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Whenever we are ready to step into autumn and winter, the weather will obviously start to get colder. At this time, people are always unprepared for keeping warm. What method do you use to keep warm? When the weather is cold, people with a relatively cold body will start to have cold hands and feet. At this time, you will want to have a cup of ginger tea to drive away the cold, and get redemption in winter. Although everyone knows that drinking ginger tea can keep you warm, is everyone able to drink ginger tea? What are the taboos of ginger tea?

Do you know that ginger tea is very simple to make, with numerous additive options such as, brown sugar, dark brown sugar, red dates, green tea, lemon, and even monkey fruit. But there are some precautions that you must know before drinking ginger tea. Please be sure to know more before drinking ginger tea!

Today, the article of ABoxTik will bring you a detailed understanding of “Mother Ginger Tea”, which includes the practices and precautions of various ginger teas. I believe that after reading this article, in addition to being able to distinguish whether ginger tea consumption is a suitable choice, you will have learned how to make delicious ginger tea, and have a deep understanding of its efficacies!

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Ginger Tea Good?

What is Ginger Tea?

Ginger tea is a medicinal beverage made from ginger with a long history throughout Asia and the Middle East. It is believed in folk medicine to prevent colds, aid in digestion, improve blood circulation, and relieve diarrhoea, nausea, coughs and sore throats.

With each sip of ginger tea, I feel the warmth of its spicy, invigorating flavor spread throughout my body, like a cozy embrace on a cold winter’s day. It’s like a fiery passion that ignites my senses and fills me with a renewed energy and excitement for life.

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Tea Classroom – How to Make Ginger Tea

What should I pay attention to when making ginger tea?

What should I pay attention to when it comes to making ginger tea? Presumably, many people think that ginger should be added to the full capacity of the pot, and the longer the boiling time, the better the effect. But in fact, this concept is far from true. If you add too much ginger or boil it for too long, it will only lead to the possibility of a sore throat. When you are making ginger tea, you only need to add 1-3 slices of ginger, and then boil it with a large pot of water for 5 minutes, the taste does not need to be so strong.

Which ingredients are added to ginger tea to increase effectiveness?

Properly adding brown sugar, dark brown sugar, yellow brown sugar, etc. to ginger tea can enhance the drinking effect. Adding sugar to ginger can neutralise the spice intensity, and can also strengthen the effect of expelling colds and preventing colds, and has obvious effects on the stomach.

People with the following 3 conditions should not consume ginger tea!

As long as you are someone sensitive to heat, it would be best not to drink ginger tea randomly, as you may experience problems such as sore throats. The following are some common symptoms to help identify whether you are sensitive to heat:

1.You are a night owl, and/or suffer from sleep deprivation
2.Are prone to having a sore throat
3.Are prone to having mouth and/or facial sores (acne).

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Ginger Tea Taboos?

What are the contraindications of ginger tea? 4 big taboos you must know!

1.Drinking ginger tea is not suitable for everyone
– Ginger Tea Taboo

A cup of delicious ginger tea can warm the body in winter, as ginger is pungent and has the effect of removing colds. However, this effect is only suitable for people with a cold constitution, as they are prone to colds, pale complexion, nocturia, abdominal pain and watery stools caused by kidney deficiency.

If you have a cold constitution, drinking ginger tea is not suitable as it can easily cause problems such as acne, prickly heat, dry mouth, yellow urine, irritability, dreaminess and sore throat.

2.Drink at most two to three times a week
– Ginger Tea Taboo

Although ginger tea can warm up the body, it cannot be consumed on a daily basis as it could deregulate body fluid. We recommend that you drink it at most two to three times a week.

If you are suffering from spleen and stomach complications, you can use ginger and brown sugar to warm the stomach, Improve lung function, relieve cough and phlegm in the throat, and it can also be used with perilla leaves to dispel colds.

3.Eating ginger at night is like eating arsenic – Ginger Tea Taboo

The ancients said: “Eating ginger at night is like eating arsenic.” This sentence is actually well-founded. Because ginger has warm properties, when you drink ginger tea at night, you will feel very excited, which will affect sleep prevent body rest. Therefore, we do not recommend drinking ginger tea at night or before going to bed. Because health preservation must conform to nature, you should fall asleep at night without too much stimulation. If the body is too excited at night, it will affect the natural law, and it will cause harm to the body in the long term.

4.Add an appropriate amount of ginger, and moderately boil – Ginger Tea Taboo

The amount of ginger used should be proportionate, for instance, three slices of ginger will be enough for a cup of ginger tea. Too many ginger slices will be too harsh to drink, and it could also easily get you into an angry state, which may cause sore throat, dry mouth, inability to sleep, and acne.

Attention must also be paid to the boiling duration, 5 to 10 minutes will be sufficient. If boiled for too long, the ginger will only volatilize, which will affect the ginger’s pungent temperature.

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Ginger tea is like a balm for my soul, soothing and comforting me with its earthy, grounding aroma and taste. As I breathe in the gentle scent and savor the subtle notes of ginger, I feel my heart open up and my worries fade away, leaving me with a sense of peace and contentment.

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5 Easy Ways to Make Ginger Tea

1. Chrysanthemum Ginger Honey – Ginger Tea Taboo

Chrysanthemum Ginger Honey Recipe:

  1. Wash the ginger and peel it. Cut into large pieces and put in the pot. Next, add enough water to cover the ginger slices, and finally boil it for 5 minutes, then turn to low heat and simmer for half an hour.
  2. After you can smell the ginger, the tea brew at this time will also turn yellow. At this point, you can add chrysanthemums and continue to simmer for 10 minutes on low heat, until the chrysanthemums are cooked, and then turn off the heat.
  3. Finally, add honey to taste and let it cool down.

Chrysanthemum Ginger Honey Benefits:

  1. Improves cold hands and feet
  2. Aids in weight loss
  3. Repels colds, warms the uterus, and relieves dysmenorrhea

2.Red Date Ginger Tea – Ginger Tea Taboo

Red Date Ginger Tea Recipe:

  1. First, wash the red dates, then you can peel and cut the ginger into large pieces. The amount of brown sugar to add depends on how sweet you want it to be.
  2. Add red dates and ginger slices to cold water and boil it on low heat.
  3. After about 5 minutes, you can add the brown sugar, wait for the brown sugar to dissolve completely, then turn off the heat.
  4. Finally let it cool down.

Red Date Ginger Tea Benefits:

  1. Promotes blood flow
  2. Improves cold hands and feet
  3. Relieves stomach problems caused by colds

3.Raw Ginger Green Tea – Ginger Tea Taboo

Raw Ginger Green Tea Recipe:

  1. Prepare 5 grams of green tea and shredded ginger for use.
  2. Use boiling water to brew in approximately 10 minutes.

Raw Ginger Green Tea Benefits :

  1. Prevents getting cold
  2. Clears body heat and detoxifies

4.Lemon Ginger Tea – Ginger Tea Taboo

Lemon Ginger Tea Recipe:

  1. Wash the lemon with a little salt, peel the ginger and cut into slices, then cut the lemon into slices.
  2. Put the lemon slices, ginger slices and brown sugar into a large bowl and stir well, then store in a glass jar.
  3. After sealing, place in the refrigerator for three days.
  4. Take out an appropriate amount of lemon and ginger slices, then add warm water.

Lemon Ginger Tea Benefits:

  1. Boost the immune system
  2. Contains antibacterial properties
  3. Helps collagen production
  4. Prevents colds

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