Breeze Center: Taipei’s Ultimate Shopping Experience

威風廣場 Breeze Center

Breeze Center is a leading shopping mall which has broken away from the conventional concept of department stores to be in a league of its own. By combining major international boutique brands to cover all categories including clothing & accessories, cosmetics, and home appliances in an atmospheric space which also caters to live entertainment is what makes it so appealing to shoppers, particularly those interested in high fashion.

Breeze Center brings the business philosophy of foreign shopping centres and effectively integrates and utilises local resources to create a new trend of shopping malls in Taiwan. Spaciousness combined with splendid service spirit has created a truly comfortable customer-oriented shopping environment with a strong lineup of famous international brands that are leading the industry. A variety of exciting activities are held from time to time, filling the whole shopping centre with a festive atmosphere.

威風廣場 Breeze Center

What is Breeze Center?

Introduction to Taipei Breeze Center Branch

While most people have a deep impression of the Breeze Center on Zhongxiao East Road, the Breeze Group currently operates 5 shopping centers and 4 food courts in Taiwan. Although all are in the Taipei area, they provide more service space, each with its own unique features:

  • Breeze Center

The architectural design of the mall is handled by the San-Mon Architectural Firm and Australia’s The Buchan Group. The total floor area is 23,000 ping, and it officially opened on October 26, 2001, becoming the first large shopping center to operate in Taipei City. The mall is divided into A and B sections.

Section A is a high-rise building with nine above-ground floors and three underground floors, featuring large and small counters for fashion and luxury brands such as LV, GUCCI, and Dior.

B2 also has a cooked food area and a high-end supermarket, including Maison Kayser, a traditional French bread bakery, and the Breeze supermarket’s own brand. On the 2nd floor, there are agnès b. flagship store, Bose audio, Wide Courtyard Aesthetic Living, and the 100-year-old French bedding brand FRETTE; the lifestyle goods-focused MUJI also has a branch on the 3rd floor, and the Danish fashion brand ONLY JACK&JONES is also on the 3rd floor; the Japanese mass brand UNIQLO is located on the 4th floor; the entire 5th floor is occupied by the Kinokuniya Bookstore Breeze store; and there is also a 6-hall international standard cinema on the 7th-8th floors.

Section B is a two-story above-ground and four-story underground building with counters for international brands such as PRADA, Christian Dior, and Burberry. The underground floors are used as parking for cars and motorcycles. The ground fountain square on the southwest side of the building is also used as an event venue.

How to Get to Taipei Breeze Center?

Breeze Center Address: No. 39, Section 1, Fuxing South Road, Songshan District, Taipei City. You can take Taipei MRT and exit from Exit 5 of Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, and it’s within a 5-minute walk. It’s also convenient to drive and park in the underground parking lot, which has 1,000 car parking spaces and 700 motorcycle parking spaces.

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In the heart of the city, Breeze Center stands as a cathedral of style, where fashion whispers in the breeze, and each boutique is a chapter in the tale of elegance. Step into this sanctuary where the language spoken is that of timeless sophistication.

威風廣場 Breeze Center

Luxury Classroom – Breeze Center

More Breeze Centers

In addition to the well-known Breeze Center on Zhongxiao East Road, there are 5 more Breeze Centers in Taipei: Breeze Taipei Main Station, Breeze Nanjing, Breeze Xinyi, Breeze Song Gao, and Breeze Nanshan. Let’s introduce the unique features and styles of these five:

  • Breeze Taipei Main Station – Breeze Center

The mall on the 2nd floor, 1st floor, and B1 of Taipei Main Station is also a Breeze Department Store. It mainly features a convenient and fast food court. The three-story space has more than 50 dining establishments, which is in line with the station’s characteristics.

The food street on the 2nd floor and the themed restaurants can definitely satisfy your cravings for distinctive cuisines. The 1st floor is known as the “largest fashionable gift center in the country,” offering many Taiwanese-style gifts. Whether for business trips or travel souvenirs, you can definitely find your favorite stores here.

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  • Breeze Nanjing – Breeze Center

Breeze Nanjing is located in the business district, with 40% of dining brands. The main target customers of the mall’s selection are women aged 25 to 45. It is the first to set up a dessert counter on the 1st floor to attract female customers.

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  • Breeze Xinyi – Breeze Center

Breeze Xinyi has the most exclusive counters, accounting for 35% of the entire mall. If you want to shop for unique products, Breeze Xinyi is the place to go! Its style positioning is the same as Breeze Center, focusing on international boutique and trendy fashion.

What’s special is that the 2nd-floor women’s restroom in Breeze Xinyi provides toilet coffee, allowing women to leisurely enjoy coffee while grooming.

  • Breeze Song Gao – Breeze Center

Breeze Song Gao is the location of the first H&M in Taiwan and the first Tairyo Sushi in the Xinyi District. It is a small but comprehensive shopping center, a must-visit department store for young people or those with a modest budget.

  • Breeze Nanshan – Breeze Center

Located in Taipei Nanshan Square, with a high dining ratio of 45%, featuring many Michelin-starred restaurants. The most special is the presence of the JR East Japan-owned shopping center “atre,” the brand’s first overseas branch.

There is also a large Breeze supermarket. If you want to shop for items and food from around the world, Breeze Nanshan is the place to go!

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威風廣場 Breeze Center

Luxury Brands at Taipei Breeze Center

Breeze Center has always been known for its top-tier jewelry and exclusive brands, featuring a range of premium jewelry brands such as FRED from France, the Italian luxury jewelry brands Buccellati, CHAUMET, Cartier, BVLGARI, PIAGET, and more, offering a selection of new and exclusive products.

Breeze Center Membership Benefits

Breeze Rewards is the membership app system of Breeze Center. By registering, you become a member of Breeze. For every single purchase over NT$50, you can accumulate 1 membership point, and 1,000 points can be redeemed for NT$100. On your birthday, enjoy double rewards for purchases at various Breeze locations.

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Breeze Center, a haven of elegance where each step is a dance with luxury, and every corner whispers the secrets of timeless style. In this emporium of sophistication, let the breeze carry you into a world where refinement meets indulgence.


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Breeze Center is a representative of boutique department stores in Taiwan. High-quality service is the all-round business philosophy of Breeze Group, and it is also the reason why it will stand the test of time.

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