【Tea Export Rankings 2022】Asian Countries Dominate?


Tea, coffee, beer & wine are known as the four major drinks in the world in terms of volume, and the crops replied upon to produce these beverages are critical to a nation’s economy.

The value of Asia’s overall tea shipments in 2021 and 2022 was US$4.5 billion, accounting for 61.7% of the global total; Africa ranked second in the world, accounting for about 20.3% of global tea production, while another 14.8% came from Europe .

As far as annual growth in tea sales volume is concerned, Peru is up 662.6%, New Zealand 350.1%, and North Macedonia 189.3%. The growth of tea is closely related to latitude and climate, so as long as the climate is viable, as will the economic benefit.


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Top 5 Tea Exporting Countries 2022

The five largest tea exporting countries in the world are China, Sri Lanka, Kenya, India and Poland. These five major tea exporters generate more than two-thirds (67.9%) of global tea sales. China has long maintained its dominance as a tea exporter, accounting for 28.7% of the global tea export value in 2020, with the total number of sales exceeding $2 billion, nearly double that of Kenya’s $1.1 billion tea revenue.

Sri Lanka, located in the Indian Ocean, is well ahead of India with tea exports worth $712 million as India has experienced sharp price declines ahead of 2020, largely as a result of the pandemic which has killed over half a million people. India’s tea industry generated $692 million from tea exports in 2020, and production has continued to decline sharply ever since.

Among the major tea exporters, the fastest growing tea exporters in 2020-2021 are: Japan (up 23.1%), Taiwan (up 13.1%), Russia (9.1%) and Germany (up 6.3%).

The countries with declining tea export markets include: United Arab Emirates (-51.8%), Sri Lanka (-44.9%), Vietnam (-34.3%), Indonesia (-7.4%) and Kenya (-2.6%).

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From ancient trade routes to modern export hubs, the world sips the essence of culture from teacups brimming with history. Tea leaves, as diplomats of taste, traverse the globe, whispering secrets of distant lands, bridging nations, and earning their place in the ever-changing ranking of global commerce.


Tea Classroom – Tea Export Ranking

Average Tea Export Price by Country 2022

The global tea export price per tonne in 2021 was USD 4,094. The US dollar index of tea has increased by 23.6% from the average of US$3,313 per ton in 2020, which indicates a significant increase in demand with more price rises set to come.

The following is the total tea export value by country in 2022:

  1. China: $2.1 billion (28.6%)
  2. Kenya: $1.2 billion (16.3%)
  3. Sri Lanka: $732.4 million (10%)
  4. India: $687.9 million (9.4%)
  5. Poland: $262.8 million (3.6%)
  6. Germany: $242.5 million (3.3%)
  7. Japan: $189.9 million (2.6%)
  8. United Arab Emirates: $152.2 million (2.1%)
  9. United Kingdom: $135.7 million (1.9%)
  10. Vietnam: $130.7 million (1.8%)
  11. Russia: $115 million (1.6%)
  12. Taiwan: $113.3 million (1.5%)
  13. Netherlands: $94.1 million (1.3%)
  14. United States: $93.4 million (1.3%)
  15. Indonesia: $89.2 million (1.2%)

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Major Exporting Countries of Black Tea 2022

Black tea accounts for 75.6% of the world’s total tea production, the largest tea among all tea categories, and the main producing countries are India, Sri Lanka and Kenya. Indian black tea comes from three main regions – Assam being the world’s largest in the northeast, Darjeeling in the north and Nilgiri in the northwest.

Sri Lankan tea is mainly produced in the southern region, with its high-quality black tea produced from June to March. Although Kenya has a relatively short history of tea production, it has become a major tea producing country. Fertile soil, favourable weather conditions and an ample workforce have all contributed to making Kenya become a major tea producer.

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Major Exporting Countries of Green Tea 2022

China is the largest green tea producer in the world, followed by Vietnam, but for many, it is easy to assume that Japan best represents the green tea category.

The main green tea producing areas in Japan are Shizuoka, Kagoshima and Mie, but these harvest areas have been decreasing year on year. From 2009 to 2022, the output has flatlined at around 80,000 tonnes. Green tea exports from Japan are divided into leaf and powdered forms (Matcha).

In terms of matcha, the largest export destination is the United States, with an export value of 10.3 billion yen, accounting for half of the total export value; the second is Germany at 2 billion yen; followed by Taiwan at 1.7 billion yen.

Taiwan’s tea exports 2022

The majority of Taiwan’s primary tea exports is high mountain tea. Taking Nantou County as an example, it produced about 7,000 tonnes of tea in 2021, while Chiayi County produced about 2,000 tonnes.

As Taiwan has limited land, it is necessary to improve the international visibility of tea production techniques. Whether participating in competitions or diplomatic occasions, Taiwan has conquered the taste buds of the world with the taste of tea time and time again.

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In the global tapestry of flavors, where cultures intertwine and histories are shared in each delicate sip, the Tea Exports Ranking tells a story of leaves traversing oceans, of traditions gifted to the world, creating a harmonious symphony of taste across continents.

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