What is Jin Xuan tea? Benefits & Caffeine Content?

金萱茶 咖啡因 奶香

What is Jin Xuan Tea? Why do you hear it so often? Is this a unique variety in Taiwan? Why do so many people like to drink Jin Xuan tea? Jin Xuan tea is indeed a Made in Taiwan variety. In addition to Taiwan’s world famous Qingxin Oolong, Jinxuan tea is also the favourite of many tea lovers. Do you want to know why?

Jin Xuan tea is popular because of its unique milky fragrance. Do you think Jin Xuan tea is black tea, green tea, or oolong tea? Is Jinxuan tea high in caffeine? Where do the rich milky fragrance of Jin Xuan tea come from? How to distinguish pure Jinxuan tea from artificial Jin Xuan tea?

In today’s article, we will introduce to you how charming Jin Xuan tea is and why there are so many fans of Jin Xuan tea. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, there is always a desire to have a cup of Jin Xuan tea. In addition, this article will carefully explain the purchase points of Jinxuan tea. If you want to know the secrets of the famous Taiwanese tea variety “Jin Xuan”, just read this article! Without further ado, let’s start today’s presentation!

金萱茶 咖啡因 奶香

What is Jin Xuan Tea?

What is Jin Xuan Tea? What Kind of Tea Does it Taste Like?

In the history of Taiwanese tea development, many farmers actually cultivated it on a small scale. Afterward, Taiwanese teas began to be exported to the world. It can be said that Taiwan’s agricultural development has brought economic miracles and redemption.

Taiwanese Tea No. 12, alias Jin Xuan, 27 Zai. A tea tree variety cultivated by the Taiwan Tea Improvement Farm in 1981. The test code is – 2027. It is bred after crossing the male line of “Hard Branch Red Heart” and the female line of “Tainong No. 8”. It ranks 12th for successful breeding within the tea industry improvement farm.

Beginning in 1943, the Tea-making Test Field (now known as the Tea Industry Improvement Field) affiliated with the Bureau of Colonisation and Production of the Taiwan Governor’s Office and began to carry out a series of trial breeds and improvement of tea. Then after nearly 40 years of cultivation, in the 70th year of the Republic of China, the hard branch red heart was used as the male parent. Coupled with the number 2027 of Tainong No. 8 as the female parent, it was cultivated, and a new variety – Taicha No. 12 was successfully cultivated. At that time, the father of Taiwanese Tea was Mr. Wu Zhenduo, and Mr. Wu Zhenduo’s grandmother was named “Jin Xuan”, so Taiwanese tea No. 12 was named after his grandmother which was extended to “Jin Xuan Tea” as we know it.

At present, the main production areas of Jin Xuan tea are Chiayi and Nantou, and the quality of Alishan is the best. The biggest feature of Jin Xuan tea is the large oval shaped leaves with serrated edges, the mesophyll is slightly thick and dark green, the growth adaptability is good, and the application range is quite wide. It can be made into Baozhong, Oolong, Oriental beauty, and honey-scented black tea. Among them, the most suitable one to make is oolong tea as the taste of Jinxuan tea itself is pure and smooth, and it has a milky fragrance, which tastes completely different from Qingxin Oolong.

In addition, everyone should remember that the so-called “Jin Xuan” refers to the variety of tea trees, not the type of tea. Although Jin Xuan’s refreshing taste can make people think of green tea, if you taste it carefully, a notable “milk fragrance” along with a faint floral fragrance will be present. This is a standout taste that cannot be found in many other teas!

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Like a golden sunrise on a tranquil morning, Jin Xuan tea radiates a warmth and serenity that envelops me in its embrace. Its floral aroma and smooth, buttery taste evoke a sense of tenderness and beauty that lingers on my tongue and in my soul.

金萱茶 咖啡因 奶香

Tea Classroom – Jinxuan Tea

Jin Xuan Tea is Oolong Tea, Black Tea, or Green Tea?

From the above introduction, we can know that Jin Xuan is a tea tree variety, so we can make Jin Xuan into six major tea series such as green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and so on through many tea techniques. Many tea factories will choose to make Jin Xuan into oolong tea (qīng tea), and the fermentation process of oolong tea is between green tea and black tea. The fermentation degree is low, so the taste will be very close to green tea; conversely, the fermentation degree is high, the taste will be close to black tea. That’s why we say that Jin Xuan tea can combine the aroma of black tea with the sweetness of green tea, and it is a tea tree variety that can maximize the advantages of the six major tea families.

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Is Jin Xuan Tea Green Tea?

How to Distinguish Between Jinxuan Tea and Artificial Green Tea?

Everyone likes Jin Xuan tea as it has the feature of a milky and floral fragrance. However, some unscrupulous manufacturers secretly add “artificial flavours” to increase sales in order to reduce costs, and this is the so-called “fake Jin Xuan tea”. Here ABoxTik will show you how to distinguish between genuine and fake Jin Xuan tea to help you stay away from fake artificial tea!

1.Smell to see if the tea is too fragrant

Usually, genuine Jin Xuan tea does not have a strong milky fragrance when the tea leaves are dried, unless it contains additives. At this time, you have to know that this is not the real Jin Xuan tea.

2.Does the aroma linger when tasting the tea?

If you can’t tell the difference by smelling when it’s dry, it will be very obvious when it is brewed. When you drink it and feel that the aroma will not dissipate, it means that it is Jin Xuan tea with added essence, which will retain an aroma for so long and can’t disperse.

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Drinking Jin Xuan tea is like falling in love with life all over again. Its delicate flavor, tinged with notes of orchid and honey, reminds me to savor each moment and cherish every precious memory, as I journey through the endless sea of time.

金萱茶 咖啡因 奶香

Introduce the Taste and Benefits of Jinxuan Tea

1.Flavour and Taste – Jinxuan Tea Benefit & Taste

Jin Xuan tea has a milky and floral fragrance. In addition to the milky aroma, the silky smooth taste of Jin Xuan tea makes the overall tea taste more milky!

2.Tea Brew Taste – Jinxuan Tea Benefit & Taste

The tea brew colour is golden yellow, it is fresh, sweet, and sometimes has a faint floral fragrance, yet not too milky. It is a perfect harmony of floral and milky fragrances.

3.Caffeine Content – Jinxuan Tea Benefit & Taste

Jin Xuan tea has a low degree of roasting and has a smooth and mellow taste. It has the highest amount of caffeine among roasted teas, which can make the mornings more uplifting and energetic.

Jin Xuan Tea Brewing Method

Jin Xuan Oolong’s recommended brewing temperature is 95°C, and it’s also well suited for cold brew. You could speed up the process with a tea bag or strainer, but if you want to fully experience the fun of brewing Jin Xuan tea, you can also brew it slowly according to the tea brewing method we introduced earlier. Enjoy the beauty of life!

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Jin Xuan tea is suitable for “Baozhong tea“, “Oolong tea” and “Black tea“. It is the pride of Taiwan and is famous all over the world. The sweet aroma of Jin Xuan makes those who have tried it become loyal customers and will never forget it. When drinking tea, you should not only pay attention to the flavour, but also the quality and ingredients. Choosing a good Jin Xuan tea will feel like a visit to heaven. I believe that after reading this article, you must have a deeper understanding of Jin Xuan tea.

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