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Top 7 Best Black Tea Types in Taiwan!

Top 7 Best Black Tea Types in Taiwan! - ABoxTik 一盒精品 1

Basically, all tea trees can be made into Taiwan black tea, mainly because the finished product is the difference between aroma and taste. Taiwan’s black teas are distinguished according to the suitability of the tea tree. The most commonly used varieties of black tea in Taiwan are Taicha No. 18, Taicha No. 8, and Taicha No. 21. In addition, there are also Chin-Shin-Dapan and Oolong. The varieties are described in detail below:

Taiwan Champion Tea – The Birth of the Tea King?


Taiwan hosts tea Tea Championship competitions yearly so that high-quality tea can be provided to consumers with different tea options through fair and equitable channels. In addition to creating a good environment for tea farming, farmers’ associations in various regions also help improve tea farmers’ tea-making skills by conducting evaluations and tea-making technique competitions.

Taiwanese tea No. 18. The best of rudy black tea!

Taiwanese tea No. 18. The best of rudy black tea! - ABoxTik 一盒精品 4

The biggest feature of Taiwanese tea No. 18 is the flavour of its brew, with the aroma of cinnamon and a hint of mint. When drinking it, the fresh and elegant tea fragrance will stay in the mouth, and there is a light natural sweetness. It is a delicious, healthy and appealing drink for all ages.