Pyramid Tea Bags vs. Loose Leaf: Benefits Compared


What caused the birth of tea bags? The main reason is that tea merchants believed that aside from the prosperous thought of convenient functionality eventually reaching mainstream popularity, it was a simple means of selling serving-sized quantities. But the earliest tea bags were hand-sewn with cheesecloth, gauze, and cellophane, later evolving into heat-sealed paper tea bags.


What is Pyramid Tea Bag?

Advantages of Pyramid Tea Bags – Tea Bag History

  • In 1944, the tea bag’s shape shifted from a “sack” to the now common rectangular form. Over time, different brands introduced varied styles
  • Tetley introduced round tea bags in 1992.
  • In 1952, Lipton patented the “flo-thru” tea bag with four sides, promoting faster brewing and richer flavor.
  • The pyramid shape, invented by Brooke Bond, provides 50% more space than flat tea bags, ensuring better brewing and suitability for mugs and teapots.

What’s in the tea bag? – Pyramid Tea Bag

Because traditional tea bags are tightly packed, there is not enough room for the tea leaves to expand and fully release their aroma when brewed, so traditional tea bags contain more broken leaves rather than whole leaves.

However, the pyramid-shaped or pyramid tea bag developed later on has larger internal space, and therefore, complete leaves with or without spiced/fruit blends can be contained.

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Triangular tea bags, like pyramids of flavor, encase the essence of nature’s bounty, steeped to perfection in their triangular cradle. With every plunge into hot water, they reveal their treasures, unfurling aromas and tastes as intricate as the woven threads of time.


Tea Classroom – Pyramid Tea Bag

Pyramid Tea Bag Benefits – The difference between loose leaf tea and tea bags

There are a few differences between using loose leaf tea and tea bags, including the quality of the tea leaves, the amount brewed to serve, and the varieties available.

  • Complete Tea Leaves vs. Broken Tea – Pyramid Tea Bag Benefit

Tea leaves contained in tea bags are usually made of tea “fragmentary”, that is, small particles of cheap and readily available inferior tea leaves. Loose teas by contrast are made from whole leaves and are of better quality, and when brewed the flavour is significantly more delicate.

Having said that, there are a select few that take the time to carefully source tea and thereby create their own quality whole leaf tea bags, and this is exactly what ABoxTik specialises in. Each tea is carefully picked to ensure the highest standard of quality, and as an end result, it is convenient to enjoy without sacrificing flavour nor your wallet!

  • Flavor Depth – Pyramid Tea Bag Benefit

Overall, loose leaf tea tends to be stronger than tea bags as whole leaf is complex and intense, even when blended. In comparison, tea bags tend to not be as strong and have a lighter taste, but tea bags have irreplaceable convenience and are the key to enjoying delicious tea anytime, anywhere.

  • Brewing Space – Pyramid Tea Bag Benefit

Most tea bags are tightly packed, leaving little room for the tea to expand and release its flavours as it brews. Whereas loose leaf, although requiring more time, gives room for the tea leaves to unfold provided the utensils are properly prepared.

  • Tea Variety

There is an incredibly diverse variety of tea bags available on the market from the masses found at supermarkets, to the more exclusive options found at specialty stores. ABoxTik specialises in a variety of Taiwanese teas including single origin teas, high-quality teas, and decaffeinated herbal teas.

  • Health Benefits of Tea

From boosting the immune system to reducing inflammation and soothing sore throats, tea offers numerous health benefits. While tea bags may not offer the same efficacy as loose leaf brewing, brands like ABoxTik, incorporating whole tea leaves, bridge this gap, ensuring you enjoy the full advantages of tea in every cup.

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How Can I Use The Pyramid Tea Bag After Use?

  • 1. Neutralizes odors in the air – Pyramid Tea Bag

Opening your tea bags allows the tea leaves to dry, and by placing the dried tea leaves in a smelly place like a bin, the odor will be removed, and the area will smell of tea freshness, especially if it is mint tea.

  • 2. The Effect of Removing Grease – Pyramid Tea Bag

If you have greasy dishes, pots, pans or utensils, simply place them in the sink along with a few used tea bags to let them sit for a few hours or even overnight. The tea bags will remove food residue and grease, allowing you to clean up with minimal dish soap and minimal effort.

  • 3. Cured Meat – Pyramid Tea Bag

High-tannin black tea is not only great for marinating meat, but also softens the meat. Brew a few tea bags to pour over the meat and leave to marinate for a delicious hearty dish.

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  • 4. Cleaning Glass Surfaces – Pyramid Tea Bag

Tea is great for cleaning mirrors, windows, along with just about any other glass surface. Leftover tea bags can be used directly after brewing to remove fingerprints, dust and other grime from glass.

  • 5. Relieves Pimples, Sunburn, Bug Bites and Blisters – Pyramid Tea Bag

Since tea is rich in antioxidants, sunburn, bug bite, blisters, warts, cold sores, and accidental cuts or burns may heal faster by placing cool used teabags on the surface of the affected areas.

  • 6. Soothes Puffy Eyes – Pyramid Tea Bag

After refrigerating used tea bags for approximately 20 minutes, place the tea bags on your eyes for a further 15 to 20 minutes. The caffeine in the tea can effectively reduce dark circles, and the tannic acid can also improve blood circulation, resulting in reduced swelling or puffiness.

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  • 7. Condition Your Hair – Pyramid Tea Bag

Tea removes dandruff buildup, improves hair shine and growth. Make a few tea bags before bathing, let them cool down, then apply after shampooing your scalp for about 30 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

  • 8. Take a Bath – Pyramid Tea Bag

Add a herbal tea bag such as lavender, peppermint, or chamomile to the tub as you soak. This method will help infuse your bathwater with antioxidants, which will help reduce symptoms of inflammation after soaking, leaving your skin looking extra smooth and your bathroom smelling great!

  • 9. Benefit your Garden – Pyramid Tea Bag

Tea bags are plant-compostable when you’re done using them, so you can throw them straight into the compost pile. You can also bury the tea leaves under plants to nourish the roots and suppress weed growth. If you have plants that like acidic soil, such as evergreens and hydrangeas, tea will change the PH of the soil, making it more acidic and thereby allowing the plants to thrive.

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Triangular tea bags, like little pyramids of flavor, cradle the essence of nature’s serenity. Brewing their contents is akin to invoking ancient rituals, where aromas and tastes converge in a mystical dance, uniting earth and spirit.


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