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What is honey-scented tea and how is it different from honey fragrance tea? Is there anything special or is it just honey added to tea? Basically, no one hears that crops have higher added value after being infected by pests and diseases, but the honey-scented tea series products are very special exceptions. A common question for many people is how honey-scented tea is produced, is it merely honey added to tea, or is there a more complex process?

In view of everyone’s curiosity about honey-scented tea, today’s ABoxTik will introduce you to know about “honey-scented tea” in detail, including the practices and precautions of various honey-scented teas. I believe that after reading this article, you will have learned how to make delicious honey-scented tea and have a deep understanding of its efficacy, in addition to knowing whether honey-scented tea is suitable for you or not.


Honey-Scented Tea Good?

What is Honey Tea?

Honey-scented tea can also be called honey fragrant tea. The biggest feature is that it has a very soft and attractive natural “honey fragrance”, hence many people can’t stop drinking it.

Additional information, India’s Darjeeling black tea and Taiwan’s Oriental beauty tea (Bangfeng tea) are known as the high-class black tea and high-class oolong tea respectively.

At present, it has been scientifically confirmed that only the new tea leaves that have been sucked by the little green leafhopper can produce a natural honey-scented aroma after processing. That is to say, if it is to be made with a natural honey fragrance, it is a necessary condition that the tea buds must be sucked by the small green leafhopper.

The sweetness of honey and the fragrance of tea intertwine in every sip, like a delicate dance between two lovers, each one complementing the other’s beauty.


Tea Classroom – Honey Tea Recipes

What are the Types of Honey-Scented Tea?

In recent years, the tea factory has been working very hard in developing honey-scented tea related products, such as honey-scented black tea, honey-scented green tea, imperial concubine tea and honey-scented red oolong.

Honey-scented tea has gradually been favoured and valued by many consumers, and it can be said to be one of the emerging specialty teas in Taiwan. Among many countries in the world, there has not been a variety of honey-scented tea more abundant than Taiwan, which can be said to be the top in the world.

In Taiwan, apart from Oriental beauty tea, there are many consumers who don’t know much about honey-scented tea. Similarly to very high-quality Oriental beauty tea, the new tea leaves must be sucked by little green leafhoppers in order to successfully produce honey-scented tea, and no matter the variety or harvesting method, it is a very strict process and quite difficult to make.

The prerequisite is that the new tea leaves must be sucked by the small green leafhopper, so honey-scented tea can be said to be an alternative premium tea and an extension of Oriental beauty tea.

1.Sweet and Refreshing Honey-Scented Green Tea

When mentioning green tea, the most direct association is that it has the highest health benefits among all teas, and is also the purest. The main reason why it is the tea with the most health benefits is that it is rich in “catechins”, and “catechin” has significant health effects capable of preventing ageing, bacteria, cancer, oxidation, and inhibiting cell mutation. Since green tea is not fermented, it has the highest concentration of catechins, but some people don’t like the “smelly smell” of green tea.

At this time, adding honey can remove the “smell” of green tea and form a new type of green tea without compromising on the health benefits and delicious taste.

Honey-scented green tea subverts the aroma of traditional green tea and makes the aroma more unique, which leaves many consumers with a deep impression after tasting it. Honey-scented green tea retains the good health benefits of green tea. In addition, the “bitterness” of the tea is neutralised with the obvious “smelly smell”, leaving a sweet and refreshing honey fragrance, which is more worth tasting.

2.Elegant Honey Black Tea

Black tea can be said to be the most suitable tea type for both hot and cold, and it is more suitable for matching with various spices and fruits. Usually, traditional black tea has a strong taste, but the aroma is not so obvious. At this time, adding honey can improve the lack of black tea aroma. The new tea leaves that the small green leafhopper sucks are used to develop “honey-scented black tea”.

In addition to retaining the taste of black tea, honey-scented black tea enhances its elegant aroma quality, and it is suitable as a hot beverage as well as cold, making the honey fragrance more mellow. If you like to drink black tea, you must not miss honey-scented black tea.

At present, Honey-scented black tea is a characteristic tea in Huadong area, especially the Honey-scented black tea produced in Wuhe Village, Ruisui Township, Hualien County is of excellent quality and is the most representative tea in Hualien.

3.Mellow Empress Oolong Tea

Dongding oolong tea is known as the tea with the most “flavour”, while Oriental beauty tea is the tea with the most flavour. These two famous teas have their own characteristics, and they are also the top-quality teas recognized by the public. This is the reason why the popular imperial concubine tea in Nantou now combines the charm of Dongding Oolong tea with the honey-scent of Oriental beauty tea, showing the rhythm and honey fragrance.

4.Honey Red Oolong Tea

Honey-scented oolong tea is an emerging specialty tea in Taiwan developed by the Taitung Branch of the Tea Industry Improvement Farm in 2008. When the honey-scented oolong tea was launched, it was immediately praised and loved by consumers, and became a bright star in the tea industry.

Honey-scented oolong tea combines the characteristics of oolong tea and black tea, and has the highest degree of fermentation among all oolong teas. It is also the tea with the most local characteristics after inheriting Baozhong, hemispherical Baozhong tea and Dongfang Meicha people.

The appearance of honey-scented oolong tea is hemispherical, dark red with lustre, and the tea brew is similar to black tea, but it tastes like oolong tea, with the aroma of ripe fruit, which has a sweet aftertaste. Both cold and hot brews are delicious, especially cold brews that can highlight the characteristics of honey-scented oolong tea.

When making honey-scented oolong tea, the conditions of its buds and leaves are not easily restricted by factors such as seasons, varieties, pests and diseases, so tea gardens can be sprayed without pesticides. Even if it is damaged by pests and diseases, it can still cultivate high-quality honey-scented oolong tea, which is quite suitable for every season.

Moreover, the honey-scented oolong tea has an amplified honey fragrance. At present, only Taitung County mass-produces, and it is the most representative tea in Taitung County.

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With each sip of honey-scented tea, I am transported to a serene garden where the buzzing of bees and the rustling of leaves is in perfect harmony with my soul. Traditional Chinese:


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