Is Sijichun Green Tea? 6 Features of Four Seasons Tea

Is Sijichun Green Tea? 6 Features of Four Seasons Tea - ABoxTik 一盒精品 1

Do you have the habit of drinking tea? Or do you periodically buy tea drinks at bubble tea shops or convenience stores? Many Taiwanese may not have ever drunk Sijichun(Four Seasons Tea), but have seen Sijichun. However, have you ever wondered why Sijichun is so common in Taiwan? And do you know that Sijichun leaves can also be used to make many kinds of tea blends? Today, I am going to tell you what you may not know or clear up any misconceptions you may have by analysing all the facts about Sijichun! If you are interested in Sijichun, or have the habit of drinking tea, please read the article below!

Is Sijichun Green Tea? 6 Features of Four Seasons Tea - ABoxTik 一盒精品 3

What is Sijichun?

What type of tea is Sijichun(Four Seasons Tea)?

Sijichun(Four Seasons Tea) is commonly known as “Huizai Tea ”, it can be seen everywhere in Taiwan, from Kaohsiung in the south to Wenshan in the north as the Sijichun tree has wide adaptability traces. In addition to the wide production area, it can also be harvested 6 to 8 times a year, making the production of Sijichun very large, and its very affordable price reflects that. Currently, hand-picked Four Seasons tea is already quite rare. Winter-picked Four Seasons Spring(Dong Pian Sijichun) is even rarer.

In addition to the large production volume, the other main reason for the price cut of Sijichun is that many imported teas from China and Vietnam are sold under the same name, resulting in fierce competition and price competition. But in fact, the aroma and flavour of Sijichun are highly recognizable, and the taste is not lost to other tea varieties. It not only has a very strong tea fragrance, but also a strong floral fragrance, making it a very memorable tea.

What is very special about Sijichun(Four Seasons Tea) is that it is a natural hybrid of tea tree varieties, which was discovered by Muzha tea farmers. As well as, because of its suitable growth and temperament, it has gradually spread to all parts of Taiwan. Local people will also call Sijichun “too fragrant to scare”, thus, you can know how strong and distinctive the flavour of this tea is. Even though it is made by the method of Oolong tea, it still cannot hide the aroma of green tea.

“Tea is the elixir of life.” – Author unknown

Is Sijichun Green Tea? 6 Features of Four Seasons Tea - ABoxTik 一盒精品 5

Tea Classroom – Sijichun

The method of making Sijichun(Four Seasons Tea)

On the market, you can see Sijichun, Sijichun Oolong, Sijichun Green Tea, etc. In fact, these are different production methods and names. Sijichun is the name of the tea species, while green tea and 0olong tea are tea leaves processed by different methods.

Sijichun Oolong Tea (Four Seasons Oolong Tea)

Oolong tea and green tea are actually made by the same method, which are mainly made by picking, withering, sitting, stirring, blanching, kneading and drying. The micro-fermentation method increases the aroma and sweetness of the Sijichun Oolong tea.

  • Picking: Hand-picking Oolong mainly focuses on one heart and two leaves (one heart refers to the new buds that have just emerged from the tea tree, and two leaves refer to the two tender leaves below the new buds). However, the output of Sijichun is huge and the price is not high, so many of them are picked by machine.
  • Withering: Withering can be divided into indoor withering and outdoor withering. The main purpose is to let the water in the tea evaporate, by using the sun or natural evapotranspiration to reduce the water in the tea cells, which make the tea leaves soft, and facilitates the subsequent production process.
  • Sitting: The sitting time is the key to determining the degree of fermentation of the tea.
  • Stirring: Stir the tea leaves evenly, so that the tea leaves retain a certain water content, destroy the tea cells, and release the enzymes inside the tea leaves to promote fermentation.
  • Blanching: Use high temperature to terminate the fermentation process, so that the tea leaves stop at the degree of fermentation desired by the tea maker.
  • Kneading: Destroying tea cells allows the tea brew to adhere to the surface of the tea leaves, making it easier to release the aroma.

Sijichun Green Tea (Four Seasons Green Tea)

The preparation method of Sijichun green tea is quite simple as green tea is a non-fermented tea product, it merely needs to be picked, blanched, kneaded and dried.

  • Blanching: After the tea leaves are picked, it goes directly to the blanching step to stop the fermentation of the tea leaves and to retain the most original aroma in the tea leaves.
  • Kneading: The tea leaves are kneaded into ropes by external force, and the tea brew is attached to the surface of the tea.
  • Drying: The water in the tea leaves is completely evaporated, so that the tea leaves can be better preserved and the tea leaves can be better distributed.

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Is Sijichun Green Tea? 6 Features of Four Seasons Tea - ABoxTik 一盒精品 7

Do you know Sijichun?

The functions of Sijichun

In addition to its unique flavour, high quality and affordability, Sijichun also has many beneficial effects on the body!

Help lose weight – Sijichun Function1

Sijichun contains tea polyphenols that can stimulate the pancreas to secrete lipolytic enzymes. In particular, Sijichun green tea has more tea polyphenols than Sijichun Oolong tea, which can help metabolism, promote fat burning, and boost weight more effectively.

Diuretic – Sijichun Function2

Everyone has had the experience of going to the toilet frequently after drinking coffee, and that is because the caffeine in coffee helps us undergo diuresis. Sijichun also contains quite a lot of caffeine, which helps us remove excess water from the body and relieve edema.

Protect cardiovascular – Sijichun Function3

The tea polyphenols and vitamins contained in Sijichun have the functions of reducing free radicals and antioxidants. This can reduce the cholesterol and low-density protein content in blood, and increase the permeability of blood, reduce the probability of thrombosis, and inhibit the effect of rising blood pressure.

Anti-Aging – Sijichun Function4

The antioxidant effect can help us resist ageing. The catechins and vitamins contained can clear the free radicals in the body, and the vitamins can also help inhibit the production of pigments, accelerate the metabolism of pigments, and therefore whiten the skin colour.

Enhance spirit – Sijichun Function5

The caffeine and alkaloids in Sijichun can help the central nervous system to excite and refresh the brain. However, be careful if you’re sensitive to caffeine, don’t drink it in the afternoon, otherwise it may keep you awake at night.

Spleen and stomach healthcare – Sijichun Function6

Sijichun can help stimulate the secretion of acid and reduce the content of sugar and fat. It can also be matched with the diet to reduce the pressure on the gastrointestinal tract, ease the feeling of excess grease, and help improve the health of the spleen and stomach.

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“You’ll never find a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – Winston Churchill


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Sijichun can be seen everywhere in Taiwan. Not only does it have the characteristics of high production and low price, but also the tea aroma is very special. In addition to having a strong tea scent, there is also a strong but non-irritating floral scent. However, it should be noted that currently there are many Sijichuns on the market that are counterfeit from the mainland and Vietnam. The floral fragrance in them is likely to be made of spices and artificial flavours, therefore, drinking too much may cause unnecessary burdens on the body.

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