea, which is numbered as Taiwan Tea No. 18 in Taiwan. Within the black tea category, the well-known Ruby black tea is more fragrant and sweeter than Assam black tea. The colour of the tea brew is clear with a bright red tinge, as red jade, beautiful in appearance with a natural cinnamon and mint aroma. It is widely known for its long-lasting taste in the mouth.

Sun Moon Lake Rose Black Tea

Sun Moon Lake Rose black tea also originates from Taiwan, which is a unique tea species comprised of Indian Assamese Kyang, bred with Kimen. Therefore, its tea brew is relatively reddish-yellow in colour, yet clear, much like the colour of amber mixed with ruby, and it also has the reputation of “realm black tea”. The tea aroma of Sun Moon Lake Red Rhyme Black Tea has a unique fruity aroma, including the honey-sweet aroma of citrus and the fragrance of grapefruit, which is smooth. The aftertaste of the tea is also more fragrant and lasting than Assam tea and Rudy black tea.

Sun Moon Lake Jinxuan Black Tea

Sun Moon Lake Jinxuan black tea is different from other black teas made from large-leaf species. This is a kind of black tea derived from the small-leaf species, presented in black strips of tea leaves with the unique milky fragrance of Jinxuan, and the sweet flavour of the small-leaf tea. In addition to the transparent colour of the tea brew, its flavour has the sweet and fruity aroma of Alishan black tea, which is really unique.

Classical Sun Moon English Black Tea

Classical Sun Moon English Black Tea belongs to the old Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory and is one of the most suitable tea varieties for making compound tea. This is made by combining black tea with the sweetness of vanilla plants and citrus fruits, as well as the unique aroma of soy milk and brown sugar, and the collision of different flavours. The tea leaves are relatively finely crushed, allowing the tea brew to release its aroma easily.

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Fragrant Sun Moon English Black Tea

The tea aroma of Fragrant Sun Moon English black tea is very rich. After entering the mouth, in addition to the sweet aftertaste on the tongue, there will also be an elegant black tea aroma that continues to sweeten. It is very suitable for drinking with soy milk, brown sugar or longan ginger candy, etc. Compared with the classical Sun Moon British black tea, this is a tea with a stronger taste. Therefore, if you prefer a stronger tea aroma when you drink compound tea, you can choose the fragrant Sun Moon English Black Tea.

Premium Assam Tea

Premium Assam tea is a tea product made of Taiwanese tea No. 18 and No. 8, which are made of Assam and Rudy black tea. This special tea is specially blended with tender leaves, with the rich aroma of Assam, as well as the cinnamon and mint of ruby. Moreover, coupled with the unique sweet taste of fresh sprouts, the taste is very distinctive and delicious. It is suitable for tea lovers who are looking for black tea, and I believe it will bring you a different surprise.

Premium Purple Brood Black Tea

The Burmese large-leaf tea plant found in Burma is the foundation of Premium Purple Brood Black Tea. When the tea tree grows, the buds will have a faint purple colour, and as the leaves grow, the colour will gradually change to a deep purple-red. However, because its picking period is short and the output is small, it is one of the very precious high-grade black tea products. The colour of tea brew is golden and translucent, with a little bright red in it. The flavour has the fresh aroma of perilla leaves, which belongs to a relatively elegant flavour. Rich in anthocyanins and pectin, the taste has a mellow aroma in the mouth, which is very rich and multi-layered.

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“If a man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty. “ – Japanese proverb

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Today’s introduction of Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory helps you to know more about Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory. In addition to bulk tea leaves, Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory also provides tea bags, so that some office workers or tea lovers can brew easily. It is more convenient to carry, no matter if it is Sun Moon Tea Factory Rudy black tea, Rose black tea or other tea products, I highly recommend everyone to try it!

ABoxTik is driven to bring you the original brand of high-quality products. Experience the feeling of opening an ancient box after reading about the Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory, which represents the history of Taiwan. After more than a hundred years of history, the tea products it nurtured represent not only Taiwan but also its history and emotions. The fragrance and pureness of Sun Moon Lake black tea are what Taiwan wants to represent. I hope today’s introduction to the Sun Moon Lake Tea Factory can help you learn more about Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake Black Tea. If you are interested in acquiring any kind of tea knowledge, please continue to follow our updates!