【Jinxuan Oolong】Special Milk Flavor of Taiwanese Tea No.12

Jin Xuan Oolong 金萱烏龍 台茶12 一盒精品

Many people often ask whether Jin Xuan is oolong tea or green tea, but in fact, Jin Xuan is actually the name of the tea tree variety. The tea leaves picked from Jinxuan can be made into oolong tea or green tea through different degrees of fermentation. The production method and fermentation degree of Jin Xuan tea leaves in each tea factory vary, especially because Jin Xuan has a special milk flavour, the higher the fermentation degree, the lighter the milk flavour; and the lower, the more it will resemble green tea. However, most of the Jin Xuan tea trees in Taiwan are still mainly made into oolong tea.

The reason why Jin Xuan Oolong tea is popular with the public is because it combines the richness of black tea and the refreshingness of green tea. The special method of semi-fermentation is based on a unique and secret Taiwanese tea-making technique. Through the skills of master craftsmen, the unique taste of Jin Xuan is formed by kneading each individual tea leaf by hand, resulting in the uniquely Taiwanese flavour.

Jin Xuan Oolong 金萱烏龍 台茶12 一盒精品

What is Jinxuan Oolong?

Where is the main producing area of Taiwanese Jin Xuan Oolong?

The areas where Jin Xuan tea trees are planted are divided into high mountain areas and low-to-middle-altitude areas. The high-altitude Jin Xuan Oolong is most famous in Alishan and Chiayi, and the low-to-medium altitude areas are in Nantou Zhushan, Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli. Whether high mountain or low-to-middle-altitude areas, Jin Xuan is suitable for places with short sunshine and large temperature gaps, so the leaves of the tea trees planted will be thick. In addition, because of the growing conditions, it is almost impossible to see Jin Xuan above 1500 metres where Qingxin Oolong still tends to grow. 

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Introduction of Jin Xuan Oolong

  • The Flavor of Jin Xuan Tea

Jin Xuan tea tree is a unique variety of improved tea in Taiwan. It is a hybrid variety grown from the tea tree Hard Branch Red Heart and Taiwanese tea No. 8. Mr. Wu Zhenduo, the “father of Taiwanese tea”, named two special varieties in Taiwan after his mother and grandmother – Jin Xuan and Cui Yu. 

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  • Taiwanese tea No.12 & “Er Qi Zai”

In 1981, Jinxuan was officially named “Taiwanese tes No. 12”, otherwise known as “Erqizai” among tea farmers under the strain code “2027”. Whether it is the official name of the government or the code name among tea farmers, it is because of the specialness of Jinxuan that it has a better variety of Taiwanese tea and has become one of the representatives of Taiwanese tea.

  • Convenience Store & Bubble Tea Shop Jin Xuan Oolong

Jin Xuan Oolong tea can also be seen in Taiwan’s high-density convenience stores. Many major tea brands such as Yuchayuan and Yuancui use Jin Xuan Oolong tea in their products, which shows how much Taiwanese love Jin Xuan. In addition, the milk flavour of Jin Xuan is also popular in Taiwan’s bubble tea shops, especially among females.

The velvety smoothness of Jin Xuan Oolong tea is like a gentle embrace, soothing and comforting. As I indulge in its floral fragrance and honeyed sweetness, my soul is lifted to a higher realm of pure bliss.

Jin Xuan Oolong 金萱烏龍 台茶12 一盒精品

Tea Classroom – Jinxuan Oolong Tea

Effects and Contraindications of drinking Jin Xuan Oolong tea

Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea, so it is rich in catechins, and there are many trace elements in tea that are beneficial to the human body. Among them, tea polyphenols is the general term for the composition of polyphenols in tea, and catechin is one of the elements of tea polyphenols, accounting for more than 70%. Catechin can promote metabolism and digestion, and has an excellent antioxidant effect, which is also helpful in preventing cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it is also often used to prevent tooth decay and resolve bad breath.

Although Jin Xuan tea is mellow and delicious, it is not suitable to be consumed in excess, nor is it suitable for pregnant women and women who are menstruating.

Features of Jin Xuan Oolong Tea

Jin Xuan tea tree is a mesophyte species, which can be harvested in low-to-mid altitude areas, and can be harvested every April. The shape of Jin Xuan tea leaves are oval with broad leaves, and the side of the mesophyll is thick and tender. It is a high yielding tea tree, capable of being harvested 4 to 5 times a year. Jin Xuan tea trees are currently the second most widely planted tea tree in Taiwan. Tea varieties developed in Taiwan have strong resistance to the infestation of diseases and insect pests, and are very popular among tea farmers. After planting, the tea is mainly produced as Oolong tea.

The taste and colour characteristics of Jin Xuan Oolong Tea

  1. Unbrewed tea has a strong milk aroma
  2. Silky smooth and bitterless aftertaste
  3. The tea brew is transparent bright gold
  4. Sugary-milk tea aroma accompanied by a refreshing floral aroma
  5. Low-caffeinated small-leaved tree species

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Jin Xuan Oolong 金萱烏龍 台茶12 一盒精品

Recommended Jin Xuan Oolong Tea Bags

Jin Xuan Oolong can be divided into Alpine Jin Xuan Oolong and Plain Jinxuan Oolong variants. The altitude at which the tea is planted will affect the aroma of the tea, the colder and higher the origin, the more pronounced the milky aroma, whereas the Jin Xuan in flat land has a subtle and more refreshing milky aroma. Just opening the tea bag of Jin Xuan Oolong Tea is enough to release the charming milky aroma that will hit the nostrils immediately. After repeated brewing, the flavour remains unchanged and it is very resistant to foaming. Jin Xuan tea bags are available in various packaging arrangements, but the triangular brewing bags are probably the most convenient options.

Brewing method of cold-extracted Jin Xuan Oolong

Jin Xuan Oolong Tea can be drunk hot or cold. The method of hot brewing is the same as that of other tea leaves. First, warm the tea set with hot water, then add 10 grams of tea leaves into the tea set, and brew with boiling water. The first brew takes about 50 seconds, and an additional 10 seconds should be added to each subsequent brew. The method of Jin Xuan Oolong cold-brewing is to put the tea leaves in cold water, then sit in the refrigerator for about four to five hours.

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Sipping on the fragrant Jin Xuan Oolong, I am transported to the rolling hills of Nantou, where the sun-kissed leaves have been expertly crafted into this velvety tea. Its creamy, nutty flavor and lingering sweetness make it the perfect companion for a quiet afternoon, spent in the company of loved ones.

Jin Xuan Oolong 金萱烏龍 台茶12 一盒精品

Taiwan Jin Xuan Oolong price

The price of Jin Xuan Oolong can be said to be very approachable. Due to the large planting area and the large quantity harvested annually, the price is much more affordable than other teas. In addition, Jin Xuan tea has been crowned with the name of Taiwanese tea, and it is one of the most popular teas for gift giving. As Jin Xuan tea has a mild milky taste, it is a good tea choice for those who cannot accept the bitterness of tea.

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【Jinxuan Oolong】Special Milk Flavor of Taiwanese Tea No.12 - ABoxTik 一盒精品 6

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