【Dong Pian Sijichun Tea】The Rare Four Season Tea!

冬片四季春 一盒精品

People often confuse Dōng Piàn Four Season Tea with Four Season Tea because they are in fact two of the same, with the only differentiating factor being that the Dōng Piàn variant is exclusively picked in winter. Other well-known teas that derive from the Four Season Tea tree include Jinxuan, Yingxiang, Cuiyu, and lightly fermented Baozhong.

Four Season is widely used to make Black, Tieguanyin, and Oolong teas, as the output is very high, capable of being harvested 6-9 times annually. Such significant productivity is what makes Four Season the representative of a good tea variant in the eyes of tea farmers.

Dongpian is picked during the Taiwanese winter, however, due to the subtropical climate, the temperature gap is relatively narrow, resulting in a more often than not, small harvest. Thus, Dongpian Four Season tea is very precious due to its scarcity, and for the fact that it is a highly sought-after gift.

冬片四季春 一盒精品

What is Dong Pian Sijichun?

What is the origin of the name ‘Dong Pian Four Season’(Dong Pian Sijichun) ?

The birthplace of Taiwan’s Sijichun (Four Season) is Maokong, Mucha, Taipei. During the 60th year of the Republic of China, Mr. Zhang Wenhui brought Tieguanyin tea trees from Anxi, Fujian to Taiwan for planting. During the planting process, he incidentally discovered that the tea trees in one area grew unusually fast all year round, averaging harvests 10 days earlier than tea in other areas.

Therefore, news spread among tea farmers that the tea trees in Zhang Wenhui’s home “have large yields, strong vitality, and strong floral fragrance.” At that time, there were no so-called intellectual property rights of tea, so Huizizhong and Sijichun (Four Season) became synonymous with this tea tree. Because of its prime variety, Four Season began to be planted on a large scale everywhere in Taiwan.

As mentioned above, Four Season can be picked numerous times throughout the year, but since the introduction of Dōng Piàn harvesting condition requirements, the output has plummeted. Amino acid accumulated in growing tea is higher during cold winter weather, and this is what separates Dōng Piàn from others. For green tea or lightly fermented oolong tea (qīng tea), the higher the proportion of amino acids, the better, because amino acids naturally sweeten brewed tea, and the taste is mellow and bitterless. Therefore, winter tea and spring tea are the most popular teas throughout the year.

The taste of Dōng Piàn Sijichun Tea is like a burst of spring, its refreshing floral notes lingering on your palate, reminding you of the beauty of nature.

冬片四季春 一盒精品

Tea Classroom – Dong Pian Sijichun

Where is the main producing area of Taiwanese Dong Pian Four Season?

The main characteristics of winter tea leaves are that the texture of tea leaves is delicate when ripe, because the lower the growth temperature, the slower the growth rate of tea leaves. Because of this, Dongpian Four Season Tea tastes like high-mountain tea, but it is grown in low-to-medium altitude areas. At present, Dongpian Four Season Tea is mainly produced in Muzha in the north, Bailing tea area and Mingjian in Nantou.

Relevant information of Dong Pian Four Season

  • Dong Pian Four Season Parent Tea Source

Four Season belongs to sexual reproductive varieties, which was formed after long-term natural selection and artificial selection under certain natural environmental conditions. Research suggests that the source of the parent plant may be a hybrid of Qingxin Oolong, Qingxin Dao and Wuyi. Since there was no record at that time, and the most primitive tea tree leaf species died later on, it can only be inferred, and it cannot be confirmed that it was formed by this specific cross-breed.

  • Brothers and sisters of Dōng Piàn Four Season

Dongpian is a tea produced after the winter tea has been harvested between December and January, and because of the difference in temperature and sunlight during this period, tea trees seem to adapt as if it is spring, ideal for the small buds to be used for making green tea and oolong tea. However, as mentioned above, the higher the proportion of amino acids contained in green tea during the fermentation process, the better, so Dongpian is generally used to make lightly fermented green tea.

  • Famous Four Seasons Tea

There are many types of tea that derive from Four Season. If the leaf’s surface resembles white paint, tea farmers refer to them as ‘albino species’, also known as Jīn Xiàn Lián and Jīn Lián Chá. In addition, a well-known Four Season tea variety called “Bù Zhīchūn”, which is harvested before the Ching Ming Festival has received positive feedback from many people.

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冬片四季春 一盒精品

The characteristics of Dong Pian Four Season Tea & the appearance of tea leaves and tea trees.

The tea trees of Four Season are medium-sized trees with dense branches, leaves, and tea buds, which are suitable for machine picking. The young buds of Four Season are lavender-red in the early stage of growth; the leaf shape is like a spindle, with light green tapered ends, and a broad and bulging middle, the serrations around the leaves are thin and pointed, and the tea leaves are thick.

The branches between the leaves of Dongpian tea are relatively short, so the water content is relatively low, and the taste of the brewed tea leaves is sweet in the throat. Although the aroma of winter tea is not as rich as that of spring tea, if you compare the persistence of aroma, Dongpian tea is definitely among the best.

The taste and colour of Dongpian Four Season Tea

  1. The colour is lighter than other teas, slightly more yellow flakes and less uniform colour
  2. The taste is smooth, sweet and soft, with no obvious bitterness
  3. The colour of the tea brew is elegant, complemented by a light and noble aroma
  4. The tea fragrance is delicate and elegant, with a smooth and mellow taste.

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Dōng Piàn Sijichun Tea, a rare and exquisite brew, as I sip on its floral notes and honey-like sweetness, I am transported to the rolling hills of Taiwan, where the tea leaves are carefully grown and harvested, a taste of nature’s purest delights.

冬片四季春 一盒精品

Dōng Piàn Four Season Tea Price

Out of the Four Season tea varieties, the price of Dōng Piàn Four Season Tea is among the highest because of the relatively scarce winter production. Moreover, due to climate change in recent years, milder and shorter winters has put further strain on Dong Pian’s output, making it even more sought after. In addition, Dong Pian is made from newly developed buds, which are almost entirely picked by hand, a costly process that justifies the retail value of this tea.

The method and secret of brewing Dōng Piàn Four Season Tea

Some tea drinking experts have said that drinking Dōng Piàn Four Season Tea does not resemble the conventional taste of an ordinary cup due to the overall subtleness, and smoothness on the tip of the tongue. The method of brewing Dōng Piàn Four Season Tea is to heat the teacup first, add in about 12g of tea leaves, followed by 150ml of 90-degree hot water, left to steep for 30 to 60 seconds.

You can adjust the ratio of tea and water and the brewing time according to your preference, and it can be brewed up to 9 times. For cold brewing, a ratio of 1g of tea leaves to 100cc of cold water, sit for about 4 hours at room temperature, and an additional 8 hours in the refrigerator.

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