【Top 10 Chamomile Tea Benefits】Decaf tea?

洋甘菊茶Chamomile Tea

Many claim that Chamomile tea is relatively mild and well suited for those who are caffeine-intolerant.

There are so many health benefits of drinking Chamomile tea, but in what quantity? In today’s article, we will introduce the top ten effects of chamomile tea, what the characteristics are, and why so many people drink it before bed. Let’s start today’s introduction without further ado!


Chamomile Tea Info

What is Chamomile Tea?

The mild-natured Compositae Plant Chamomile that chamomile as we know it derives from, sends the mind into a decompressed and relaxed mood. The aroma of chamomile is slightly sweet and slightly spicy, which is why it is commonly found in the form of herbal tea as equally as essential oil and fragrance products.

When we look at the history of chamomile, it can be traced back to ancient Rome and ancient Egypt, at a time where chamomile was regularly used as a herb and tea in daily life. Moreover, chamomile tea does not contain caffeine, therefore will not affect the quality of sleep.

3 Characteristics of Chamomile Tea

Feature 1: Chamomile tea is the first decaffeinated choice

Many Taiwanese have the habit of drinking tea, but some people worry about the caffeine content affecting sleep quality. Chamomile, however, is a delicious and naturally decaffeinated tea. Naturally decaffeinated herbs combined with fruits and flowers is what makes this relation aroma possible.

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Feature 2: Women can also drink Chamomile tea during menstruation

A 300ml cup of chamomile tea produces trace amounts of minerals that can help relieve muscle soreness. If you are a woman who often experiences diarrhoea a week or two before your menstrual period, Chamomile tea can help relieve your diarrhoea and abdominal pain. In addition, Chamomile tea can increase glycine levels in the body, which enables muscle relation, leading to relief of menstrual pain caused by uterine contraction cramps.

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Feature 3: The smell of Chamomile tea is loved by the public

The green apple centre and grass is responsible for the sweet floral scent of chamomile itself. After drying and further processing, essential oils and spices are not only extracted, but also used to make tea so widely loved by many people. The two varieties commonly used to make chamomile tea are German chamomile and Roman chamomile, and although similar in appearance, they are actually not the same and taste slightly different.

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In the golden meadows of tranquility, Chamomile Tea blooms like a fragrant hymn, weaving a tapestry of warm serenity. Sipping this nectar of the sun, the gentle embrace of chamomile enchants the senses, transporting tea lovers to a realm of peaceful reverie.


Tea Classroom – Chamomile Tea

Top 10 Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea Benefit 1:It can relieve the pain of gastritis

Chamomile tea highly functions as a physical, mental, and emotional relief aid. It can nourish the lungs, treat anxiety, and increase glycine in the body which enables muscle tension and spasm relief, as well as soothing effects on menstrual pain.

Chamomile Tea Benefit 2:It relaxes the nervous system

Chamomile tea, which has both colour and fragrance, is a great remedy for calming one’s mood. In addition to physical and mental stress relief, it can also alleviate some diseases. Chamomile is one of the best options for afternoon tea, mainly because of its mild nature, sweet taste, and suitability for men, women and children.

Chamomile Tea Benefit 3:Sleeping Aid

Chamomile tea can improve insomnia, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, strengthen the vitality of the body, and enhance memory. In addition, chamomile tea is an anti-inflammatory, moistens the throat and lungs, boosts the immune system, and is capable of helping the fight against infectious diseases. Long-term drinking can also treat bronchitis and asthma, while simultaneously alleviating headaches.

Chamomile Tea Benefit 4:Beauty Maintenance and Improved emotional stability.

Beauty maintenance effects of Chamomile tea are impressive, mainly because drinking Chamomile tea can recirculate the body and remove toxins, whiten and rejuvenate skin, and remove annoying dark circles. In addition, people who regularly go to beauty salons may have noticed that chamomile tea is offered to guests for the purposes of keeping them calm, emotionally stable, and naturally maintained when it comes to skin and hair.

Chamomile Tea Benefit 5:Conducive to weight loss

The solution extracted from Chamomile tea is very attractive as it can effectively counteract the absorption of glucose in the intestinal tract, alleviating fat toxicity and oxidative stress caused by poor long-term diets.

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【Top 10 Chamomile Tea Benefits】Decaf tea? - ABoxTik 一盒精品 4

Chamomile Tea Benefit 6:Sore throat relief

Chamomile tea contains the compound “chamazulene”, that functions as an anti-inflammatory property, one of which is widely advocated to counter health problems like rheumatism, arthritis, and gastritis. “Chamazulene” is also extracted from Roman chamomile, and although the amount is relatively small, it is adequate to benefit the body and is relatively mild, and very suitable for use on the skin.

Chamomile Tea Benefit 7:Ease abdominal distension

Chamomile tea can increase glycine levels in the body, help relax muscle tension, relieve cramps, and menstrual pain caused by uterine contractions. In addition, chamomile essential oil can be used by pregnant women and babies. When babies are flatulent, a drop of chamomile essential oils can be mixed with 20 ml of carrier oil to massage the abdomen.

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Chamomile Tea Benefit 8:Prevent kidney stones

As well as being a gallstone and kidney stone preventative, Chamomile tea has many positive healing properties and reduces the pain of physical ailments.

Chamomile Tea Benefit 9:Strengthens the immune cycle of the human body

Drinking Chamomile tea can improve human immunity and reduce allergic reactions. In terms of physical and mental balance, people can use the aroma and strength of herbal tea to adjust the balance of the whole body and maintain a good state of mind and body.

Chamomile Tea Benefit 10:Influenza Preventative

Chamomile is known as “the doctor of plants”. Don’t underestimate a small chamomile flower, it has amazing sleep calming, and disease and flu preventative effects.

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Amidst the golden fields of chamomile blooms, the Chamomile Tea unveils its gentle embrace, a warm sunbeam in a teacup. With each soothing sip, the delicate petals weave dreams of tranquility, cradling the spirit in a cocoon of serenity, where worries dissolve like dewdrops in the morning light.

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