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Tea is an important economic product all over the world and an indispensable drink in daily life. Tea leaves are categorised into black, green, and oolong according to the degree of fermentation, but the top ranked tea in the world is not based on such simple classifications. Today, let us take a deeper look at some of the world famous teas that have been fermented to different degrees!


What is world-ranked-tea?

The best tea in the world – black tea series

The four major black teas in the world are Keemun, Assam, Darjeeling, and Ceylon. In addition to the four major black teas, there are also two world-famous black teas in the UK: Earl Grey and breakfast tea.

Keemun – World-Ranked Tea

“Keemun” is produced in Qimen County, Anhui, China. It is the only black tea among China’s top ten famous teas and also a famous diplomatic tea in China. Keemun black tea has a fruity and a distinctive woody aroma, which is described by tea tasters as “high in fragrance, mellow in taste, beautiful in shape and bright in colour”.

Qimen County in Anhui has a large temperature difference between day and night and the weather is rainy all year round, so it is very suitable for growing black tea varieties. Also because of the planting soil, Keemun black tea has lower caffeine content than Assam black tea, so it is more suitable for drinking without added milk.

Assam Tea – World-Ranked Tea

Assam black tea is produced in the state of Assam in the northeastern part of India, in the foothills of the Himalayas. Assam black tea has a strong tea flavour and aroma of ripe malt fruit. The colour of the brew is deep orange-red, and it has a sweet full-bodied aftertaste.

Assam black tea is suitable for drinking with milk and sugar, and it is also suitable for mixing with Indian spices to make a distinctive spiced black tea. Since Assam black tea contains more caffeine, it can stimulate the brian, enhance mental clarity, and eliminate muscle fatigue and drowsiness.

Darjeeling Tea – World-Ranked Tea

Darjeeling black tea is known as “champagne black tea”, which is produced in the Darjeeling region of West Bengal, India. The climate is hot and humid with abundant rainfall, which is suitable for tea production. It has a strong fruity aroma, delicate and soft taste, and the brew colour is reddish-golden.

Darjeeling black tea is very expensive and has won numerous awards globally, which is also known as the “King of Black Tea”. Among them, the most advanced Darjeeling black tea has the aroma of muscat. According to Indian official regulations, only black tea produced in the Darjeeling tea region can use the Darjeeling name.

Uva Tea – World-Ranked Tea

Ceylon black tea is a general term for black tea produced in Sri Lanka, and the UVA variant produced in the southeastern hills of Sri Lanka is the most famous among Ceylon black teas. Ceylon UVA black tea grows at an altitude of 1,200-1,300 metres, and the golden harvesting period is from July to mid-September. The UVA Ceylon black tea brew is bright orange-red, with a slight floral aroma.

However, it contains more tannins than other teas and has a more astringent taste, so it is suitable for drinking with added milk. Sri Lanka has been appraised by many tea experts as: “the most beautiful and original place out of the world’s tea producing areas”.

Earl Grey – World-Ranked Tea

British Earl Grey tea is a blended tea made from Chinese Keemun black tea and Sri Lankan black tea, often with added bergamot. Earl Grey tea is named after Charles Grey, former British Prime Minister of the early 1830’s. Because of its lemon scent, it tastes different from other black teas and it quickly rose in the black tea market and became one of the favourite types of black tea.

Earl Grey was later developed into different series, such as Lady Grey with bergamot oil, French Earl Grey with rose, and Russian Earl Grey with citrus.

English Breakfast Tea – World-Ranked Tea

British breakfast tea is also a blended tea with no definitive ratio as each tea brand has its own unique formula, but most are made from Assam, Sri Lanka and Kenya. British breakfast tea is mainly low in caffeine and has a light floral aroma, often served over an English breakfast.

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In the world of teas, where leaves are stories waiting to be told, the world-ranked tea stands as a testament to nature’s artistry. With every sip, you taste the culmination of centuries, where sun, rain, and skilled hands converge to create a symphony of flavors that captivate the senses.


Tea Classroom – World-Ranked Tea

The Best Tea in the World – Oolong Tea Series

Chinese Wuyi Rock Tea – World-Ranked Tea

Wuyi Rock tea is produced in Wuyi Mountain in the north of Fujian Province is the best of Chinese oolong teas and among the top ten teas in China. As Wuyi Mountain is barriered by surrounding mountains, it is not easy to pick and grow, particularly with the use of rock depressions, rock crevices, and stone crevices needed to grow tea. The special geographical conditions have bred a special rock rhyme in the tea, so there is a saying that “where there are rocks, there is tea. No rocks, no tea.” The tea in Wuyi Mountain can be divided into three types: Zhengyan, Banyan and Zhou. Zhengyan tea refers to the tea grown on the rocks in the centre of Wuyi Mountain, which is the highest quality tea in Wuyi Mountain; Banyan tea refers to the tea grown on the edge of Wuyi Mountain. The tea grown on the rocks in the region; Zhou tea generally refers to the fields in the Wuyi Mountain area, not the tea grown on the rocks or along the banks of the stream.

Chinese Pu’er Tea – World-Ranked Tea

Pu’er tea is a fermented tea produced in Yunnan, China. Since the transportation in mountainous areas is not easy, the tea leaves are compressed into small tea cakes and tea bricks for easy transportation. The leaves of Pu-er tea are relatively large and need to be fermented repeatedly to achieve black colouration. In addition, ageing is very specific to Pu-er tea and it can be stored for more than 50 years through special packaging. Scientific studies in China, Japan and France have confirmed that Pu’er tea has the effect of lowering cholesterol and blood lipids. Therefore, some people say that “Puer tea is the last mile for tea lovers.”

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The Best Tea in the World – Green Tea Series

Japan Gyokuro – World-Ranked Tea

Gyokuro produced in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, is the highest grade Japanese tea. During the process, the sprouts need to be tightly covered for about 20 days to reduce the bitterness of Gyokuro by blocking sunlight. Gyokuro tea is rich in amino acids and catechins, and has a strong sweet aroma. After being grounded into powder, it becomes the people’s familiar tea – matcha.

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Within the delicate leaves of world-ranked tea, the essence of distant landscapes and artisanal mastery merge. Each cup transports you across continents, as you savor the labor of hands that have tended to centuries-old plants and the stories they whisper.


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