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There are many types of tea competitions in the world, and it is never easy to stand out among so many excellent contenders. The feeling and pride of being the world champion for a tea planted with care and utmost dedication is indescribable. Taiwanese tea producers are often amongst the globe’s top candidates in events such as Britain’s Great Taste Awards, AVPA Paris Contest and the Global Tea Championship. Today, let’s stock up on the world-champion teas that have taken home awards from the Great Taste Awards!


What is World Champion Tea?

Great Taste Awards World Champion Tea

Formed by the British Gastronomy Association, the Great Taste Awards, a star-rated food competition held in the UK every year, is known as the “Oscars in the food industry” and is the authoritative award for food and beverages with the most reviews in the world.

Every year, thousands of teas enter the competition, and each entry is blind tested and awarded with one, two, and three-star awards. There are roughly 100 three-star awards, 1,000 two-star awards, and 3,000 one-star awards on average, but despite the large collective number, the elimination rate of entries is nearly 70%.

2022 Award-winning 3-star Teas

A total of 488 teas were entered in 2022, with a panel of industry experts taking turns scoring them. The results were announced on August 1st, let’s see the highest honour of three stars this year.

  • 1. 3-Star Champion Tea ★★★ Japan Teaholics-White Peony

Judges’ comments: “The dry leaves show skill and care in the making of tea. The tea leaves are intact, in rich quantity, and taste uniquely soft and mild, with a slightly sour and sweet aftertaste. As the tea cools, the character of the tea develops different aspects and becomes more complex, at this stage we consider Teaholics to be an exemplary White Peony. “

  • 2. 3-Star Champion Tea ★★★ Taiwan Oriental Beauty-Formocha Tea Co.

Judges’ Comments: “What we tasted was exactly as described. The persistence of the delicate rose on the finish was outstanding. A fine example of an oriental beauty tea with a delicate and delicate scent.”

  • 3. 3-Star Champion Tea ★★★ Taiwan Classical Tea Garden – Paochong Tea

Judges’ Comments: “Beautiful quality of tea, the tea brewed is golden. The tea leaves fully extended after steeping, with a distinct and pleasantly sweet aroma. An excellent tea that requires a specific degree of brewing.”

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From the distant fields where leaves whisper secrets to the hands that nurture them, the world champion tea emerges as a triumph of dedication and craft. With each sip, you taste the culmination of unwavering passion, where excellence is steeped into every essence, inviting you to savor the pinnacle of flavor.


Tea Classroom – World Champion Tea

World Champion Tea – Great Taste Awards | 3 Star Tea

  • 4. 3-Star Champion Tea ★★★ United Kingdom – Galerie du Thé

Judges’ Comments: “The aroma of the dried tea leaves is fascinating – aromatic and smoky. It has a distinctive aroma, smoky rather than roasted. On the palate sweet, charcoal and mineral substance, slightly smoky finish, but charcoal fruit lingering. Remarkable.

  • 5.3-Star Champion Tea ★★★Hong Kong. Teapigs Ltd.-Tung Ting Oolong

Judges’ Comments: “Delicate and smooth, but definitely full of flavour. A delicate alpine oolong with a wonderful, sweet character that lingers after the taste. Floral notes of jasmine and honeysuckle fill the cup. Simply delicious!”

  • 6.3-Star Champion Tea ★★★Japan – Arai’s Tea-Mt. Fuji Tea Oriental Blend

Judges’ Comments: “Excellent example of a Japanese black tea, with an amber-clear brew that shines in the cup. Enticingly aromatic and surprisingly rich, refreshing. Beautifully balanced with just a hint of bitterness and astringency on the finish. The addition of milk makes the tea perfectly smooth and round, yet still nuanced in the mouthfeel. Elegant, refined and delightful.”

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  • 7.3-Star Champion Tea ★★★Japan – Teaholics-Blue Mountain

Judges’ Comments: “Beautiful leaves with a soft floral character. This brew has aromas of mango, flowers and nectar, and is silky smooth on the palate. There is a bit of astringency in the finish, but like the green mango, it provides the perfect finish balance.”

  • 8.3-Star Champion Tea ★★★China – TeaVivre Tea Company. – Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea

Judges’ Comments: “Each tea leaf is very delicate and beautifully curled. Fresh coconut and asparagus flavours, the infusion is full-bodied, bright and elegant, with a mild astringency. A very pleasant tea.”

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World Champion Tea – Great Taste Awards | 3 Star Tea

  • 9.3-Star Champion Tea ★★★Japan – Atelier Sueyoshi Seicha, LLC-Furusatonohana Saemidori

Judges’ Comments: “The beautiful leaf quality yields a sweet, silky taste, and the tea has a long-lasting yet mildly vegetal aroma. The slight astringency is perfectly balanced with a pleasant sweetness.”

  • 10.3-Star Champion Tea ★★★United Kingdom – Flora Tea Group LTD- Jasmine Pearls

Judges’ Comments: “Very beautiful tea leaf tip, full of pleasant citrus aroma, and clear golden in colour. The bitterness disappears and the slight astringency is perfectly balanced.”

  • 11.3-Star Champion Tea ★★★United Kingdom – Team Tea. Moroccan Mint Organic Tea

Judges’ Comments: “A vibrant, full-bodied and clear tea. Good quality. Rich creaminess with a long, refreshing and pleasant mint finish. An outstanding example.”

  • 12.3-Star Champion Tea ★★★Pryce Tea – Osmanthus Oolong

Judges’ Comments: “An inspired blend with floral and ripe apricot aromas, with a mild green tea flavour. Sweet with subtle hints of tea, it is pleasant and refreshing. Without a doubt, this is an excellent flavoured tea .”

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From the embrace of nature’s perfection to the touch of artisanal alchemy, world champion tea emerges. Each sip is an embrace of excellence, a celebration of the dedication that crafts leaves into liquid dreams that linger on your palate.


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The above are some of the tea products that have ranked in the Great Taste Awards for 2022. For more detailed information, please visit the official website of the Great Taste Awards. It is a great honour that there are tea products in Taiwan that have won the three-star award. The tea evaluation held in Taiwan is also fiercely competitive. There are teas carefully cultivated by professional tea farmers from the north, central and south. It is not easy to win the champion tea title. ABoxTik carefully selects several champion teas launched in Taiwan, and each tea has a profound story. If you want to experience the taste of champion tea, please visit the official website of ABoxTik.